How to Sign Up

Book an Appointment

Decal installs are available by appointment only. Text DECAL to (469)-437-721 to schedule yours today.

Installation Location

On the day of your appointment, visit 3400 N Central Expressway Richardson, TX 75080 for your decal installation.


Installation Rules & Procedures

  • Please stay inside your vehicle at all times during, before, and after your scheduled installation.

  • When you arrive at the installation location, park your vehicle in front of the building in visitor parking, then text us at (469)-437-7218 to let us know you've arrived. A member of our team will come out to meet you.

  • We require that you wear a mask & practice social distancing for your health and safety as well as ours.

  • If you have any questions during the installation, you may roll down your window and ask us.

Decal Retention BonusesBagofMoney@5x

You will receive a bonus for each month the decal remains on your vehicle. To start your decal contract and enroll in your bonuses, please follow these steps:
1. Open the Lalamove Driver app
2. Click on "Profile"
3. Click on "Sticker"
4. Choose "Side Stickers"
5. Click "I agree" under the contract & bonus details
6. Take 3 photos of the decals on your vehicle – each at a different angle to confirm placement

How to Take Your Decal Retention Photos

In order to receive your monthly decal bonus, you will be required to submit 3 new photos of your decal each month to your Local DFW Support team. You will be asked to hold a specific item in each photo to confirm the photos are current.

Your Support team will be in contact at the beginning of each month to confirm your photos have been sent in. To learn how to take decal retention photos correctly, follow the examples below.


Left Side of the Vehicle

Please take a photo from the left rear side of your vehicle at a 45-degree angle. The photo should be from tail light to headlight, displaying the entire decal.

Decal_Retention_2 Crop

Decal_Retention_2 Crop
Right Side of the Vehicle

Please take a photo from the right rear side of your vehicle at a 45-degree angle. The photo should be from the tail light to headlight, displaying the entire decal.

Decal_Retention_3 Crop

Decal_Retention_3 Crop
Back of the Vehicle

Please take a photo of the back of your vehicle. The photo should show the license plate that matches the vehicle on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the monthly bonus?

Upon installation, you will receive $15. For every month you retain your decal you will earn $35.

Is the decal permanent?

No, our decals are vinyl stickers that are safe on vehicles and can be removed at any time, should you choose not to be a decal driver anymore. Please note that if you choose to remove your decal you will stop receiving your monthly decal bonuses.

How do I send in my retention photos?

You will need to send in your decal photos between the 1st and 7th of every month. To submit your photos, go to your Lalamove Driver app and click on the Sticker option in your Profile tab – here is where you will attach and submit your 3 photos every month.

How many decals will be installed on my vehicle?

We will install a total of two decals on your vehicle – one on the left side of your vehicle (on the driver door) and one on the right side of your vehicle (on the front passenger door).