Earnings and Cash Outs


Earning with Lalamove

Lalamove's pay structure is simple and transparent. No fine print and no tricks.


With every order, drivers will earn 80% of the order total, no matter what.


You also keep 100% of all tips you make. We'll never take a cut or ask for a service fee.


Get reimbursed for any tolls after your delivery, right in the app.

Bonuses and Promotions
Lalamove offers drivers rotating bonuses, with new opportunities to earn every month. Keep reading to see this month's bonuses.


Earning With a Vehicle Decal
The best and easiest way to earn more is through the Lalamove Decal program, where you can earn an extra $50 a month, every month, just for having a Lalamove sticker on your car. To learn more about Lalamove decals, visit our Decal Program page.


Local Support
Questions or concerns about payments? Reach out to your local customer support team.


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Cashing Out

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Take Control of Your Money

Lalamove allows you to cash out as often as you'd like, transferring your earnings from your Lalamove wallet to your bank account. Please note, there is currently no "auto-cash out" feature available on the driver app, so drivers must cash out manually.

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Bank On It

Once you initiate the cash out process, there is typically a bank processing period. Depending on your bank, you can typically expect to see your money in your account in 2-4 business days.

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Minimum Cash Out

You must have a minimum of $20 in your wallet to cash out. The most recent cash out will be deposited into your bank account.

Current Driver Bonuses

  • Earn an extra $20 your first week of deliveries.
  • Deliver three orders with a sticker and earn a $30 bonus each week – that's up to $120 a month!
  • Earn $50 every month for having a Lalamove sticker on your car, plus your initial $15 install bonus.

Open the app and check your missions tab to opt-in to the latest bonus opportunities.

Learn more about our decal program