By registering as an Lalamove driver, you agree to and conform to the following driver etiquette and rules. They are also tips that can actually help you grow your business on our platform and make more money, easier :D

  1. Be helpful and polite to your customers. At Lalamove we aim to build a platform for quality drivers so they no longer have to compete on price, but instead make a reputation for themselves with their work and service. This would get you more customers and jobs as you accumulate good ratings from satisfied customers.
  2. After taking an order, you will be able to see the customer’s contact info on the order details page. Make sure to contact your customer right away, or once your vehicle is stopped if you are driving. This is your first interaction with your customers and your responsiveness will play a big role to impress them.
  3. Total fare of your service equals to Standard Transport Fee plus any additional charges. If your customer has any special requests that are not part of the price shown in the app, e.g. purchase service (to be charged at 25 THB),  door to door, additional top, document processing etc., it is the driver’s responsibility to communicate with Lalamove Customer Service 02-0345252 on the extra charges before communicating the charges to the customer and before commencing the job. Never over-charge your customers.
  4. If it is a delivery job, please call the recipient before your arrival to confirm the delivery time. If you have difficulty reaching the recipient or if the recipient is absent when you arrive the destination, please contact the sender to seek for instructions. If you do not receive a response from the sender either, please call Lalamove Customer Service 02-0345252. Do not proceed to the location unless you have a go from the customer or Lalamove Customer Service tells you to do so.
  5. Be punctual and always arrive on time. Customers can track your arrival in their app so please be honest with them on your estimated arrival time.
  6. If there is any legitimate, specific reason that you have to reject an order that you have taken, you will be prompted to contact us at 02-0345252. Please don’t have a habit of cancelling taken orders, as frequent cancellation of orders without valid reasons will have an impact on your performance ratings and if repetitive, may lead to a permanent ban from Lalamove platform.
  7. If you are unable to perform a job assignment that you have taken up, please contact us. Please do not distribute taken jobs to other drivers. It confuses and betrays the trust of our customers if the actual driver is different from the one they see in app. We work hard to help make life easier for the licensed and verified drivers on our platform and will not hesitate to ban any driver who break this rule and confiscate his deposit.
  8. When you have finished a trip, click on the “Order Completed” button on the page to rate your customer. We want to connect you with our best customers so please let us know about your comments on the customers and their orders you have taken.
  9. Keep track of your schedule with your order list in the history tab. Customers rely on and put a lot of trust in their drivers. Frequent no-shows for scheduled orders will result in lower driver ratings and will possibly be banned from our platform.
  10. Please make sure you or your vehicle are not branded with logos or banners of similar app platforms. When customers place an order through Lalamove they are looking for a reputable Lalamove driver. Mutual Respect ;)
  11. Please do not perform any job assignments outside the platform, in particular with corporate clients whom you have been matched with through the Lalamove platform. We work hard to build a platform that customers can trust. Drivers who are caught breaking this rule or who are reported by customers for touting services outside the platform will be permanently banned and their deposit will be confiscated.
  12. Driver wallet can be topped up by In-app topup through online banking which can also be performed any time. Minimum topup is 200 THB. The topup will be visible in your account within the same day.
  13. Disclaimer & license: Click here