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We said one of our core values is grit, but then again, we never quite elaborate it and people will have different interpretations. It is my job to communicate that.

First, I believe grit is essential  because all great things take discipline and time to build. No one has achieved any great without grit, whether it is excelling at sports, directing excellent movies, writing a great novel, solving Fermat's last theorem or building Sagrada Familia. Building a great tech company across China and rest of Asia will be hard. Actually, it is so hard that no one has done it before. To leave a little footprint in the tech development of Asia, we will definitely need a team of gritty people to achieve that.

So, what do we mean by grit. It means two things.

1) Believe in solutions not excuses
People who are gritty dont give you excuses. Collectively, we are trying to achieve what no one has done before by building a unicorn across both China and rest of Asia, but individually, the tasks we need to do are not that hard! Take for example, putting stickers on the road. I still hear all kind of excuses why getting 500 stickers on the road is hard. We are not building a rocket that is ready for galaxy travel! We are talking about 500 stickers on the road. Try to think "how I can achieve that" rather than giving yourself an easy time by coming up with an excuse. 

2) Never never never give up.  Keep up the intensity
Winston Churchill said that. Actually, he didnt quite say that. You can google to find his exact speech. Along the path to doing great things, no one in history has a smooth sail. You will always always always run into problems. I have a lot of personal experience going through that as a poker player. I did win around US$4M in the end in my 7 years of poker career, but in the first four years, i was only earning minimum wage. I believed poker has a good prospects and I believe I had the ability to become great at the game. And so I keep improving yourself with the same intensity I started with. I played 12 hours every day for 365 days a year. The resulting efforts pay off, but only after four intensive years of never giving up. We did not found this company with the hope of easy money, and easy exit.  We knew we would continue to run into problems, big and small. And we expect everyone to keep up the intensity, day in and day out.

I believe behind every great achievement is a story of gritty people. I believe ours will be as well.

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Partnership with Shopee 

On Wed the 27th, we partnered with Shopee to provide on-demand delivery such that Shopee buyers could receive merchandise within a couple of hours if purchased between 9:00am-12:00pm window of the Wed morning and drop-off location in Bangkok. Shopee introduced and promoted our service to its top sellers, as well as took out PR to promote the campaign partnership (see sample link below). The campaign ran only on that day and the resulting demand was strong. Overall, Lalamove Bangkok achieved 100% matched and 100% fulfillment, completing totals of 180 orders and 378 stops. It was the first campaign of this type (using on-demand delivery angle to generate sales for our partner) and one of the most successful campaigns in terms of demand generation. It was a showcase campaign for our service, and given the good results we plan to continue discussing with Shopee possibly about future campaigns and API integration.

China (Eastern)

Huolala Suzhou

As the saying goes, “Paradise above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below.” Huolala finally landed and opened in Suzhou this July, and Suzhou is no longer just a tourism city anymore, but a booming city in the logistics field. Geographically, Suzhou is close to Shanghai and Kunshan, and there are also 2 industrial parks in the east and the west. Suzhou also ranks among the top in Freight transport and exporting in China. Our office sits in the middle of the two industrial parks, and we believe Suzhou’s order volume and transaction value will catch up with the other Eastern cities very soon.

China (South)

Business Partnership

Huolala has been collaborating with PetroChina, BP for more than four months. More than 1000 drivers have already enjoyed our exclusive refueling offer and we believe there will be more drivers joining the program in the future. So far, Huolala has helped these drivers save RMB 54,286 in fuel costs, which is enough to buy a brand new van. Drivers’ recharge amount is up to 970 thousand RMB, reflecting their confidence in Huolala. We would like to thank our colleagues whose efforts helped earn the trusts of our drivers. We will invest more resources in the aftermarket services to obtain more benefits and offers for our drivers.

China (Southwest)

Huolala is all around

3 months after our street sweeping campaign, Southwest team started to intensify our efforts in the sticker program. July’s number of stickers grew by 150% monthly, and on-site conversion rate increased from 50% to almost 90%. Thank you for all teammates’ dedication in learning and improving! To attain the goal of populating the city with Huolala’s brand, we must keep up and the effort and continue to look for way to succeed, and not to find any excuse for failure. 

China (Central)

Huolala and Wuhan residents walk through thick and thin and against flood

From 30th June onwards, we have been experiencing thunderstorms and heavy rainfalls in Wuhan. The entire city was flooded it was a disaster that moved the whole nation. To contribute to the local community, Huolala gave out LalaCoupons to the residents and help them deliver necessary items, and also order bonus to our drivers.

