Monthly Lorry Partner Incentives



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How long will this program run?

This is an ongoing monthly reward programme for our van and lorry Lalamovers. 

*Lalamove reserves the right to terminate any ongoing campaigns as per our terms and conditions.

What is the criteria to qualify?

To qualify, you need to have:

1) Rating: 4.5 stars and above

2) Rejected orders: < 10% rejected orders

3) No. of bad ratings: 0

4) Orders completed:

1st tier
Van: 120 orders
Lorry: 65 orders

2nd tier
Van: 100 orders
Lorry: 50 orders 

Updated : 16th May 2019

I'm a Bike/Car/Van Driver Partner. Do I also get to be part of the Lalastars programme?

Of course! We have a specially curated incentive programme for our Bike/Car/Van Driver Partners.

When will I get my bonus credited?

Lalastar payout will be issued on the 1st week of every new month.

What if I fall short by 1 or 2 orders to qualify?
In order to qualify for this programme, you must strictly hit the minimum completed order requirement.
Will I receive promo credits or cash?

The cash reward will be credited into your wallet. You can then cash out your wallet balance on a weekly basis.


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