What is Last Mile Problem and why should you care

Last mile delivery is a major issue for businesses, especially those requiring delivery from warehouses to customers such as e-commerce. The issue is fundamental in that it deals with efficiencies in the delivery logistics itself whereby they are not done in bulk and in batches for obvious reasons. The issue has been coined "The Last Mile Problem".

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October HR post: Lalamove collaborates with Vanna

It’s time for another month of update from the HR team at HQ!

This month, Lalamove collaborated with Vanna to create a beautiful careers page for Lalamove on their website.

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5 On-Demand Delivery Situations You Can Relate To

Lalamove can deliver you food

1. You're having a party and realized you're running out of food and drinks

Everyone is enjoying themselves and having the time of their lives at the party but you realize the food and drinks are running out.

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What is last mile delivery and how does Lalamove fit in

What is last mile delivery

As the ecommerce industry continues to expand, the last leg of delivery, also known as last mile delivery, has become more and more challenging. 

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HR Monthly: Interview with Charlie Chen

Greetings from the HR team at Lalamove HQ!!

The HR team at Lalamove does recruiting, screening and interviewing potential employees. They also take care of the well being of employees such as employee relations, payroll, benefits and trainings.

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Why you should consider Lalamove driver jobs

drive and earn, be a Lalamove driver

A driver job, with a difference

Help a grandma buy and deliver her lunch or bring a pet dog for a hair-cut. Partnering as a driver with Lalamove does not mean getting butt cramps sitting in your vehicle all day long!

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Back to School 101: 5 Tips on Hostel Move In

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A.P.P in your career

Big Decisions

In your life, you make many decisions– but not all decisions are created equal. In fact, some carry a lot more weight than others. 

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How You Can Start A Music Festival That Rocks


It’s the time of the year to go out with your friends partying to delightful music and have a good time - I’m talking about music festivals.

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