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Lala Caravan Promotion

Our Bangkok team and a group of drivers did the Lala Caravan on 7th Sep. The purpose of the caravan was to promote Lalamove and services to people around business areas e.g. Silom, Wireless road, Ratjadhamri and Sathon during lunch time. Our 10 drivers wearing full set of Lala gear including helmet, jacket, Lala bag and flags, rode on the streets and Lalamove team also sit on the back to held the promotion boards and one of them did an announcement by using movable speaker. It’s quite attractive to people around the streets and they turned around to look at the caravan and listened to our announcement. We plan to do Lala Caravan in other business areas on October and will distribute flyers during the caravan too.

China (Eastern)

Stickers in Ningbo

As the world’s fourth-biggest harbour port and Zhejing's second-largest city. Ningbo is a city of history. Before setting up our Ningbo team, our Hangzhou office formed a small team to penetrate Ningbo and installed stickers on 26 vehicles in one day, thanks to an overnight work by 韦亚一 and 林保闪.

To ensure office location is convenient for drivers, we also invited drivers in for training before making the final decision on September 6 th . That was a micro-innovation in the office selection process.

On September 23rd, Our Ningbo team achieved 200 vehicle stickers within the first 30 days of launch. We expect Ningbo team to soon catch up also in other metrics, and populate Ningbo as another Lalamove landmark with Lalamove stickers everywhere!


China (South)

Sincere Communication, From Bottom of Heart

Great news: Guangzhou started monetising in mid-August! Not-so- great news: 2 furious drivers crashed into our office and demanded for refund on Aug 23rd (they were earlier banned for placing prank orders on our platform in protest.) Fortunately, our team was able to calm the drivers down after explaining and analyzing the situation for them. They ended up both buying the membership plans, and continuing taking orders and making money on our platform.

“Before joining Lalamove, I was deep in debt and couldn't even afford school fees for my kid. The first month I joined Lalamove, I made over 10,000 RMB here. And I was able to pay off all my debts within half a year after; I’m actually really thankful of Lalamove,” said one of the drivers, before leaving the office apologetically.

Our platform provides real value to our drivers, and as long as we communicate with drivers sincerely, put ourselves in drivers’ shoes and really focus on solving their problems, drivers will continue to support and believe in Lalamove!

China (Southwest)

"When There's a Sun, There is Huolala" In Full Swing

After extensive research and sharing sessions with our East Region team, we have mostly completed the initial preparation of campaign “When there’s a sun, there is Huolala” in Southwest China.

Our colleagues in Chongqing and Chengdu have spent the past couple weeks finding and talking to merchants located in high-traffic, densely-populated areas. It’s a very tough job but our Lalamovers exhibited their grit and execution in successfully convincing over 100 shop owners to support our program.

We look forward to completing all installations after the National Day holidays, as well as doubling the coverage to reach our campaign goal!

China (Central)

Wuhan Speeding Up

Lalamove started in Wuhan from an empty office on April 5th this year, and now we have built up a local team of 9, who all joined us after our initial launch in the city. Wuhan has maintained a rapid growth of almost 70% MoM in the first 5 months of launch, and just eclipsed 200 daily orders and 1000 active stickers on the road.

The team is now marching towards higher goals and we expect them to move forward with the same fast pace!

China (Operations)

National "Caring For Driver" Day and "Mid-Autumn Caring For Driver" Week

To our drivers, we have always believed in and committed to delivering ”Money, Respect, and Freedom". Drivers don’t always have some one to listen to the difficulties and issues they come across in daily work.

To understand what is important to drivers, encourage sharing of experience, and promote drivers’ sense of belonging, we hosted the first National Caring For Driver Day event on August 31st, and also held the “Mid-Autumn Caring For Driver” Week on September 11th-17th.

These two activities reflected how much we care about our drivers and improved drivers’ stickiness to our platform. Letting drivers express their opinions also allow us to collect feedback to improve our work, and also understand delivery work to iterate a better ecosystem for delivery drivers.

China (Finance)

An Income-making Finance Department!

It’s hard to believe, but our Finance Department can make money just as well as they can spend.

Here’s how:

Our Finance Department is rolling out a value-added service for drivers who demand more in our wallet cash-out feature. By paying a service fee, drivers can cash-out unlimited times, at no limit on the amount per withdrawal. In addition, drivers will also get exclusive access to check on their wallet account, SMS reply services, and more speedy transfer of their cash-out amount. Such a comprehensive service makes earning on Huolala more convenient for drivers, and develops a new income stream for the company at the same time.

Hong Kong

A Survey to Drivers

The Hong Kong team has conducted a survey and reached out to over 150 drivers recently to measure driver sentiment and enable us to understand them better. The results are summarized below.

Sample size: 75

Our Values (rated > 4 out of 5)
65% of drivers rated we are professional
53% of drivers rated we are transparent
70% of drivers rated we are fair
57% of drivers rated we care about them
75% of drivers rated 4 or more for our customer service
73% of drivers rated 4 or more for our partner service
56% of drivers said we are better than other platform

Charles and everyone on the Hong Kong team will continue to open up the gates and simplify the process in becoming a Lalamove driver. We will also continue to differentiate ourselves from GGV by focusing on our supply and treating them better.


