A word from Shing

 "This is our first companywide lalaNews. I have gotten a lot of feedback that some of our lalamovers sometimes feel isolated from our headquarters, and there is not much communications among our cities. We are now in 17 cities, and some of our cities only have 5 lalamovers or less. We want to make sure that our people on the battlefront know that there are many of us fighting with them as well. LalaNews is one of our ways to do so.

One thing that i have learnt as we scale is the importance of communications. It never hurts to over-communicate the important message. And at the risk of sounding like my own mother, i am going to say it once again the most important word for our company this year: Profitability. 

I have often emphasized that this is the toughest year for fund raising in the last decade.   Judging from the decent underlying growth we have had so far, we are very likely to get further funding. But i don’t want us to be dependent on it.  Just like Mark Watney in the "The Martian" who are stuck on Mars trying to survive, we don’t want to be a in a position where we are dependent on the earth for a shipment of potatoes to survive. He "scienced" the shit out of the problem. We are going to "execution" the shit out of the problem. 

A lot of the measures we are going to take this year will be involved around more revenue and cash and less costs. There is no other around it if we are serious about achieving profitability. That's why you see us taking more deposits from driver. We will also start monetizing earlier in cities that have not begun charging it. We will also ask our people to do more with less. 

It will be a collective major achievement to become profitable in our third year of operation. I don’t know of any companies in the O2O arena who has been able to achieve it.

Let's do it!"

They have something to share

Hong Kong

$12,000 Security Deposit received from 24 new drivers and 94% FF

"After 2.5 years of operation, we have just received our first payment from our new driver cohort. 

A lot of planning went into it, KK helped us draft the waiver, Jay and Sunny who revised the security deposit contract, lala quiz and training contents and most importantly delivered the new training for us. Lastly, our customer service ambassadors who reached out and recruited 24 new drivers.

Fulfilment is also at all-time high averaging 94% for the past 4 weeks. Special thanks to Cheuki for actively monitoring FF% and all the team efforts from our lalamove CS and Corporate Ambassadors including Cat, Kenny, Howard, Murphy, Crystal, Hazel and Jacky."


Stronger SMEs

"Our Bangkok team participated in Stronger SME conference on 2nd Mar.  The event was organized by Office of SMEs, a governmental entity, and there were representatives from big names like Google and LINE.  Santit was one of the main panel speakers.  Our sales team also setup a (free) booth to entice SME owners to sign up for our service.  The event was particularly successful on the sales side, as the team acquired a list of about 50 high-potential prospects and 3 users opened prepaid account right at the event.  Furthermore, during the Q&A session after Santit spoke, virtually all questions from the audience were about lalamove service, to the point that the moderator had to cut questions from the audience short and started asking his own questions to other panelists.  The people who asked questions were both interested and existing lalamove users.  It was a pleasant surprise, and we could feel that we have built strong presence among SME and small business users.  This is only the first step.  We want and continue to put in all our efforts to make lalamove a household name for all users."

China (Shenzhen)

Shenzhen 100km + Huolala

"We joined “Shenzhen 100km” on 19/3 to 20/3. “Shenzhen 100km” is the most popular hiking event in China. Participants will be challenged to walk 100 kilometers in 24 hours. We attracted the most famous hiking group – “Journey to the West” to join our team. Because of them, we attracted people’s attention and as a result, our FTU registration rate increased 10% on that day."

China (Shenzhen)

The curious case of lalamovers going into prison

"March 16 is a day where our some of staff got a taste of detention by police. It all happened on a calm afternoon where 3 of our Shenzhen lalamovers were happily distributing flyers in a busy district innocuously. Out of the blue, a gang of 30 people with uniform closed in, representing different branches from the government, national security, police, special police force and city maintenance. It almost felt like we were on a terrorist attack and got busted, but in reality we were just handling flyers telling people that here is now a new way to do you delivery in a fast and simple way! Police confiscated our weapons (i.e. leaflets), and our staff were detained. Just like in a movie, they were happily released in the end, but we did learn a lesson. The reason they were arrested was because there is a national conference of the top leaders in China that week, and our national security was on high alert. We learnt when NOT to distribute leaflets and flyers. The first thing our three "prisoners" talked about right out of detention is how best to execute their leaflets campaign next week.  THIS, i believe, is the attitude we should all share. Thanks team SZ."

