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How does Lalamove work? Do I have to work full-time?

Lalamove is an on-demand delivery app that matches drivers to customers. Drivers are able to view and choose the orders that they wish to deliver. Drivers are able to take as many or as few orders as they choose at any time of the day, you choose when you work!

How much can I earn per week with Lalamove?

The amount drivers with Lalamove earn depends on how many orders they choose to take.

How many days would it take for me to start earning?

Your account will be verified within one working day after the training is completed and the deposit has been received.

My vehicle isn’t listed here. How can I drive for Lalamove?

You will need a vehicle that matches with the vehicle type list to deliver orders for Lalamove.

I own multiple vehicles. Can I attach them all to my driver profile?

You can only use one vehicle to deliver orders with Lalamove.

What information and documentation are required for registration?

1) Profile Picture
2) ID Card
3) Driving License
4) Vehicle with Number Plate
5) Book Bank
6) ACT

Will my documents be safe?

We take data protection seriously. All driver's personal details are protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Does Lalamove charge any fee to verify the account? If yes, how much?

There is a refundable security deposit to be placed in order to verify your Lalamove driver account:

Motorcycle Riders - ฿500
Hatchback, Box Truck, Fence Truck drivers - ฿600

Why do I need to make a deposit? Is the deposit money refundable?

The security deposit is to ensure that drivers complete the orders accepted, and delivery items are treated with utmost care.

The deposit is fully refundable upon closure of your Lalamove driver account, given that at least one order is completed.

What is Lalamove?

Lalamove is a 24/7 on-demand delivery app that provides reliable, effective, and affordable delivery solutions. Through dedicated mobile and web apps, Lalamove seamlessly connects users and drivers in Thailand to deliver faster!

Where does Lalamove deliver to?

We deliver in certain regions of Thailand like Bangkok and Pattaya. We’re expanding to new regions all the time. Let us know if you want us to be in your area!

When can Lalamove deliver?

Lalamove operates 24/7 to best serve your needs. We specialise in on-demand delivery and same day courier service, matching you with nearby drivers in just a few seconds. 

Use our instant booking app to handle all your express and urgent deliveries, anytime of the day.

How much does Lalamove charge?

Each order is calculated based on the requirement of that order, such as the vehicle type, the distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations, order volume, driver availability, traffic and weather conditions. You can find a guide on the pricing details here. Or, download the app to find out instantly how much the delivery would cost before you even place the order.

Making an Order
Can I track my order?

Yes! Lalamove allows you to track every order, keeping you updated about its status at every stage. See where your driver is in real-time and get notified instantly when the delivery has been completed. 

You can even send the tracking information to your recipient, so they know the estimated time of arrival. 

Making an Order
Does Lalamove deliver large, bulky or odd-sized items?

Yes, we do! Lalamove transports all types of goods from simple documents and valuable items, to large, bulky furniture or household appliances.

Making an Order
Is there anything that Lalamove can’t deliver?

Unfortunately, we do not deliver passengers or pets. We do not deliver chemicals, unsecured flammable objects or items which could endanger the safety and well-being of our driver-partners. Please get in touch with us should you have any queries on whether the items you wish to deliver are allowed. Other than that, we deliver almost everything else!

Making an Order
Is it possible to cancel my order? Are there any penalty fees?

If the delivery has been confirmed by the driver and a cancellation is made while the driver is on the way to the location or when the driver has already reached the location, 50% of the order fee charge will be applied.

Does Lalamove do delivery for businesses?

Yes! We empower businesses of all sizes with fast and convenient delivery. We’ll scale to your needs through the lull and peak period, so you save more during the quiet seasons, and fulfil more order during the busy ones!

What are some features that can help boost my delivery and business?

Reduce operational costs:
Without your own fleet of vehicles and team of drivers, you get to save on the vehicle purchasing cost, the vehicle maintenance fees and overheads that come with employing drivers on a full- or part-time basis. Save more when you deliver only when you need to!

Save more with multi-stop!
Our multi-stop feature allows merchants to drop off their goods at up to 20 different locations within one trip! The reduction of mileage and effort translates to lower operation costs, allowing us to keep delivery fees low for you.


Business Account
How do I sign up as a corporate member?

Be our corporate member by setting up a business account! Fill out the form here to get started.

Business Account
How can my team stay coordinated when using Lalamove delivery?

Multiple users can be tagged under one corporate account, keeping everyone on the same page. 

Business Account
Will order receipts be issued? How will they be issued?

Yes, if you have provided us with an email address upon registering in the app, you will automatically receive an e-receipt each time you complete an order. In addition, monthly statements will be issued to keep things organised for your finance team and audits.

Making an Order
Will I receive an update when my delivery has been received?

Yes! Our e-signature feature provides a proof of delivery, allowing you to know immediately when your recipient has received your items and signed.

Making an Order
Is there a way to keep track of my goods during transit?

With our live tracking feature, Lalamove allows you to track every order as it makes its way to the destination. See where your driver is in real time and get notified instantly when the delivery has been completed. 

You can even send the tracking information to your customer, so they know the estimated time of arrival. 

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