A word from Shing

 "May has been a good month for us. We secured our third round of funding to continue our expansion. LineMan, our most important partnership to date, has been officially launched and it is breaking records every day. China continues to grow at 25% MoM. We have also opened 4 more cities, Changsha, Suzhou, Tianjin and Xian, and we will continue to open at least 4 more cities per month until the end of the year.

But it is often during the good times that seeds of failure are planted, and as your CEO, I am also your CPO, chief paranoid officer.
There are tons of problems that if we dont solve that would kill us in the end. We have been under-investing in product and tech. We have yet to raise a substantial round of 50M to 100M that guarantee us a place in the most successful startups in the world (Mainly my fault!) We have yet to get rid of the culture of our lalamovers trying to reinvent the wheels every single time, instead of asking our colleagues or outsiders who know how to solve the exact problem that they are facing. We have yet to build a really deep moat to prevent some other big guys with lots of capital suddenly stealing our market. We have yet to get to 10X in expenses multiples for a lot of our cities. We are also beginning to see some of us not improving fast enough to catch up with our growth. We sometimes get too comfortable in our office and forget our users. 
These are just some of our problems. There are many more and even if you solve all of the current one. And there will be more to come.
There is, however, one core belief that keeps me going everyday. I believe all great companies are built by people just like you and me, and if others can do it, we can do it too. This belief in a major way was shaped by my personal experience. When i was a high school student, no one in New Territories has ever scored 10 distinctions in the high school public exam, but people in other districts have. So I thought others people could do it, and so could I. And when i wanted to become a professional poker players, that term was unheard of in Hong Kong, but i thought since someone has done it elsewhere, it must be possible for me to do it too. And when i set out to build a great tech startup from Hong Kong, no one has done it either from Hong Kong, and people have built great tech companies elsewhere, and so it must be possible.  
I have no doubt that we can overcome whatever problems that get thrown at us. Let's gather a group of people with passion, with humility, with grit, and execute like superman. And let's create a company we are proud of."

They have something to share


LINE MAN operated by Lalamove Launch

"The much-anticipated LINE MAN service, a partnership between LINE and Lalamove, was officially launched on May 12 th after going on public beta since mid-April. Both LINE and Lalamove did PR and most media outlets picked up the story instantly. For LINE, this is a big deal because, aside from it being the most popular chat app in Thailand with 33 mln. users, it is the first time it ventured into O2O on-demand platform and LINE MAN is the first and flagship project for its aspiration to be more than a chat app. For Lalamove, this is the partnership that puts our brand on the map, we must win to conquer the market and gives us a path to profitability, which is all of our goals this year. Operationally, I think the stuff that we are doing in addition to our normal delivery service – asking drivers to front the cost, purchase and deliver foods or goods – is nothing short of innovation, as no one thought it was possible and has never been done in Thailand before. This gives us the confidence to continue to push the envelope operationally to see how far we could go, the spirit of Lalamovers."

China (Eastern)

The best way to boost the conversion rate

"In early April, driver stickers​ in Eastern China trailed behind other cities by quite a bit​​​. In ​our ​regional seminar, we found ​the best way to ​​​boost​ the​ ​conversion ​​rate is to apply the stickers immediately​. ​Another ​surprising discovery came from a Hangzhou driver ​whom ​told us the secret ​for drivers to avoid getting ​arrested by traffic ​officers for carrying goods, and also what situations will ​cause drivers to ​be arrested. After that, each city’s sticker team made a series of improvement​ to reduce any worry of being arrested, set up special seats for the sticker drivers​ and offer sticker drivers a series of privileges​. The conversion rate ​of the 3 Eastern China cities ​improved from 20% to over 50% in one month. The effectiveness​ has been very ​significant."

China (Southwest)

Huolala Flyer Sweeping Campaign

"Huolala​'s execution of our ​flyer sweeping​ campaign was a sweeping success! Users ​that we have reached out to ​​have been contacting​ us actively​. Let's paint Chongqing ​orange with our flyer sweeping!​​"

China (Northern)

Huolala Beijing Team has arrived

"Although Huolala has ​entered China ​for a little ​more than one year, ​we still had not launched in the Capital. In May 2016, ​the ​Huolala Beijing Team ​has ​arrived! There were already 30 drivers ​signing up to join our training on the firs​t​ day, proving​ that the city has a necessity ​for on demand intra-city delivery and has huge expectation​s​ ​for​ Huolala! Beijing will be the headquarters of ​Northern​ China​, ​one of the most important ​cities​ in China, 1 Beijing ​is ​equal ​to ​8 Shenzhen​s, 3 Shanghais, or 16 Hong Kong​s​. We will ​allocate ​more resources and talent on this city​ in the future​!"

China (Head quarter)

Huolala are full of love

"​At​ the end of April, our ​IT Department colleague​ ​Abel Yuan​ was ​diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. ​He needed to undergo a very expensive surgery to replace ​artificial blood vessels.

We immediately sent out ​an email ​to all our colleagues in China to raise funds for the surgery. The company ​matched all ​donated funds​ and as of May 10th,​ ​we have raised​ is a total of RMB $51,377.

On the afternoon of May 11th​, Shing and ​other company representatives​ visited Abel in ​the ​hospital and passed the donation to his father. His father expressed ​his ​sincere thanks and gratitude to us. ​Currently,​ he ​has ​undergone ​a very successful first surgery​ and is in stable condition​.

We believe that love is the power of change! We believe that ​all of us at​ Huolala ​are full​ of love!"

Hong Kong

My 1-on-1 with our founder

"Leaders have many things in common, they are achievement-oriented, self-driven and most importantly they are a change maker and visionary. They have made sacrifices along the way, spending not enough time with their friends and families, putting on tremendous amount of responsibilities and stress on their shoulders worrying about growth, funding and their employees’ welfare.

