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    How on-demand delivery solved one retailer's daily wholesale delivery problems

    Vinayak Electricals, owned by Mr Jayant Jain, trades in electrical components, hardware goods and paint colours. The shop operates in a retail capacity as well as for wholesale customers. Located in the Matunga suburbs, Vinayak Electricals has a unique consumer base that consists of retail customers in the region as well as wholesale buyers from the neighbouring industrial localities of Sion and Dadar.

    "There are hundred different problems involved in business, but thanks to Lalamove, deliveries isn’t one of them!"


    Given the dual nature of his business operations, Mr Jain has always faced a dilemma regarding his logistics needs. Although a large number of his clients were retail buyers and came directly to his shop, his wholesale buyers make up a considerable portion of his revenue and require delivery services. Buying and maintaining his own fleet of vehicles was not a feasible option due to the high costs required to maintain the vehicles as well as to find and train delivery drivers. Equally, the traditional alternative of procuring tempo-nakas was too time-consuming and unreliable for the busy shop-owner. 

    “I have been in this business for over a decade now. Maintaining the quality of our products was never an issue, the problem has always been getting our wholesale products to our customers in a reliable and efficient manner. While in the past I used to hire vehicles from tempo-naka for deliveries, I needed a more dependable service in order for me to grow my business in a stable way.”    



    The first Mr Jain heard of Lalamove was through word of mouth on a Facebook social media post. After trying out a few orders as a test, he came to realise that he now had the ability to place multiple orders on the same day whenever he needed. It only took a couple of minutes to arrange the orders on the Lalamove app and he knew when the driver was on their way and what time they would arrive.

    He could also just as easily not place a single order for days at a time, eliminating the burden of any fixed overheads or long term commitments. On top of that, making a delivery booking was now easier than ever. By scheduling all his orders through the mobile or web app, Mr Jain could do away with time consuming phone calls and searching around for delivery drivers. He could simply open up the app, receive an instant quotation for the job and then schedule the delivery all in a matter of minutes at any time of the day. 

    In order to keep his clients informed of their incoming deliveries, the real-time tracking feature enabled him to share the information with his customers so that they could plan for the arrival of the delivery. Being able to see where his orders were once they left his shop, as well as being able to directly contact the delivery driver through the app if needed was a great comfort.    



    Using Lalamove has helped Mr Jain to improve the overall efficiency of his business. “Now, I am more focussed on running the business rather than running around for the deliveries!”, he remarked. A big chunk of his time, that would previously be wasted in figuring out temporary delivery solutions, is now better utilized in running his business and improving his relationships with customers both old and new. 


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