Marketing Department

Daily activation goes above 10,000

We have built our marketing reach through multiple reach including SEM, application markets, news feeds, Wechat and Weibo, and PR and brand marketing. An exciting news is that the number of Huolala APP daily activation was above ten thousand on 15th July, and this was made possible also because of the offline efforts in each city. Think about this, 10357 people downloaded Huolala APP in a day, and with the increasing number of cities we launch in, there is still huge growth potentials given how big the China market is!

Hong Kong

Lalamove big stickers

Recently, the Hong Kong team has been scheduling and installing the new Lalamove big stickers everyday. Murphy, Jan and Rudy along with our energetic interns Dariia and Daphne have been putting up a booth every day at the entrance of the Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden to allow drivers to park and install stickers. While the response has been decent, it is not where we need to be quite yet. We have tried different methods to attract new installations such as treating our big sticker drivers to lunch and extending our road show hours and we will continue to experiment with new installation ideas to exceed our goal of 500 big stickers in Hong Kong!


Lalamove x 7-11 Taiwan

7-11 is going to launch their delivery app in November, and they would like to outsource all the deliveries to Lalamove. 7-11 has over 1500 branches within our service area in Taipei and New Taipei city in Taiwan. They will launch 2 districts first for the trial period starting September 1 st and official launch in November with a marketing budget to promote their app. They also target to launch all 1500 branches by January next year. We have made verbal agreement with 7-11 already and now working on contract terms. It is going to take them a while to work on the contract but it should be signed before end of August.


One-year Project with SATS

Team Singapore recently clinched a one-year project with SATS, a leading provider of gateway services and food solutions. This project requires our delivery service three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and seven days a week to various police stations in Singapore. With the first delivery starting at 4:30am, the projects & partner management teams have been working hard to ensure there is supply for our client's demand. We are also intensively recruiting drivers for the sticker program. Some of our staff have spotted vehicles with Lalamove sticker along Central Business District area, where there is high number of human traffic!

P.S. Finally a shot of team SG, all decked out in orange.

The tech corner

Revamping and API --- SEA

Midway through the summer, the tech and product teams are working hard on revamping our existing products and building out our new system.  We will be focusing on the user side first, revamping the mobile and web apps.  In addition, we are building out our API so that we can connect with other companies easily and grow our business.  Looking forward to launching it soon!

Internship Program --- SEA

On another note (sadly), a few of our interns have finished their program and have to return back to school in August.  Our first ever summer internship program has been a big success, and it is something that we will continue to do going forward, including adding a winternship program.  If you guys have any referrals for either internships or full-time positions, please send Carmen a message.  Don’t forget that you get referral bonuses!  

Server Relocated and Monetization Development --- China


We moved the server from the engine room to Aliyun, and so far, apart from having to put down some deposit, the result has been good. We can focus on growing our orders this month without worrying about the server load.


Focus was on monetization development. In early July, developers and product managers went to Zhuhai to test the monetization softwares. Just like how it was in Huolala’s early days, they locked themselves in the hotel and spent the entire day working on this one thing.


Begin charging.

Operations Department --- China

“Professional Drivers” training room 

We have been focusing on improving service level of drivers and upgrading the “Professional Drivers” training room nation-wide. As a starting point to incubate good drivers, all new drivers have to first attend training to get on our platform. In June, every city in China upgraded its training room.

Staff interview

The Voice Goddess of Huolala - Yuri

Q1: How do you join our company?

In the past, the only communication way between Huolala and drivers is wordings. However, due to the advancement of technology, we can also through voice to connect with drivers. This is the reason why I join Huolala, to use my voice to improve our communication with drivers, and develop a good impression to them.

Q2: What are your main job duties?

I work in the operation centre of Shenzhen headquarter. I am responsible for using voice to communicate with drivers through Weibo. Apart from that, I also help in driver training network activation in each city.

Q3: How did you makes Huolala become an instant online celebrity?

It used to have only words in our subscription account in Weibo, drivers are busy to read the news there. After Yuri’s voice messages appeared, drivers are very curious about what is the news of today. It is very convenient and they can easy to receive message even they are driving. Therefore the click through rate is increasing and we become more and more popular.

Q4: How are the drivers react to you (Is there any screen capture of drivers’ comments)?

I am not sure, but you can have a look.

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