Term and Conditions

Lalamove Vietnam

(Updated on 24 Nov 2020)


Lalamove (We) provides network-based transportation applications on Smartphone and Web App. Through this network, customers who wish to make a shipment (User) can connect directly with the Driver (confirmed by Lalamove as the Carrier Driver) to perform the freight service.

On joining the transportation network of Lalamove, you are deemed to have read, researched and agreed with our Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions is deemed as the agreement between Lalamove and User. This document can supersede any agreement, negotiation with the protected subjects. This document will also take precedence over any existing agreement between Lalamove and the User or any provision proposed by the User, whether written or oral.


  1. Unless in particular event or interpreted by other meanings or according to specific situations, concepts in these terms and policies shall be construed, as follows:
    • “Lalamove” means Lalamove Vietnam Company Limited, a Vietnamese company, tax code no. 0314790969, registered headquarter at 327-329 To Hien Thanh, Ward 13, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • “Related vehicle” means types of transportation vehicle utilized by Driver to perform Service.
    • “Transporter” or “Driver” is a person utilizes Related vehicle and signs cooperation contract with Lalamove to perform at Customer’s request via Lalamove application.
    • “Service” means services regulated in Service section below.
    • “Advertisement” means promotional notice appears on your mobile device in the progress Lalamove application operating.
    • “Parcel” is package(s), container(s) accepted, transported and delivered legally by Driver cooperating with Lalamove via Lalamove’s application. Goods Unit is 01 (One) package or container, closed, glued or sealed by Customer, whether the number of items inside Parcel.
    • “Lalamove application” is a mobile electronic application developed, operated, performed and managed by Lalamove to connect Driver and Customer, who wishes to use Goods delivery service.
    • “Service fee” is the cost of each Service.

    Service fee will be calculated based on Lalamove Price list posted on the System and published at https://www.Lalamove.com/vietnam/hcmc/vi/pricing.

    • “System” is a portal (website), Lalamove application and all other Information system managed by Lalamove on content, operation; used for providing, announcing information relating to Service and related information.       
  2. Lalamove provides transport network based on Lalamove application foundation on smart phone and web app. Via this network, anyone wishes to use Service may use Lalamove application to connect directly to Transporter (Whose qualification as Transporter is confirmed by Lalamove) to perform Service. When participating in transport network of Lalamove, we (Lalamove) understand and seem you (“Customer”) have read, researched, accepted and agreed to use Lalamove application, Service according to regulations in this term and policy. This Terms and policy (“Term and policy”) will be deemed as an agreement between Lalamove and Customer. This Term and policy may supersede any other agreement, negotiation of protected subjects. Unless otherwise agreed by Customer and Lalamove, this Term and policy shall also be prevailed to any agreement between Lalamove and Customer, whether by writing or oral expression.
  3. Singular expression will also be plural; male will also indicate female, other sexes as recognized and vice versa will also be applied.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed or regulated, referred, cited or interpreted any contents of term, regulation or rule will be deemed as referred, cited or interpreted regulations of Term and policy. 
  5. Order information includes all data requested by Lalamove for an order, as follows:
    • Information of sender (Name, Telephone name, Address)
    • Information of recipient (Name, Telephone name, Address)
    • Additional service: Customer selects options as they wish
    • Note: Monetary value required to be paid in advanced by Driver, warning, guiding on order.
    • Discount code: If Customer does not enter discount code, we will record delivery fee displayed on Lalamove application, ex officio.


