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    Earn money by working at your own convenience

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    What do you drive?





    Tata Ace Truck

    Champion or Piaggio Ape

    Pickup Truck



    Tata 407



    Why drive with Lalamove?

    Becoming a driver partner with Lalamove offers you the freedom to work when you want and instantly earn more income.

    Earn money

    The more you deliver the more you earn.

    Drive in your own time

    Take orders according to your own schedule.

    Driver-partner benefits

    Daily cash-outs

    Get the earnings of your day-long hard work on the same day (except Sundays)


    Apart from a special joining bonus, Lalamove is always on a lookout for ways to keep our driver-partners motivated.

    Hear what our Lalamove driver-partners have to say

    With Lalamove, I have been given the opportunity to provide for my family while having a work-life balance. Lalamove is also a family that strives to do its very best for their Driver-partners.

    - Salim Sheikh

    I enjoy the simplicity, freedom and flexibility of this platform. I get to plan my jobs around my schedule and take charge of my earnings. The more I deliver, the more I earn. There’s a secret bonus too - I get to explore the city!

    - Arbaaz Mansuri

    I run my own tailoring business and have bought a vehicle for my day-to-day errands. I also use it in my free time to make deliveries with Lalamove and earn some extra-income, which I plan to use for expanding my business further.

    - Pooja Patil

    Be your own boss

    Start driving with Lalamove today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    How does Lalamove work? Can I join part time?

    Lalamove is an on-demand logistics platform that runs on technology. If a customer wants to move anything within the city or outside it, Lalamove helps customers get their deliveries done through its seamless technology applications through web and mobile. We provide vehicles of all sizes ranging from Trucks, Mini trucks, Tata Ace, to Bikes by matching the nearby driver partners and riders to the customers.

    Riders and driver partners get order details on the mobile app and they would have to register for the same with Lalamove, providing all the necessary documents and details.

    How much can I earn per week with Lalamove?

    The earnings for driver partners depend on the amount of time they spend on the Lalamove Partner platform. Longer engagement with the platform leads to more trips which in turn leads to higher earnings. We offer our membership to our driver partners to get orders at lowest possible commission rates. With this, drivers can save up to 9 percent on the commission for each trip.

    What do I have to do during the registration process?

    Becoming a Lalamove partner and attaching your truck or tempo with Lalamove is very easy. You can do it in four easy steps from your home's comfort or you can visit the local office premises for the same.

    1. Download the Lalamove Driver App (Drive with Lalamove India - Earn extra income) from Google Play Store and App Store.
    2. Register with us and submit all the valid documents within the app.
    3. Wait until all the documents are verified.
    4. Have a look at training video.

    You will start getting trips immediately.

    How many days would it take for me to start earning?

    Once you finish the Driver Partner registration process through the Lalamove partner app, our team will verify your Partner account and call you for a detailed explanation of how Lalamove works and will provide you with a link for the Training video.


    My vehicle isn’t listed here. How can I drive for Lalamove?

    Worry not. You can still reach out to our regional offices or call us on our customer support to further understand how you can be a Driver Partner with Lalamove.

    I own multiple vehicles. Can I attach them all to my driver profile?

    Yes, you can. If you are a fleet owner, you can register all of your vehicles under your driver’s profile. Through this, you can track the order efficiency through the Driver Partner account’s login credentials.

    Can I deliver with Lalamove without owning a vehicle?

    To deliver with Lalamove, you must have a two wheeler or a mini truck vehicle along with valid documents.

    Can I share the same vehicle with my friends with two separate accounts?

    No. You cannot share the same vehicle with your friends or any others. With a single verified Driver Partner account, only one verified partner is dedicated along with the same vehicle details.

    Documents needed

    What information and documentation is required for registration?

    1. Unique ID Card
    2. Valid Vehicle Registration Certificate
    3. Valid Vehicle Insurance Certificate
    4. Valid Vehicle License
    5. Vehicle photo along with registered plate number
    6. Bank Details - Cheque or Pass book details
    7. Selfie - Live Photo

    Will my documents be safe?

    Yes. All of your documents are completely safe with Lalamove and they shall not be shared with any third party under any circumstances whatsoever.


    I have scheduled my training but I am unable to attend. How do I reschedule?

    Once your Driver Partner account is verified and you get the credentials, our team will reach out to you. Lalamove's on-field supply managers will be visiting that particular location for training. The driver partner/rider can call Lalamove's customer service number and we will schedule a field visit for the same.

    What is the difference between Online training and In-person training?

    The main difference between online and offline learning is the location. With offline learning, driver partners are required to be on field, typically in a market. With online learning however, the training can be conducted from practically anywhere in the world through video conferencing and by sending a training video link to the Driver Partner. The Partners simply need to log on to the internet from their home or a local market.

    Another difference is the flexibility offered. Online learning usually has a more flexible timescale. As a trainer, you can offer your support through an online chat system. With offline learning, it is typically carried out between office hours and doesn’t offer as much flexibility to the learner or the trainer.


    Does Lalamove charge any fee to verify the account? If yes, how much?

    Lalamove does not charge any registration fee but we do ask for a nominal deposit amount of 1000 INR at the time of on-boarding for goods vehicles.

    Why do I need to make a deposit? Is the deposit money refundable?

    The deposit amount we charge is for safekeeping. However, a deposit can refer to a portion of money used as security or collateral for the delivery of goods.

    It is refundable if the driver partner chooses not to work on our platform anymore. The deposit will be refunded if all the financial dues are cleared from driver's end.

    Once verified, how do I cash out my payments?

    The Lalamove Driver Partner has a driver app in which all the banking details will be provided by the partner. The app displays all the necessary details pertaining to daily earnings and weekly payouts.

    The Cash-out amount will be credited to your bank account in 2-3 business days.