9 Places To Get The Best Mooncake Deliveries This Mid-Autumn Festival

As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, let’s celebrate this festival by ordering the best mooncakes in the comfort of your sanctuary. 

From traditional bean-pasted fillings to beautifully crafted designs, your celebration at home can be just as exciting when you follow our guide to the most beautiful and unique mooncakes this season. 

We have handpicked the best mooncake brands for you to enjoy at home or as a gift for your loved ones this mooncake season. Check them out below!

Here Are The Brands That Offer Mooncake Delivery While You Stay Safe At Home:

1. Hernan Durian King (Klang Valley)
2. Bake & Fleur (Klang Valley)
3. Navy Specialty Coffee (Penang)
4. Speciallyforyou (Penang)
5. GOODCHEN (Johor Bahru)
7. Nguan Seng (Klang Valley & Johor Bahru)
8. YU-AI CONFECTIONERY (Klang Valley & Johor Bahru)
9. The Ais (Klang Valley & Penang)


1. Hernan Durian King (Klang Valley)


Hernan Durian (2)

Hernan Durian (1)


If you're a durian lover, you're in for a treat!

Hernan Corporation, the largest and leading exporter of Malaysian durians, has just released the perfect mooncake for all durian enthusiasts.

Their signature Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake is made with the freshest durian and finest premium ingredients. If you're looking for a twist, you can’t go wrong with their unique mooncake blend of Premium Musang King with Pandan or Coconut. For durian lovers, these flavours are too good to be missed.

This signature mooncake comes in a box of 6 pieces. It’s best to savour it in 10 minutes after taking it out of the freezer so that each bite is bursting with durian purée.

Don't forget to indulge in their newly launched Musang King Durian with Coconut or Pandan Paste Snowy mooncake too!

Price: RM138 for Premium Musang King Snowskin Mooncake, RM118 for Premium Musang King with Pandan and Coconut Paste Snowskin Mooncake

Flavours: Premium Musang King Durian with Pandan or Coconut Snowskin Paste mooncake and Premium Musang King Snowskin Mooncake

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2. Bake & Fleur (Klang Valley)





Bake & Fleur has a variety of homemade mini and big mooncakes for you to choose from!

Their mooncakes are freshly baked every day and made with nothing less than premium ingredients. If you're craving mooncakes with a personal touch, try their homemade White Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Golden Jade, Golden Jade Single Yolk, and many more!

PS. Their Golden Jade Single Yolk is a bestseller. Its pandan flavoured skin is complemented with the freshest salted egg yolks.

Price: From RM7.50 to RM22.50 per mooncake

Flavours: White Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste Single Yolk, Golden Jade, Golden Jade Single Yolk, Pure Red Bean, Premium Matcha and Mixed Nut

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3. Navy Specialty Coffee (Penang)





This season, Penang-based Navy Specialty Coffee collaborates with Kopi Hutan for the perfect combo of stunning mooncake boxes. Known as the “After-moon Tea Box”, your traditional afternoon tea party gets a lot more interesting now with mooncakes!

Each box comes with TWO mooncake flavours - Navy Jujube Lotus Mooncake and Navy Pu-er Lotus MoonCake. But the treats don’t stop there! The box also comes with artisanal pastries, dessert and sandwiches.⁣ 

Our verdict? Navy’s After-moon tea box makes for a fine spread if you’re planning for a delightful hi-tea experience. This box is available between 2 Sept 2021 till 21 Sept 2021, so be sure to place your order today!

Price: RM98 per afternoon tea box

Flavours: Each box comes with Navy Jujube Lotus Mooncake, Navy Pu-er Lotus MoonCake, Rose Pu-er Tea⁣, Chrysanthemum Pu-er Tea⁣, Mini Butter Croissant with Mini Brie & Bonne Maman Raspberry Fruit Preserve, Smoked Salmon & Kyuri Finger Sandwich, Truffle Mushroom Vol au Vent, Coronation Chicken Tart, Caviar Seafood Tart⁣, Chocolate Hazelnut Petit Gateau⁣ and Passion Petit Gateau⁣.

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4. Speciallyforyou (Penang)




Speciallyforyou specialises in crafting mooncakes with an elegant twist: 3D flowers! Their unique flavoured mooncakes are decorated with handmade 3D floral designs that combine luxury and beauty in festive delicacies. 

These mooncakes are sure to spark the Mid-Autumn festival mood with your family and friends. Each set comes with a pastel blue and golden box. Penangites, these stunning mooncakes are available for delivery straight to your doorstep! 

Price: RM68 per box

Flavours: Lotus Pandan Salted Egg and Floss, Black Sesame with Pure Lotus, Drunken Tiramisu, Matcha Red Bean with Melon Seed 

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5. Good Chen (Johor Bahru)


Good Chen (1) Mooncake delivery

Good Chen (5) Mooncake delivery

Good Chen (3) Mooncake delivery


Try to name a popular Japanese white cat with a pink bow with fans from many generations across the globe and we can only think of a name...  Hello Kitty! 

