Electronics & Gadgets Delivery From These Companies and Lalamove

Delivering electronics and gadgets can be worrisome for some entrepreneurs. Thankfully, Lalamove's safe delivery service is trusted by electronic and gadget companies! With our reliable delivery drivers, you can be sure that your items are in good hands. Also, if you want that extra protection, our deliveries are equipped with real-time GPS tracking, which could help you know where your items are to set your mind at peace.

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As a testament to the safety of Lalamove's delivery service for electronic items and gadget, here are three of our business clients who use our 3PL service in moving their valuable electronic supplies.

MSI-ECS Philippines

MSI-ECS is home to some of the best and most valuable electronic wares in the country. With products ranging from consumer tech to IT solutions, they are definitely a pillar in the industry here in the Philippines and around the region.

With many service centers spread all over the city, MSI-ECS needs a helping hand in safely transporting electronic spare parts, supplies and other equipment from warehouse to store, and they trust Lalamove's delivery vans and trucking service to do this.

MSI Motherboard



Philippe Gadgets & Accessories

The words fast and safe are music to anyone's ears, and this company is no exception. Offering a wide range of consumer products like speakers, phone and notebook cases, headphones and microphones, and even some outdoor products, Philippe Gadgets & Accessories requires assistance in moving their products to their different distribution channels.

As their courier partner, Lalamove delivers their gadgets and electronic items to better equip their shops to deliver the best quality products to their customers.

 Speakers  Philips Headphones


PTS Gadget Pawnshop

Although they are a relatively small company, PTS Gadget Pawnshop is driven to providing the highest appraisal rates and flexible terms to their clients to meet their needs. As a business who deals with gadgets and other valuable items, they need to have peace of mind knowing that their items are being well taken care of.

With six shops all over the metro, they are able to maximize our courier service by delivering their gadgets and electronic supplies through each of their shops.


There you have it! Your electronics and gadget deliveries will always be safe with us, just like how we take care of our clients' items - because whatever you want to move, you can trust us to securely deliver. 😉


Safely deliver your valuable products with us!

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