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  • Why you should consider Lalamove driver jobs

    drive and earn, be a Lalamove driver

    A driver job, with a difference

    Help a grandma buy and deliver her lunch or bring a pet dog for a hair-cut. Partnering as a driver with Lalamove does not mean getting butt cramps sitting in your vehicle all day long!

    Lalamove offers varying services according to different countries. We offer services like door to door delivery, round trips, mailing services, purchasing services, cash on delivery services and more. And we have a wide variety of clientele to match. You will get to meet Lalamove customers from all walks of life: regular users who deliver the more bog standard items to business customers who are serious about getting their hot meals and fresh foods over to their customers on time.


    Full time, part time, anytime

    Being a Lalamove driver gives you flexible working hours and allows you to work anywhere, at anytime, even as a part time driver job. Lalamove takes advantage of the sharing economy, which has completely transformed the van hiring landscape. Gone are the days when you had to work back and forth through a call center. The process, from customers requesting a vehicle, all the way to the final delivery drop off has been de-centralised. Everything happens in a peer-to-peer fashion, meaning interactions are direct, instant and fully visualised - in one word: efficient. All you need is the Lalamove driver app, and you’ll be able to see the number of orders, geographical distance between you and available orders, and the ability to instantly accept an order.


    This effectively allows you to pick your own orders, in your own time, and at a location that is most convenient to you.  Whether you want to set a delivery record or want to take it easy, whether you want to head to the nearest order and shorten your trip or go a little further and grab that high paying order - you are in charge.

    A great platform, free of charge

    When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but with Lalamove, what you see is what you get - a great delivery platform that doesn’t charge you monthly fees and takes zero commission from your hard earned cash. If you have idle time and an available vehicle, come join us and make use of your time!

    More than just being a driver, Lalamove also allows drivers to fulfil purchasing tasks for customers through our Cash on Delivery feature. You make a difference (and a profit) in a person’s life, whether it’s buying a meal or simply looking for someone to deliver a cup of bubble tea.

    With Lalamove’s purchase service, customers can input their desired goods and volumes in the remark field and simply hand over the cash when the goods have arrived. More reasons to use Lalamove, means more opportunities for Lalamove drivers to earn big!!


    Accept and deliver instantly, check your earnings and statistics in a touch!

    So what are you waiting for?

    • Be in control and have flexible working hours
    • Free driver training
    • No monthly or commission fee from you
    • Make use of your fleet and time to earn extra cash
    • More services, more opportunities to earn!


    Get a driver job with Lalamove now!

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