Raised the Price

In the past 6-10 months, the biggest difficulties we have in Taiwan is the shortage of supplies. And the most important reason is because all our drivers are making 30-50% lower than every job in Taiwan, in fact, most of our drivers are making around minimum wage. After going into driver economics, we realized that if we cannot give out great amount of driver subsidies every month, than we have to raise the price for drivers to be able to make enough income so we can solve our supply problem. We have raised the price by 20-30% in September. Our fulfillment is now quite decent with over 97% fulfillment everyday, but at the same time we’re losing some existing users because 20-30% price raise is too much, and these users may not always need express delivery service. In late October we will know how many users left us, how much the price raise has affected our demand.


Partnership with Suntec City

"Team Singapore embarked on a partnership with Suntec City in August, and there are also plans to reach out to over 250 non-F&B businesses in the mall. Through the partnership, we had access to several events, one of which is COMEX, the largest IT exhibition in Singapore. Our part timers were on hand to give out flyers and approach shoppers with bulky items. In September, we took part in The IOT Show Asia and Supply Chain Forum Asia 2016, where Fion had speaking slots. We also had a team dinner to celebrate a record breaking month."


Manila going on Beta!

We've been waiting for this and it's FINALLY coming! Lalamove is invading Manila very very soon, but before anything, I'd like to introduce you to my awesome team. 

Our very first teammate, Ahbz, is the Director of Operations and CS. He has been with the team for over a month now and I've joined him just a few weeks ago as Director of Marketing. Fun fact: we've already worked with each other for 3 years in Grab and I'm proud to say that he has been my partner in crime in growing Grab from ground up. Along with the support of Blake, Gary, Santit, and a few of you guys we've been interacting with over email and slack, we are now one step closer to our much awaited Beta Testing stage happening in just a few weeks! The product and pricing has been defined, testings are being done, trainings are being held, and we are more excited than ever to finally get our operations rolling!

What's even more exciting is that in a few weeks, we will finally get to onboard Albert, Lalamove Philippines' Country Manager. Fun fact: he can do splits! I have yet to see that!

The Tech Corner

LINE Man hit a record high in Bangkok --- SEA

LINE Man started launching a marketing promotion starting Sept 8. We hit a record high in Bangkok just recently - over 3800 orders placed on Sept 25. In addition, LINE orders grew over 100% in just one day with the weekend promotion that they had. Thanks to the Bangkok team for making it happen. At the same time there were some issues that the tech team came across during this promotion. The issues revolve around stability and scalability, both of which we will primarily focus on in the coming weeks.

Revamps products to improve overall user experience --- SEA

In terms of our products, we are also working on revamps for each of our products - mobile user app and web app. The goal behind the revamps of our products is to improve our overall user experience, and build out features that are more business-user friendly. In addition, the product team will be focusing on productivity in terms of finding ways to improve the efficiency of CS and the driver operations. This is something that is extremely important in order to achieve our company goal, PROFITABILITY!

Staff interview

Director of Marketing, Philippines - Natasha Bautista

Q1: Why do you choose to work for Lalamove?

I always ask myself 3 things before I join a new company: First is: IS THIS THE CULTURE I WANT AND NEED? I want to work with leaders that encourage growth and teammates that constantly challenge each other and themselves not just for the growth of the business but for each and everyone's career and personal growth as well! Second is: DO I BELIEVE IN THE BUSINESS? Of course, I wouldn't want to join a company that will just shut down. I want to make sure that I believe in the business model and even the team behind it. Third is:  WILL I BE ABLE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE GROWTH OF THE BUSINESS IN THE SAME WHAT THAT THE BUSINESS WILL CONTRIBUTE TO MY OWN GROWTH? Being able to contribute to something that will create a big impact to the society is something that I always look for, in the same sense that I want to be able to grow WITH the success of the company.

Fortunately, all three questions were answered with a YES.

Q2: What is the most challenging part of your job?

Right now, the most challenging part would be the typical birthing pains that every start up encounters. There's a lot of firefighting that needs to be done, a lot of AB testing and trial and errors, a lot of very tactical and ground work. It's fun though so no complaints just yet! Haha!

Q3: What do you want to gain from Lalamove?

Coming from Grab, I feel like I've honed my skills when it comes to B2C. This time around, Lalamove would definitely challenge me and hopefully help me with more B2B efforts.

Q4: What is the most memorable moment in Lalamove?

I've only been with Lalamove for just a month! In the 21 working days I've been here, I guess I could say that my most memorable moment was earlier today when Ahbz (our Ops Director) was doing driver briefing and I sat in. It brought me back to all the good memories I've had with Grab and it got me a lot excited about what Lalamove can do to help these drivers earn so much more income than their current situation now!

Q5: If there is one thing in Lalamove you want to change right now, what is it?

One thing Lalamove can improve on is our lack of proper SOPs, processes and documentation. Imagine if we had a playbook.

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