Rights and obligations of the Customer

  1. Customer may install Lalamove application in personal mobile device for personal and non-commercial purposes.
  2. Customer’s personal information will be kept in secret as stipulated in non-disclosure regulation of Lalamove (see Non-disclosure policy) 
  3. Customer will bear full responsibility for using their own accounts on Lalamove application (“Account”).
  4. Customer may only access to Service by using permitted facility or device. Customer is responsible to examine to guarantee that they download right Lalamove application to their devices. Lalamove will not take responsibility, if Customer does not have a compatible device or Customer downloads wrong Lalamove application version to their devices. Lalamove is entitled to terminate Service and Lalamove application utilization, if Customer uses Lalamove application or Service on an incompatible device or not permitted.
  5. Customer will pay Service fee by payment option selected by Customer based on figures displayed on Lalamove application at the time utilizing Service.
  6. Customer is obliged to package, reinforce Parcel, keep stamp from being torn, broken, sides glued to each other. Customer is obliged to package carefully fragile orders and attach note clearly. Driver is entitled to accept Parcel, if Parcel does not satisfy requirements in this Article or regulations in Terms and policies.
  7. Customer must examine and confirm with Driver receiving Parcel. Complaints will only be accepted, if information provided by Customer matching with order details on the System.
  8. In the event that Customer loses telephone or changes telephone number registered to open Account, Customer is obliged to give notice to Customer Care/Call Center of Lalamove to perform procedures of changing or temporary blocking relevant transactions to assist Customer in managing their Service. Lalamove will not take responsibility or resolve complaint, in the event that Customer does not inform Lalamove, and it leads to Third party using such Account belonged to Customer to request. 
  9. Customer will not authorize, transfer or transmit their Account under any form to any third party.
  10. Customer will take responsibility before the law for all parcels requested to be performed by Driver.
  11. User is not permitted to hire, lease, distribute or transmit the copy of Lalamove application or Lalamove application permit to any third party.
  12. Customer will not amend, adjust, technical interfere, take apart, translate Lalamove application or create new product from Lalamove application.
  13. Customer is not permitted to interfere with regular activities of Lalamove application, or using any method to issue or alter the source code of Lalamove application.
  14. Customer is not permitted to update or send any types of virus, Trojans, or harmful codes.
  15. Excluding Lalamove application permit issued in clause 2, no other permit or right may be issued to Customer, Lalamove application’s ownership and other rights is all rights reserved by Lalamove and providers.
  16. In the event that Customer is violating or Lalamove finds that Customer has a sign of violation, Lalamove is entitled to outright close Customer’s Account without surveying opinion or agreement from Customer or other third party, as well as, with full power to decide whether to permit Customer to re-register after violation. 



  1. Via Lalamove application, Lalamove will distribute, operate and control order information of Customer and details of the trip as well as Related vehicle requested by Customer to Driver to perform this Service.
  2. Customer agrees and confirms that Lalamove is not an agent or representative of Customer; agent or representative of Related vehicle, Driver and is not a party in Related vehicle lease contract.
  3. Customer must protect any registration name and password that may be provided by Lalamove, relating to Lalamove application and Services without disclosing to third party.
  4. Lalamove will understand that anybody uses Lalamove application on your mobile device under your registration name and password is you or somebody authorized by you.


Purchase Service

  1. Payment method:
    a. When arriving to load goods, Driver pays upfront to Customer an amount of money by cash, after deducting fees undertaken by Customer without initial payment. Customer is entitled to unassign Driver and reach to Customer Care/Call Center to request to be connected with a new Driver, if Driver does not fulfill the Purchase Service requirements. In the event that Customer and Driver have a private transaction, not in Lalamove’s scope, Lalamove will waive any support.
    b. In event of paying in advanced delivery fee, Customer will pay via prepaid E-wallet on Lalamove system and receive upfront money in cash from Driver according to purchase value, Driver will then receive money back from Recipient.
  2. Total Purchase Service amount does not exceed 3,000,000 (three million dong) per transaction. Lalamove will waive any support for higher value.
  3. In the event of cancellation, returned order:i
    a. In the event that Customer has paid delivery fee: after receiving parcel, Customer must pay back the purchase amount, which is paid upfront and 25,000 dong of returning fee for Driver.
    b. In the event that Recipient bears delivery fee: upon receiving parcel, Customer must pay back the purchase amount, which is paid upfront, adding 100% of delivery fee and 25,000 dong of returning fee to Driver.
    c. It will be deemed as order cancellation if:
    • Recipient refuse taking parcels.
    • According to direct demand from Customer.
    • Delivery Driver does not contact with recipients more than 3 consecutive times in 20 minutes.
  4. Lalamove will not calculate return amount in the particular following events:
  • If it is unable to contract Customer, parcels will be returned to Lalamove’s office
  • Once parcels are returned to Lalamove’s office, Customer will self-arrange to get the parcels and pay the delivery fee.
  • There is no automatic return option.


