5 years of empowering businesses to offer excellent delivery services


Roughly 90% of startups fail, 50% of which fail within the first four years.


Logistics is not an easy industry to enter, what with the high barrier to entry and all.

Common to the industry are fierce competitors, capacity to handle volume, it's also inherently

capital intensive and of course, a maze of licensing and regulations to navigate through.



Lalamove was founded in 2013. Our purpose was to solve delivery inefficiencies in the local market at the time. We became a disruptive force and saw tremendous growth year on year. October 2018 marks our 5th anniversary, and we are celebrating Lalamove with utmost delight. 



Today, we are solving the same logistics inefficiencies in over 135 cities in China and South East Asia and have touched upon the lives of over 3500 employees; provided opportunities, freedom and respect to over 2.2 million drivers and over 25 million customers have been able to make affordable, scalable and reliable deliveries.


As a business, we are immensely grateful to have accumulated USD160 million across funding rounds but it is sustainability that dictates how we do what we want to do. Our core values have guided us to delivering products that are nothing short of excellent and we do this with a passionate team that never shies away from challenges. We have achieved so much based on these deep-seated values and we believe that these will lead us to a great many more.



We believe success is a journey, and staying true to our core value of humility is the key to continued growth.

Last but not least, thank you.


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