Lalastars For Bike, Car, MPV and

Van drivers(With Lalastickers)


Programme Criteria:

1. Minimum driver's rating of 4.5 stars
2. No bad ratings during the week
3. Weekly cycle is from every Monday, 12.00AM to Sunday 11.59PM
4. (NEW!) Order Timings: Only 10.00AM – 2.00PM and 4.00PM – 8.00PM
5. (NEW!) Order Service Type: Bike, Car, MPV and Van orders
6. Only Van Drivers with LalaStickers on their vehicle
There are 3 tiers in this Lalastars programme - Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
You will be able to track your weekly progress and milestones in the
‘Campaign’ tab in your Driver app.
Example – Mr Lee, who is a Car Driver Partner, has performed 30 Bike orders and 20 Car orders
within the order timings from Monday to Sunday, he qualifies for the Silver incentive of
$40 + $35= $75 cash bonus. He will receive this bonus in his driver’s wallet on the
following Tuesday.
NEW! For every point you earn after achieving GOLD, you will receive a bonus of $2 and $4 if you own a Lalabag (Bike riders) or have Lalasticker on your vehicle (Car, MPV and Van drivers)
 Example - Mr Bala is a Car driver with Lalasticker on his car and he had accumulated 70 points in this campaign. He will earn an additional $40 bonus on top of the $120 Gold tier incentive.



We have introduced a new Incentive Streak to reward consistent Gold riders/drivers! ‘Streak’ is
the number of consecutive weeks that a rider/driver achieves the Gold Lalastars.
Example – Mr Ahmad, who is a Van Driver Partner, has achieved 6 consecutive weeks of Gold
Lalastars. On the 6th week, he will receive a Streak bonus of $100 in his driver’s wallet on top of
his $120 Gold Lalastars bonus.
If Mr Ahmad continues this streak until the 9th week, he will receive complimentary Doctor Anywhere consultation, Lalamove Jacket, Lalamove Warmer Bag and a $150 Streak Bonus
on top of his $120 Gold Lalastars bonus.


When will I be entitled to this new scheme?

This new scheme will be effective from 24th August 2020.


When will I get my reward credited?

The cash will be credited to your wallet by the following Tuesday.

What if I fall short by 1 or 2 orders to qualify?

In order to qualify for this programme, you must strictly hit the minimum completed order requirement.

Will I receive promo credits or cash?

The cash reward will be credited into your wallet. You can then cash out your wallet balance on a weekly basis.

Does this mean the previous Lalastars criteria for Bike, Car, MPV & Van will not apply to me?

This is correct. With effect from 24 Aug 2020, this will be the new weekly Lalastars incentive programme for Bike, Car, MPV and Van drivers.

I am not a Bike/Car/MPV/Van Driver, does this apply to me?

No, but fret not! We have a special ongoing Lalastars programme for Lorry Driver Partners

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