Driver Ratings


How to Give and Recieve Ratings

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1.) Initial Rating

After a completed trip, the Lalamove Driver app gives the user and driver an opportunity to rate their delivery experience.

2.) Review

Both the user and driver are then able to provide feedback on their chosen rating.

3.) User Favorites

Users are then prompted with a screen to add their recent driver to their favorite drivers list. This enables the user to ask for a specific driver for their next delivery.

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4.) Users' 'Favorites'

Drivers marked as one of a user's 'favorites' will be exclusively notified the next time the user places an order.

5.) Check Your Ratings

To check your driver rating, open the 'Profile' tab to show your average rating from the past 40 orders.

6.) Drivers' 'Fans'

You can also see users who have marked you as favorites in the 'Fans' section of the 'Profile' tab.

Delivery Guidelines

The Lalamove Driver app works alongside the user app to recognize the best drivers and give our customers confidence in the Lalamove experience. Highly-rated drivers often get first priority for new orders and typically are marked as favorite drivers by our customers, ensuring steady earnings. Great drivers are:

Courteous and professional
Careful with delivery items
Rarely cancel accepted orders
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