Regulation on E-wallet

  1. Top up money to Lalamove E-wallet will create a favorable for Customer to maximize the advantages of non-cash payments.
  2. Customer may top up money into E-wallet by connecting types of credit card, international debit card (Credit/Debit from Visa/Mastercard/JCB/Amex), bank transfer, or other forms supported by Lalamove.
  3. The outstanding amount in E-wallet will be used for delivery fee payment for orders placed on Lalamove application and is not convertible to cash or other forms of money transfer.

Regulations on parcels

  1. Customer perform all necessary works from arrangement, packaging, putting note on parcels to giving prior notice to Driver on goods characteristics, which needs to be transported. 
  2. Package dimension: 40 x 40 x 40 (cm), weight does not exceed 30kg.
  3. Types of parcel are not forbidden for transportation according to Vietnamese law or rejected to transport.
  • Any forms of money
  • Narcotic substances, narcotic precursors, nerve simulating substances.
  • Weapons, ammunitions, military technical equipment (guns, knifes, swords, scissors, badges, …)
  • Explosive materials, inflammable, dangerous, unhygienic, environmental harmful substances.
  • Types of forbidden chemicals, precursors of such chemicals
  • Types of goods, documents violating regulation of the State on goods forbidden for sending, exporting.
  • Llive animals, or animal’s carcasses
  • Other goods/parcels confirmed at the time of sale or transport.
  • Goods may endanger operation staff/transporter, vehicles and other types.
  • Types of items, goods forbidden by the State for circulation, trading, exporting, importing (including pornographies, subversions, superstitions, …)
  • Dangerous toys, toys which harms to children personality and health education or security, order, social safety (including video game programs)
  • Types of medicines for human, vaccine, medical biological product, cosmetics, chemical and pesticide product, sterilizing product in family and medical categories, but not permitted in Vietnam.
  • Types of item with high quality such as precious metal (gold, silver, platinum, …), gems or other products manufactured from valuable metals, gems, etc.
  • Cigarettes, cigar, and forms of cigarette illegal imported to Vietnam.
  • Original of the electronic document, drawing, document, record or invoice that is not copied, recorded or archived.

Driver is entitled to request to examine parcels before transporting and refuse to transport orders, which does not satisfy requirements under term and policy.

Driver and Lalamove will not take legal responsibility, if in the progress of transporting, Functioning Authorities detect Driver is transporting forbidden items, illegal items. Customer/Sender shall take full responsibility for utilizing Service of Lalamove to transport forbidden items, illegal items, in case of being detected by Functioning Authorities.

