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    Earn money by working at your own convenience

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    What do you drive?





    Tata Ace Truck

    Champion or Piaggio Ape

    Pickup Truck



    Tata 407



    Why drive with Lalamove?

    Becoming a driver partner with Lalamove offers you the freedom to work when you want and instantly earn more income.

    Earn money

    The more you deliver the more you earn.

    Drive in your own time

    Take orders according to your own schedule.

    Driver-partner benefits

    Daily cash-outs

    Get the earnings of your day-long hard work on the same day (except Sundays)


    Apart from a special joining bonus, Lalamove is always on a lookout for ways to keep our driver-partners motivated.

    Hear what our Lalamove driver-partners have to say

    With Lalamove, I have been given the opportunity to provide for my family while having a work-life balance. Lalamove is also a family that strives to do its very best for their Driver-partners.

    - Salim Sheikh

    I enjoy the simplicity, freedom and flexibility of this platform. I get to plan my jobs around my schedule and take charge of my earnings. The more I deliver, the more I earn. There’s a secret bonus too - I get to explore the city!

    - Arbaaz Mansuri

    I run my own tailoring business and have bought a vehicle for my day-to-day errands. I also use it in my free time to make deliveries with Lalamove and earn some extra-income, which I plan to use for expanding my business further.

    - Pooja Patil

    Be your own boss

    Start driving with Lalamove today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Lalamove?

    Lalamove is an on-demand intra-city last mile technology platform that connects customers (individuals/businesses) with driver partners to efficiently move goods.

    Where does Lalamove deliver to?

    Lalamove currently does intracity logistics in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune

    Does Lalamove deliver large or odd-sized items?

    Yes we do! Lalamove can transport all types of goods from documents to huge bulky furniture or commercial goods.

    What vehicles does Lalamove deliver with?

    We currently use bikes, mini trucks and three-wheelers for delivery.

    Do you provide labour (loading/unloading) services?

    Our driver partners may help you to set the goods in the vehicle on a friendly basis. Though, we do not provide labour services for loading or unloading of goods. If required, you can negotiate with your assigned driver partner for any required labor. Lalamove will have no role in this negotiation. There is no guarantee that he will be willing to do the labour work.

    Are my goods secured?

    All our driver partners go through a background verification process. Also, you can check our tracking system to track your goods live while they are being transported.

    How does Lalamove work?

    If you need to move anything within the city, Lalamove can help make that happen seamlessly with technology. Through our web or mobile app, we will match and send the nearest driver (bike or mini-truck) available to pick up your delivery. You can track your goods while our driver partners complete the trip and pay the fare. For any support/queries, you can contact our customer care by calling 1800-2666-460.

    How is pricing calculated?

    Our pricing is algorithmic in nature and is based on a base fare, distance and journey time. Please note that any excess loading and unloading time is considered as a part of the journey time, and hence it is recommended that customers speed up the process. Pricing also varies across available vehicle types - Bike/Tata Ace/Ape/Champion/Dost/Pick-up/Tata 407/ based on their respective rate card.

    Can I get e-receipts on my orders?

    If you have provided us with an email address, you will automatically receive an e-receipt each time you complete an order. Don't want to receive e-receipts? Deactivate the function by clicking 'Edit Profile' and toggling the e-receipt option. Head on to Account Settings to key in your email address now!

    How can I place a booking with multiple stops for my delivery?

    You can mention whether your trip has multiple stops by clicking on the plus (+) sign in the drop off location. Add the locations as per the route and we can help you deliver at multiple locations effortlessly.

    How can I pay the trip fare?

    There are multiple ways to pay the fare:

    • a) Lalamove Wallet: You can deposit money in advance in Lalamove Wallet and the fare would be automatically deducted from the available balance. 
    • b) Credit: The trip fare can be paid in credit through Visa MasterCard. 
    • c) Cash: The trip fare can be paid in cash directly to our driver partner at the drop location.

    The payment method can be selected at the time of order placement. However, we do not offer any credit facility.

    Can I place a booking in advance?

    Yes, you can schedule a booking in advance.

    Do you serve 24 hours or is there any time limit?

    We do serve at odd hours. However, please note that the booking confirmation is subject to vehicle availability.

    Who pays the toll, parking and other charges?

    Toll charges are not included in your trip fare so you have to pay them at the time of crossing the toll or the additional amount to the driver partner. The customer has to bear parking & other charges over and above the fare amount.

    Will I be charged if I cancel the trip?

    If you cancel, after a driver partner is assigned for your trip, then you may be charged a cancellation fee. Conditions for cancellation charges may vary from time to time.

    How can I track the vehicle?

    The assigned vehicle can be tracked by clicking on the live order in your customer app. We also send you an SMS once a partner is allocated on your order.

    Can the drop location be changed?

    The drop location can’t be changed in the app. However, you can request a change in the drop location to our customer care by calling 1800-2666-460. The change in drop location by our backend will automatically calculate the new price based on the new drop location.

    Under what circumstances can the trip fare change?

    The trip charge can change due to the below mentioned reasons:

    • If the pick-up and drop location changes from the originally mentioned address.
    • If the loading and unloading time exceeds 30 minutes.
    • If there are multiple stops in the trip. 
    • If you are particular about the route that needs to be taken by the driver and if that route is different from our recommendation to the driver.
    • Other unforeseen issues

    Is there any service guarantee?

    We would like to assure you of the accuracy of our estimated time of arrival & the estimated trip time. Though, given the unpredictable nature of traffic & road conditions, we cannot provide any service guarantee.