This beloved kitty cat is famous for its cuteness so naturally, Hello Kitty is the face of many toys and merchandise. But did you know Hello Kitty can be a part of your Mid-Autumn Festival delicacy too? Yes, you heard that right!

This year, Good Chen offers their signature mooncakes with the cutest pink packaging that comes with every purchase. From music gift box to cooler bag, their packaging is like no other!

If you enjoy boba, try their Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea mooncake. This milk tea flavoured mooncake is coated with brown sugar and pearl. It’s hardly a surprise to see why this mooncake ranks as their best-sellers!

Our takeaway? If any of your friends or family members adore Hello Kitty and designer mooncakes, then look no further than Goodchen!

Price: From RM128 for Sanrio Mooncakes Series, RM55 for Good Chen Mooncake Series

Flavours: Shang-Moon Emerald Lotus, Salted Egg Lava, Royale Dark Musang King, Meteor Wave Cherries, and Dynasty Amber Walnut

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6. SDS Bakery & Cafeteria (Johor Bahru)


SDS Mooncake Packaging -1

SDS Snowskin Pandan 1 Yolk Golden Jade-1

SDS Divine Moon Yolk Mooncake-1


Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with SDS Bakery’s latest fragrant mooncake. Their mooncakes are classic-baked leather mooncakes with crisp ice skin. With unique flavours, SDS is the place for those who are looking to impress with one-of-a-kind mooncakes. 

Try Jade Ring Golden Lemon Mooncake for lemon green fragrance mooncake and green bean stuffing. Looking for a healthier option? Nutritious Wu Yen mooncake has almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame, and gourd. 

Each set comes with an elegant premium mooncake gift box. Because aesthetics is a part of making an impression, isn’t it?

Price: From RM13.80 per traditional mooncake, RM45 per premium gift set

Flavours: Double Yellow And White Crab Mooncake, Bing Bamboo Charcoal, Green Tea Red Beans, Bing Potato Mud,️ Cat Mountain King Fruit - Cat Mountain Emperor Pure Berry Fruit Stuffing, Matcha Red Bean Fruit,  Nutritious Wu Yen, and Jade Ring Golden Lemon Mooncake.

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7. Nguan Seng (Klang Valley and Johor Bahru)


HK MX (1) Mooncake

HK MX (2) Mooncake

HK MX (3) Mooncake


Here’s how you can get extra bragging rights this Mid-Autumn Festival - by sharing imported Hong Kong mooncakes with your guests!

Nguan Seng offers mooncake deliveries with the widest selection of assorted mooncakes from Hong Kong-based brand Hong Kong MX. Substituting sugar with sugar alcohol, their Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk is perfect for those who’re looking for a healthier option. 

Hong Kong MX’s mooncakes bring the nostalgic flavour of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with a refreshing scent of white lotus seed filling and premium salted egg yolks. 

Have no worries about deliveries! If you’re in Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru, Nguan Seng can deliver their mooncakes to you. Their exclusive packaging is a perfect finishing touch to a gift for your family and friends!

Price: From RM56 for mini mooncakes, RM175 for traditional mooncakes

Flavours: White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Lotus with Egg Yolk, Mixed Nuts, Red Bean with Chestnut, Low (Reduced) Sugar White Lotus with Egg Yolk, Low (Reduced) Sugar White Lotus with Pine Nut

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8. Yu-Ai Confectionery (Klang Valley and Johor Bahru)


Yu Ai (3)-1

Yu Ai mooncake

Yu Ai confectionery mooncake delivery


Yu-Ai Confectionery’s mooncakes are a complete package. With a wide selection of flavours, expect crispy and soft skin with the premium taste of stuffing in their mooncakes. Even though they only added a dash of sugar, the sweetness in the mooncake is still palpable. 

Thinking of sending a gift to someone this Mid-Autumn Festival? Try their Golden Silk Emperor Chrysanthemum mooncake that comes with an exclusive gift box! 

Price: From RM15.25 per mooncake, RM61 per set

Flavours: Golden Silk Emperor Chrysanthemum, Lava & Mochi Mooncake Series, Mooncake Jubao series, and Traditional Baked Peel Collection.

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9. The Ais (Penang and Klang Valley)


The Ais (3) Mooncake

The Ais (2) Mooncake delivery

The Ais (1)


The Ais is a desert enterprise run by homemade ice cream connoisseurs with outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn festival, they’re bringing something new to the table - ice cream mooncakes. Yes, you read that right! 

Their pastel-coloured ice cream mooncakes are perfect for those who love soft colours with a cooling twist. What makes it better is that every set comes with a quirky cooler bag to make sure your mooncake arrives fresh and cold! 

Each mooncake is handcrafted and uses 100% natural ingredients. 

Price: RM88 - RM98 per set

Flavours: Musang King, Nutella Guinness, Hor Ka Sai, and Blueberry

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Don't forget to deliver to your family and friends too! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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