Complaints resolution

  1. If there is any complaint regarding to Delivery service of Lalamove, Customer may use the following methods:
    - Contact Hotline 1900 636 833
    - Email: support.vn@lalamove.com
    - Field “Help & Assessment” on Lalamove application
  2. Lalamove will directly assist to resolve complaints from Customer and Driver.
  3. In the event that Customer complaints on attitude or manner of Driver, Lalamove will handle, communicate with Driver and apply treatment according Lalamove terms and conditions. In the event of insulting, violence (if any), Lalamove recommends Customer to report to Functioning Authorities on civil behavior violation as stipulated by Civil Code.
  4. In the event that Customer complaints on parcel lost or damaged, Lalamove will resolve according to below procedure:- Step 1: Lalamove will verify issues occurred, investigate information provided by relevant Customer and Driver.
    - Step 2: Lalamove informs to both parties on details of proposing resolution within 1 to 3 days.
    - Step 3: In the event that verified information is not clear, remains differences between delivery reality and information presented in application, Lalamove will provide Driver’s telephone number, so that Customer may contact and directly confront with Driver.
    - Step 4: In the event that Customer cannot contact Driver, and order value is higher than 3 million (Criminal Law categories), Lalamove recommends Customer to report to Functioning Authorities, Lalamove commits to provide Driver personal information once requested by Functioning Authorities. If order value is under 3 million, Lalamove will proceed to compensate according to below compensation policy.
    - Step 5: Lalamove will proceed to apply treatment to Driver according to Lalamove terms and conditions.
  5. Complaints Receipt and Resolution are regulated, as follows:
  • When incident occurred, Customer submit a complaint within:
    • Goods is DAMAGED: within 07 days from Order completion time
    • Goods is Food/Beverage: within 6 hours from Order completion time
    • Goods is LOST: within 07 days from Order completion time
  • The above timing regulation helps Lalamove to resolve the complaints/incidents on time, correctly, right person, right work as well as avoiding uncontactable or untraceable situation, or being unable to confirm information, in the event that Customer sends complaint later than time as stipulated in this clause.
  • Lalamove will proceed to resolve and respond within 03 working days as of the date receiving complaint. Within 07 working days as of the date both parties mutually agree on compensation method, Lalamove will reimburse to Customer.
  • Lalamove is entitled to refuse to resolve complaint, in the event that User sends complaint letter after 06 months from order completion time.

Compensation policy

VAT invoice or Direct sale invoice (“Invoice”) shall be the basis to determine compensation value for damage of loss in the progress of transportation.

1. Compensation policy:

A. Goods is DAMAGED and Customer can provide an Invoice: Compensation rate is 70% off the value of the goods displayed on the invoice, plus the delivery fee charged in advance (if any), but will not exceed VND 3,000,000 for motorcycle order and will not exceed VND 5,000,000 for truck order.

B. Surface damage (such as scratches or distortion, ...) that has the potential to be repaired, reused and does not affect the usual functionality of the item will be compensated with 30% off the value of the goods displayed on the invoice, plus the transport fee charged in advance (if any), but will not exceed VND 900,000 for a motorcycle order and will not exceed VND 1,500,000 for a truck order.

C. Goods is Food/Beverage with short expiry period and tempurature-sensitive such as cakes, jelly cakes, ice-cream, iced-drink, … which is DAMAGED and Customer can provide an Invoice: compensation rate is 50% off the value of the goods displayed on the invoice, plus the delivery fee charged in advance (if any), but will not exceed VND 1,500,000 for motorcycle order and will not exceed VND 2,500,000 for truck order.

D. Goods is LOST and Customer can provide an Invoice: compensation rate is 100% off the value of the goods displayed on the invoice, plus the delivery fee charged in advance (if any), but will not exceed VND 3,000,000 for motorcycle order and will not exceed VND 5,000,000 for truck order.

E. Goods is lost/damaged, but the Customer can not provide an Invoice: the compensation rate is 4 times the order's delivery fee charged in advance (service fee), but will not exceed VND 500,000 for a motorcycle order and will not exceed VND 1.000,000 for a truck order.

2. Lalamove is exempted from compensation responsibility under following situations:

  • Customer does not provide evidences that prove his/her Service usual. 
  • Parcel contains forbidden items, illegal items confiscated, destroyed according to decision of Functioning Authorities. 
  • Customer or Sender does not notify Driver to acknowledge or note on Parcel characteristics (For example: fragile), which Driver need to be careful in the progress of transporting, even though Customer or Sender understands that not informing may cause parcel damage, regardless Driver examines goods containing in parcel or not.
  • Parcel is packaged and sealed carefully and Drive cannot examine goods inside.
  • Goods exceeds regulated dimension and weight.
  • Damage due to Customer’s fault or goods nature, goods imperfection
  • Customer does not prove status as well as reason leading to damages, losses of goods.
  • Parcel is transported in conditions under force majeure category as stipulated by the law.
  • Customer and Driver have private deals or negotiation, out of Lalamove’s control (including incidents relating to Purchase Service)
  • Cases of Force majeure in accordance wwith the law of Vietnamese.
  • In the event of partial damages caused by Customer, Lalamove is exempt from liability of compensation to Customer.



