A.P.P in your career

Big Decisions

In your life, you make many decisions– but not all decisions are created equal. In fact, some carry a lot more weight than others. 

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7 Cool Facts You Didn’t Know About Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and whether you are planning to go for some good ol’ trick or treating or planning to dress up as your favourite character for you friend’s Halloween party, here is some trivia to put you in the Halloween spirit.

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How You Can Start A Music Festival That Rocks


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The Otaku Culture And The Rise of The Delivery Industry

We live in a world where we have almost instant access to every possible kind of information. In addition, the new O2O world (Online-to-Offline) can do almost everything with a few clicks on a smartphone – from providing entertainment to bringing delicious meals to your doorstep.

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Why You Need Wedding Planning In Your Life

Life is full of wonderful events, think of the night you proposed or the day your child was born. These are precious memories. Aside from your loved ones that make the precious memories, there is planning. You would remember how your first date went wrong because you did not plan well. You would also recall how great your wedding was because you hired a wedding planner. Almost every big event in your life comes down to thorough planning. While planning can come in handy in the context of planning life events, it is even more helpful for a company to organize an event. So here comes the term “event planning”.

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Don’t spill my food! A look at the Food and Beverage Delivery

Your company just finished manufacturing a bunch of delicious food. You are about to deliver them to the restaurants you made deal with. You watch the delivery trucks take off. But you are worried; will they ruin the food because they drive too fast?  There is one answer to all your worries: Transport Management System (TMS).

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5 Ways to Eliminate Barriers to Delivering Customers’ Needs and Expectations

In 2015, how would consumers buy their groceries, meals, clothes, stationary and electronic appliance? Many customers will buy via online stores as they are too busy with work and everyday life, there is no time for them to purchase via physical store.

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