China (Chengdu)

Enterprising LaLa Men! The 94th National Wine Fair

"Just landed in Chengdu, our LaLa men first time attended the National Wine Fair which is the "barometer” of Chinese food industry. This total area of the exhibition is ​​128,000 square meters, exhibitors over 2836, three-day exhibition attracted up to 15 million professional buyers from around the world, more than 30 million audiences. 3 Men Chengdu Team, three Men leading nine part-time colleague, distributing a total of 31,336 leaflets, successfully attracted many well-known domestic enterprises focusing on us, we will not stop our passion and target no one never know HuoLaLa in the next Fair ... 拉货一定找货拉拉!"

China (Hangzhou)

Miracles happen in HZ

"On 14 Jan 2016, HLL has opened in HZ. Le Peng and Xiao Hei have lived in the office for a month. The first time broke the 50th daily orders, we both witness this miracle at the edge of the laptop. The dream really comes true, as long as you believed it would happen. At 23:55, 25 March 2016, the second months, eleventh days since opened, HZ broke the daily order record again up to 90, this time Xiao Hei ran to NJ for supporting. No one celebrated with Le Peng but he was not alone. All HZ brothers, no matter at home or in the street, also waiting for that moment. We are still fighting for our goal. Thinking of Progress, Never be stagnant."


lalamove X Taipei 101 mother's day event

"Taipei 101 has offered us a free booth in the mall for 2 weeks in April for their Mother's day event. lalamove will offer 1000 free deliveries and 6000 $50 off promo codes to Taipei 101, and they will distribute these 7000 promo codes with a lalamove card to all the customers that has purchased over NTD $3000 at the mall during the event period as one of the mother's day gifts. They will also include us in the press and their April catelogue.The cost on our side is to print out 7000 cards and the promo codes, they did a similar event during Chinese New Year and 6500 cards were gone within a week. These will not only help us attract Taipei 101's users, it will also help us connect with all the shops in the mall and grow brand awareness."


Some highlights from the SG team

"Earlier this year, we clinched a one-year delivery contract (yay!) with ST Synthesis, an integrated arm of ST Engineering. In March, we took part in Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2016, an exhibition that brought together ecommerce stores, retailers and the last mile fulfilment industry. We had a speaker engagement slot where Fion presented - response was really great! Many came by our booth and wanted to chat more about our business solution. Also, for Good Friday, we ran our first Facebook promotion for the year, in collaboration with a local sandwich store, Toasties (they've started using Lalamove for deliveries too!"

The tech corner

New milestone of our tech --- SEA

"2 years passed, from 1 to 4 cities, from 1 order to 800 orders/ day. In order to grow rapidly, we need a better system behind. We are working so hard to support orders from different customers/ delivery models with huge volume. We are now revamping our products starting from user interface. The foundation of new backend is 70% done. We will upgrade the system city by city. Please stay tuned :)"

Show me the money --- China

"Two main objectives for the team. Backend restructuring  for a more stable system to support order growth. New features to collect deposit and fee from drivers. April and May will be critical, pray for us. "

Staff interview

Product Director (SZ) --- Joel Chan

Q1: Why did you change your career path from reporter to product director?

I worked for a magazine, as reporter. The industrial is getting old, boss is getting old, and I feel like I am getting old too. So I quit and joined a startup.

Q2: How can you apply what you have learned as a reporter to product development?

Reporter search and learn,  I guess it's similar to what a product guy should do.

Q3: What do you want to gain from lalamove?

Bring value to users, stay in their phone, see what will lalamove turn out to be.

Q4: What is the most memorable moment in lalamove?

A sales told me once that our users support us that they keep using the app even it took them a minute to open it. We laughed and we didn't want to laugh for this reason no more.

Q5: What are your future challenges?

To design a profitable product.

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lalamove highlighted by e27

lalamove moved to first place in Hong Kong and was crowned the Judges' Choice winner.

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