The Services provided by Lalamove are free of charge.


Links and Advertisements

  1. Lalamove is liable for the contents and the accuracy of the Advertisements under the prevailing Law on AdvertisementsLalamove is not liable for the contents and the accuracy of the Advertisements.
  2. Lalamove shall not be liable for your transactions with the advertisers of the Advertisements.
  3. Lalamove shall assume that any person using your mobile device, your login name and password will either be you or someone authorized by you.



  1. The Software is delivered to you on an “as is” basis and although Lalamove has used its best endeavors to ensure that the Software will work properly on your mobile device, Lalamove does not warrant the performance of the Software nor the compatibility of the Software with your mobile device.
  2. Lalamove does not warrant the availability of the Services, the availability of vehicles through the use of the Services, the accuracy of the data or information provided as part of the Services or the quality of the services of the Participating vehicles.
  3. Lalamove shall not be liable to you for any damages, claims or costs whatsoever including any consequential, indirect, incidental damages or any loss of profit or damages to your mobile device as a result of your use of the Services or your installation and / or execution of the Software even if Lalamove or its representative has been advised of the possibility of such loss, damage or claim.
  4. Lalamove shall not be liable for any loss or damages, including any injury which you may suffer as a result of your vehicles journey in a Participating Vehicles hired through the Services and all your rights in relation thereto and in relation to the contract for hire between you and the relevant Participating vehicles shall be a matter between you and the relevant Participating vehicles.
  5. The foregoing limitations and exclusions apply to the extent permitted by law.


Personal data and non-disclosure

You may be required to submit personal information to Lalamove in order to use certain function of the Software.

You agree that Lalamove can use your personal data (namely your name and contact number) as provided by you to Lalamove from time to time when you use the Software for the purpose of providing the Services.

You agree that Lalamove is entitled to collect, use, keep and update your personal data to such extent, for and at such time period as may be necessary when Lalamove provides the Services to you, and you confirm that the personal data so provided by you are true and correct and up to date. 7.4 You further expressly consent that Lalamove is entitled to transfer your personal data to the Participating vehicles as may be necessary including, without limitation for the purposes of sourcing a booking to be accepted by a vehicle’s driver, confirmation/clarification of the booking information between you and the vehicle’s driver, and tracking the booked vehicles when Lalamove provides the Services to you.

You further agree that the collection, use, storage and transfer of your personal data is generally subject to Lalamove's privacy policy and personal information collection statement the latest version(s) thereof is at “www.lalamove.com”, and you acknowledge that you have read and understood the same prior to agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


Other terms

Lalamove is entitled to amend, supplement regulations of this Terms and Conditions without giving initial notice and announce publicly at "www.lalamove.com".

This Terms and Conditions will be managed and interpreted as stipulated by Vietnamese law.


 Rules of usage

You shall not use the Software for or to promote any illegal acts.

You shall not use the Software to produce any email advertisements or spam emails.

You shall not use the Software in any way to track, stalk, harrass or hurt any person.

You shall not in any way interrupt/destroy the operation of the Software or the servers/network that linked with the Software; Nor violate the network requirements, process, or terms and conditions that were mentioned when using the Software.

You shall not use the Software in another person’s name.

You will not create more than one account in the same device

All accounts, which are deemed as interfering / sabotaging behavior from Customer will be banned by Lalamove.



Lalamove's promotions are introduced from time to time. All promotions provided are subject to the prevailing regulatory requirements. Lalamove reserves the right to revise, suspend or terminate these requirements or Terms and Conditions at any time and Lalamove may withdraw the offer at its discretion without prior notice.

terminate these requirements or Terms and Conditions at any time and Lalamove may withdraw the offer at its discretion without prior notice.