Frequently Asked Questions


How does Lalamove work? Can I join part time?

Lalamove is a platform that connects business owners or individuals with Lalamove partners. Because we use the concept of partnership cooperation, you are welcome to work fulltime or part time.

How much can I earn per week with Lalamove?

The amount of income per week will depend on the productivity level of each partner. However, we have prepared daily and weekly incentives so that you will be more productive and can get more income

What do I have to do during the registration process?

Requirements to become a Lalamove Partner for two-wheeled vehicles:
- Upload complete and valid documents on the application
- Take online training
- Pay a deposit of IDR 50,000

Requirements to join Lalamove Partner for four-wheeled vehicles:
- Upload complete and valid documents on the application
- Take online training
- Pay a deposit of IDR 100,000
- Willing to put a sticker on the vehicle

How many days would it take for me to start earning?

If you are able to complete the registration process, online training, and deposit in one day, then 1 day later you can start working to get additional income


My vehicle isn’t listed here. How can I drive for Lalamove?

The types of vehicles that can be registered with Lalamove are:
- Motorcycle
- MPV (3 lines / 7 seats)
- Van or Blindvan
- Pick up tub
- Pick up box
- Engkel box

I own multiple vehicles. Can I attach them all to my driver profile?

Unfortunately not. 1 Account only eligible for one vehicle

Can I deliver with Lalamove without owning a vehicle?

Unfortuntately not, at this time Lalamove has not provide vehicle rent for Partners

Can I share the same vehicle with my friends with two separate accounts?

It is not applicable. 1 account attached to one specific vehicle only


What information and documentation is required for registration?

Documents required for registration:
- ID Card / KTP
- Driver's license
- KK / Family Certificate
- Emergency contact ID Card
- SKCK / Police Clearance Certificate (2 wheels only)
- STNK / Vehicle License
- Photo of vehicle plate according to vehicle license
- Drivers must have a CIMB Niaga mobile account for top-up and withdraw

Will my documents be safe?

Yes, all partner personal information will not be shared without the partner's permission. Unless there is a request from the authorities (Police or Government Agencies) with an official letter of assignment


I have scheduled my training but I am unable to attend. How do I reschedule?

- The online training link can be accessed Monday - Friday at 09:00 - 16:00 WIB
- Offline training: if unable to attend, partners can inform the Lalamove CS team to get the next training schedule

What is the difference between Online training and In-person training?

Online training: training is conducted online in an educational platform (typeform) and then ends with a quiz. Partners who pass the minimum score will be processed further to verify their account. Offline training: Partners attend in-person training at the Lalamove office During the Covid-19 Pandemic, online training only applies


Does Lalamove charge any fee to verify the account? If yes, how much?

Two-wheeled vehicle partner deposit of IDR 50,000. Four-wheeled vehicle partner deposit of IDR 100,000.

Why do I need to make a deposit? Is the deposit money refundable?

Deposits can be withdrawn when the Partner decides to leave Lalamove (resign) and there is no history of suspend while joining Lalamove

Once verified, how do I cash out my payments?

Make sure the cellphone number registered in your Lalamove account matches the No. CIMB Niaga Mobile Account. Partners can withdraw / cash out (withdraw) the wallet balance on the application. After cashing out, the balance will enter your cellphone account within 1 x 24 hours (T&C applies).

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