Just Lalamove It!

Lalamove specialises in same day delivery. Millions of drivers and customers use our web or mobile apps every day to connect with one another and move things that matter. Delivery is what we do best and we ensure it is always fast and simple.

Since 2013, we have tackled the logistics industry head on to find the most innovative solutions for the world’s delivery needs. Started in Hong Kong, we have massively scaled our efforts and are available in over 100 cities across Mainland China, South East Asia and India. Now have our sights on taking our best in class technology to the rest of the world.

Today, Lalamove unceasingly matches 15,000,000 registered customers with a pool of 2,000,000 drivers of vans, trucks and motorcycles.

The Lalamove way has revolutionised old van hiring call centres to being so streamlined, that customers and drivers match with each other within 12 seconds. Providing reliable and quick deliveries for customers, Lalamove also optimises drivers fleet and route to maximise their earning potential.


Just Lalamove it!