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    Book a Delivery in Seconds

    Transparent Pricing

    Transparent Pricing

    Book a delivery by bike or mini truck online

    Real Time Tracking

    Real Time Tracking

    Track the movement of your goods on the app

    Cash_Card boxes

    Pay through Cash/Card

    Hassle-free and seamless payment methods

    How It Works


    Pick a Vehicle

    Select a vehicle according to your delivery needs. Choose from motorbike, van or truck.


    Set delivery route

    Set your pickup points and delivery destination-you can schedule up to 20 destinations in one go.


    Confirm Your delivery

    Schedule your deliveries right away or up to 30 days in advance


    Track Orders in real time

    Track your Orders in real time with our user-friendly mobile and desktop applications.


    Share delivery details

    Share the delivery details and records with customer or anyone who needs to know