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    How can your business adapt to survive COVID-19?

    There’s no doubt about it - it’s a tough environment for businesses and entrepreneurs right now. Besides toilet roll or hand sanitiser manufacturers, most companies will come to remember 2020 as one of the most difficult years in recent memory.

    The impact of COVID-19 is encroaching on nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from work and leisure to how we move around and keep our homes supplied with the essentials. As the situation changes on a daily basis, the pressure on businesses of all sizes could last for many weeks and months ahead. Small and medium-sized companies, which are often more at risk due to sudden changes in market conditions, may find it difficult to even stay in business this year.

    During previous recessions or global health epidemics, the on-demand sector simply didn’t exist. But opening an app and ordering a product or hailing a taxi service have become second nature for many over the past few years. This dramatic rise in on-demand services has tapped into our desire for the power to have easy, fast and reliable services in the palm of our hands.

    If there is to be one noticeable trend, once this public health crisis diminishes, it’s that millions of other people will be more comfortable and keen to use on-demand services and apps. This provides a potential opportunity for businesses to assess their digital platforms and be prepared for the future.

    How can my business adapt and continue serving customers?

    • Communication is key

    It’s important to let your customers know what you can and cannot do at this time. With many shops and businesses forced to shut their doors, until the current situation is brought under control, customers will understand that significant changes to their daily routine and normal operations are expected. Update your website, send out an email or tap into other communication channels to reach your customers and let them know what’s going on.

    • Go digital

    Is your full product offering available online and visible to your customers? During times like these when physical interaction and making in-store purchases is difficult, more customers will be going online to get what they need. Some upgrades or tweaks to your online store and e-commerce channels could enable you to directly reach your target customers while they are safe at home. This could be an ideal time to beef up your digital marketing strategy to remind customers that your business is still operating in some capacity. Here are some suggestions:

    • 1. Add an extra newsletter to inform customers that purchases can be delivered to their front door.
    • 2. Offer a promotion code to new and existing customers as an added incentive.


    • Prepare for the future

    Forced into changing their usual habits, your clients and customers may discover the advantages of going digital. A meaningful percentage of these customers are going to adapt to these digital channels and realise the benefits of ordering from home and receiving deliveries to their door. By testing new partnerships with on-demand delivery services, you will be able to see whether providing a same-day or next-day delivery service feasible for your business in the future.

    Lalamove’s large range of delivery vehicles means that irrespective of whether your purchases are big or small, we have the right vehicle to help you out. Click on the link below to find out more about our on-demand business delivery solutions.


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