Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Account options

How to reset my password?

Click forgot password in the Lalamove Driver App, and then it will ask you to call our Customer Service team at 3701 3701. Our Customer Service will then provide you a default password to use to login through the app.

How to update my vehicle info?

To update your vehicle kindly send an email to or whatsapp 5226 4467, with the attachments of the vehicle's front view, side view and back view of your vehicle. Place in the subject line of the email "VEHICLE UPDATE"

How to update my bank information?

Inside the Lalamove Driver App, you would need to go to "My Wallet" tab and then tap on the "Bank Info". You may now update your bank information

How do I update my mobile number?

You must call the Customer Service at 3701 3701 to request to update your mobile number.


How do I rate my customers?

After the order has been completed, go to "Records" tab and click the orders you want to rate the customer inside the booking details.

Accepting an order

How are the prices determined?

Prices are determined via the distance from pickup point to drop point and via the vehicle type.

Can I accept multiple orders?

Yes, you can at the same time accept booking and instant order.

What information can I view?

Once you accept the order, you will be able to see the customer's delivery address and contact number.

How do I contact the customer?

When you press the "Take order" button, the booking will be awarded to you. Inside the booking details you will see the name and contact number of the client beside that you will see a "Call now" button. It will direct you to the dialer and will automatically call the client.

How do I cancel my order?

You must call the Customer Service at to cancel your order at 3701 3701.

Performing an order

What do I do if the item is not ready for collection?

You must call the Customer Service at 3701 3701.

Can I charge for parking charges and toll fee?

Yes you may. Parking charges and toll fee are shouldered by our clients provided that you give them a receipt of the parking and toll fee. But before that you would need to inform the client of the arrangements.

Completing an order

How do I issue a receipt?

After you complete an order by pressing the "Complete" button, an e-receipt will automatically be sent to the client's registered email. You may also issue a physical receipt to the client. Lalamove provides receipt booklets to all drivers free-of-charge, for inquiries please call 3701 3701.

What should I do if the recipient is not ready to receive the delivery?

Please call Customer Service at 3701 3701.