“Help Buy” Service

→ Drivers shall purchase the specified items and deliver it to designated location

1. Provide driver with:
- Purchase location / store name

- Purchase items^ & quantities
- Acceptable price ranges*
(Proof of purchase upon request)

2. Total service charge:
- Standard road fee as shown in app, additional service charge and any surcharges# (if needed); and

- Prepaid amount by driver for goods being purchased

^For safety reasons, drivers can refuse to deliver any hazardous goods.*All users must take responsibility on communicating with drivers to make sure the correct items are purchased. If any miscommunication caused undesired service (e.g. wrong item), users should still pay drivers for all service fees including the amount of purchased items.#Surcharges: bridge, tunnel, parking, overtime, etc. Lalamove and its drivers only provide "Help Buy" service and shall not bear any responsibility on product