How often do you come across leader who had straight As and played professional poker? I stole an hour of Shing's time and had a chat with him last week...

Aaron: Can you tell me some of your screw-ups?


1. We didn't appoint a leader for Hong Kong when we were expanding to China and other SEA cities.

2. We should have entered China earlier.

3. Our driver app got removed from the app store and we had to build another one and upload it again.

Aaron: What is your vision?

Shing: When I was a kid, I was inspired by famous people and their biographies. I believe in self-fulfilling prophecy and one can achieve anything they want with hard-work and dedication. I have high hopes for Hong Kong in becoming a major tech hub and Lalamove will lead that by becoming the first unicorn company.

Aaron: Why Lalamove?

In naming, I believe in 5 second rule. We need a name that people can remember, pronounce and spell after 5 seconds. The reason is that most referrals occur offline even in today very online world. The ratio is for every online referral, there is at least 10x more offline referrals. So, having a name that is easy for people to remember and refer is most important. In HK, our data show that 40% of our new users come from referral. 

In naming, I also believe in being unorthodox. We need a name that is less corporate, less boring, less traditional. We are the disruptive force in logistics. We need a name to  reflect that. I believe a lot of you have chosen "Swyft“. but that is a name that i think any company could have used. 

In naming, I also believe in choosing a name that is emotional. I want people first instinct, when hearing our name for the fist time,  to either love it or hate it. The worst you could do in building a company is irrelevance. Even if people hate our name, they will still have to remember us to hate us.

Aaron: What has helped Lalamove and our fund-raising journey?

Shing: Many of the early investors knew of me through friends of friends because of my credibility and past achievements. I think it is very important to go the extra mile regardless of what you do. People only remember the best people and not the mediocre ones.

Aaron: What is the exit plan for Lalamove?

Shing: It is still early days but once we are profitable, we will have plenty of options and by then we can branch out and achieve other extraordinary things. 

I joined Lalamove 7 months ago and at the time we didn’t have a lot of the team structure and big names that we have today. LINE, Sun Hun Kai Properties, Security Deposits and monetization is a little less than 2 months away. We have had good MOM growth and we are hoping to beat NOV’s number in May. There will be a lot of exciting developments and bumps in the near future and no doubt our team will tackle them just like what we have been doing in the last 2.5 years.

Happy Reading."


Taipei started monetization

"Taipei started monetization in April with 15% commission from drivers. After monetization, we have been getting more and more complaints from drivers, basically tripled the amount of complaints we normally get. So in April our team has spent a lot of time working on driver communications, making sure drivers feel that we care about them and we are willing to listen to them. Supply has always been the biggest obstacles in Taipei, and we’re glad that after monetization we’re still able to maintain the same amount of active drivers on the platform."


InnovFest 2016

"In May, the Singapore team attended InnovFest 2016 – an IT fair showcasing disruptive innovations! Our booth generated a lot of buzz and attracted over 100 potential clients over the two days. One of the highlights of the event was that we were interviewed for a live stream session for our friends in Bangkok and we even did a shoutout for the Line Man app in Bangkok! Hip hip hurray team Singapore!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we are happy to have 3 interns joining us in Singapore! Hi Eriel, Asrul and Jia Hui!

The tech corner

LINE and SHK --- SEA

"LINE Man was launched on 21 April in Bangkok! This is the most exciting product we have launched so far this year.
The new kiosk tablet app will be placed in different cities around the world. SHK(HK) and IKEA(SG/ BKK) are the great channels for us to recruit new users! We are now standardizing the kit to be ready to deploy to any city.
The best is yet to come. We are now revising the login system and building out our product to support more partners.
As we continue to grow, stability and data are our main focal points for 2016. System stability is the foundation for business growth and the company makes decisions based on data."

Internship Program --- SEA

"We have launched the first ever Summer internship program! During this summer the tech and product team will have a diverse group of 7 interns, coming from different nationalities such as US, Indonesia, India, and HK. Each intern is assigned a mentor who will help guide and train them. In addition, the interns will work on a group project together and present their projects at the end of the summer. Welcome aboard to our new interns! We're happy to have you here."

New data base in early June --- China

"Backend system has been running for over a year, some historical problems remained. Redundant data base structure and ineffective push system are two of them. I.T. fellows have been working on the restructuring, to consolidate data base and to re-write the push system. Push system has been deployed on the new app, and we will deploy new data base in early June. Hope both our users and drivers will have a better experience."

Staff interview

Head of Hong Kong --- Aaron Pang

Q1: Why did you change your career path to Lalamove?

I like to achieve challenges and I want to personally help make EasyVan now Lalamove become #1 in Hong Kong. My team gives me a lot of energy and I look forward to seeing my team when I come into the office in the morning. When numbers are good and my team is happy, it makes my day.

Q2: How can you apply what you have learned from your last job to Lalamove?

No matter what experiences you have accumulated in the past, one needs to be humble and learn about the business like everyone does. This means talking to drivers, building rapport with customers, doing roadshows and running over to customer service to pick up calls. I am a generalist and I think my broad functional expertise helps me understand our business from different perspectives.

Q3: What do you want to gain from Lalamove?

Turn around the business and take over GoGoVan in Hong Kong.

Q4: What is the most memorable moment in Lalamove?

The most unforgettable moment I had was when I heard we collected over 160 driver deposit on May 31st, and I couldn't help the team because I was in China. :(

Q5: What are your future challenges?

We have come a long way but we still need more growth in Hong Kong. My dream is to see Lalamove all over Hong Kong. SHK is a good start.

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lalamove highlighted
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EasyVan raises US$10m to fund China, Southeast Asia expansion.

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