Toll (Tunnel, Road, Bridge or Area)

Cross-Harbour $8
Eastern Harbour $13
Western Harbour $25
Aberdeen $5
Tate's Cairn $15
Lion Rock $8
Tseung Kwan O $3
Shing Mun $5
Eagle's Nest/Sha Tin Heights $8
Tai Lam $22
Lantau Link
(Two-way charge)


If you want to specify one tunnel or bridge in your delivery service, please make your selection in “Toll fee 1” ; For two tunnels or bridges, please make your selections in both “Toll fee 1” & “Toll fee 2”.The total fee shown in the app will include the charges of tunnels or bridges that you have selected.

The special requests on “Toll fee” will come in effect once the drivers have confirmed and picked up the order. Please communicate with drivers if there are any changes or amendments you would like to make.

If you didn’t made any “Toll fee” special requests when placing an order, please communicate with drivers on the desired tunnels or bridges before he/she arrives at the “Pick Up Point”. Otherwise, drivers have the right to decide the tunnels and bridges for your delivery service.

Please note that “Courier” service orders will only be matched with motorcycle drivers if you have selected “Toll Fee” special requests when you place an order.