Simply complete orders to qualify for BONUS EARNINGS!




Weekly Mission Incentive Scheme for top 30% of Lalamove Rider/Driver Partners


Gold Top 3% of Active Driver Partners
Silver Top 3% - 7% of Active Driver Partners
Bronze Top 7% - 17% of Active Driver Partners
Copper Top 17% - 30% of Active Driver Partners


  • Receive Lalastars missions by performing at least 10 orders per week in the last 3 weeks
  •  Refer to the mission tab on the Lalamove Driver app to find out more about the weekly mission incentive scheme & to opt-in for the missions.
  •  You may receive different mission schemes each week due to driver performance in previous weeks
  •  For the rest of the Driver Partners, look out for specially curated Flash missions when you have been active with Lalamove for the past 7 days.  


Eligibility Criteria
✔️ Rating 4.0 and above
✔️ Performed at least 10 orders per week in the last 3 weeks
✔️ Walker, Motorbike Riders and Car, MPV & Van Drivers
✔️ Not being banned due to punctuality, bad attitude or any driver related issues in the same week
✔️ Should there be any suspicious activity that leads to a fraudulent case, the Lalamove team has the right to deduct or refuse Driver's mission rewards, even if it has already been credited to Driver's wallet

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the incentives be paid out?

Once the required order target has been met, the incentive can be redeemed on the following day at 0700 (7AM) via the Lalamove driver app and it will be credited to the driver’s wallet on the same day. If there is any discrepancy in mission points, the Lalamove team will recalculate the points and credit the reward to the driver’s wallet on the subsequent Tuesday.

Why am I getting a different mission from my friend?

Lalamove missions are based on the productivity of drivers. You may be eligible for different mission schemes due to your performance in previous weeks.

How do I qualify for the Gold Tier Lalastars mission?

Lalastars' tiers are based on the productivity of drivers from the past 3 weeks. If you are consistently performing more orders every week, you will eventually be automatically qualified for the top tiers. 

How do I check which mission is eligible for me?

Every Wednesday after 7pm, you can check under the mission tab from the Lalamove driver app and opt-in for the available mission.

How do I improve my rating?

Every time you accept an order, perform it diligently, punctually and follow all the procedures as stated in SOP. Once the order has been completed, kindly ask the client to give you a 5 stars rating. Important to note is that customers may not give you any stars and it is totally ok not to give a rating.

What if a user gave me a low or unfair rating?

You will receive an SMS on the next working day about "Bad Rating" with a link attached for drivers to submit an appeal. Please reach out to us via the link given and provide an explanation. Providing proof/screenshots may assist us in supporting your appeal.

Will Lalamove assign jobs to me if I accept the missions?

Lalamove is a freelance platform. Driver-partners have the freedom to choose which jobs they want to perform during their preferred time.

Will there be any penalty if I don’t fulfill the requirements of the mission?

No. Our mission schemes are to help our driver-partners earn extra rewards whilst performing orders. There will be no penalty imposed for not hitting the mission target.

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