Back to School 101: 5 Tips on Hostel Move In



Here’s 5 tips on how to pack and deliver your stuff  before hostel moving in!

Create a packing list for hostel move in.

It is always a good idea to create a list of your belongings and prioritize them! So you can always keep yourself organized. List out all your items you would like to bring along to your hostel. Looking for paperless tools? Try mobile app that helps you organizing your moving needs like Sortly and Moving Planner.  Get your schedule and list ready on your palm!

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Before start packing, do the clean up. So you know what stuff you need, and from which you can get rid of immediately.

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Get the boxes!

Once you start the actual packing, make sure to put heavy items, like books or tableware, in small boxes; light items, like clothes, in bigger ones. DO NOT leave empty spaces! For easy lifting, cut holes in each sides of the boxes to create handles. If you consider moving with large plastic bins or luggage, don’t forget to wrap your precious items well with protective bubble wrap or cleaning clothing.

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Label your boxes.

Use colorful labels for your boxes to keep track easily. This will help you to identify your belongings and you can access “essentials” boxes you’ll need right away.

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Find a fast delivery service.

And finally, let’s get a van or a truck with your roommates! Sharing the vehicle with your favorite roommate not only allows you become a wise spender, but also, enjoy your moments with lots of catch-up on the summer vacation stories. Finding reliable drivers from on demand van hire companies like Lalamove delivery service via mobile or desktop, you can get instant pricing and driver matching right away.  Just a few tabs, your delivery help is on the way. 

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