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Environment Changes Behaviors

During the Vietnam war, a lot of American soldiers became addicted to drugs, in particular to Heroin. It was rampant, as many as 40% of the solders tried it and nearly 20% of them are addicted. It was such a big problem that the-then president Nixon set up a new office called "The Special Action Office of Drug Abuse Prevention"

And then, as if by magic, the problems disappeared overnight. Over 95% of the people all of a sudden quit drugs.

Who waved the magic? Obviously not the government special office. The miracle was done by this little guy called the "environment"

When the soldiers are at war, the stress is all round (getting killed is apparently something that scares a lot of people!), and they are also surrounded by easy access to drugs. (As is often the case, drugs and prostitutes, a lot of them being forced to,travel with War) In that kind of environment, where you are constantly bombarded with stimuli that induce you to drugs (stress, easy address to drugs, friends that take drugs), it is hard saying no to drugs.

However, when the soldiers return home, their stress level decreases as now they dont often face the threat of death on a daily basis (unless you work in an internet company, that is). They no longer have easy access to drugs. They no longer have drug addicts friends.

Their environment  changes, and hence their behaviors.

This major insight we often overlook. Most people believe that knowledge changes behavior. Yes, it does, but not very often. Knowledge just by itself is a weak change agent. Most people smoke not because they dont know smoking is bad. People dont often change after knowing something. People often change, though, if you alter the environment.

What does this have to do with us?

A lot. Since August, we have been preaching values. We will start rating everyone based on these values starting this month, and we are now recruiting people based on these values, and next year, we will start training people based on these values. The reason is that at work, your biggest environment is the people you work with, and if you are surrounded by gritty, passionate, humble and results oriented people, you yourself will become gritty, passionate, humble and result oriented. Environment shapes behavior.

This goes for something as small as a meeting. In meetings, we often require everyone put their phones into a box because we know mobile phones distract you, and just telling people to pay attention wont work. Making sure you dont have a phone around, on the other hand, will work. Once again, the knowledge that you will need to pay attention wont change your behavior, but altering the environment will shape the behavior we want.

This goes even for how we shape the behavior of our drivers. Getting enough supply is very important for our business, and we find out an office with a convenient location with free parking is almost the most important decision in any city launching. If we pick a often congested area with no parking, we will fail to get supply and the city will experience very slow growth. Again, knowing that we are in town will not make drivers come, but allowing them easy access to our office with free parking available will change their behavior.

After reading this letter, i want you to change too. I dont want you just have the "knowledge" because we have just said, "knowledge itself often does not change behavior"  I want you to think about at least ONE idea where by altering your environment, you can bring about a desired behavior that you have long wanted.

They have something to share

China (Eastern)

Implementation of Core Values

How do we implement our 4 Core Values: Passion, Humility, Grit and Execution into our team as well as our organizational culture? Q3, The HR team of Shanghai had done a lot of works on it. For example, the whole city team participated morning sharing session about values & belief. At the night time, they watched a “value” movie. The most interesting part is the “Value Enhancement” plan in the Monthly City heads’ meeting.  Each of the City head was required to evaluate their works that were lack of the 4 core values and provide concrete suggestions for improvement in Q4.

China (North)

Lalamove Jack Ma

Zero-paid vehicle sticker program was launched on 12 October in Beijing. Our most passionate person: Mr. Wang Jun Bo became the first lead to introduce Lalamove’s company culture and provide the training to driver with the strong belief of passion and grit. His speech had deeply inspired and influenced each of the drivers’ hearts. Although the program is non-paid, the conversion rate in this October still reached 87% and the retention rate was 85%.   Where there is a will, there is a way. Who will be the next Lalamove, Jack Ma?

China (Product Tech)

Tech Team's Morning Meeting (T10)

Due to more new lalamovers joining in, the Tech Team is getting larger. Therefore, Tech Team held a daily morning meeting – T10 starting from November. T10 morning meeting is for the tech leaders and core members to have a meeting every morning at 10am to review the works that have done by yesterday and to confirm the works schedule on that day.  Also, it included updating and sharing the information via the whole team and addressing their encountered problems. The whole meeting will be held in 30 minutes. After several times of trial meetings, the whole tech team worked together more effectively and efficiency!

China (Human Resources Department )

Huolala Outward Bound Activity

The team building activity was started after the city meeting in Q3 city. The whole team was divided into 4 groups which were the teams of Grit “old drivers’ team”, Execution “Lalamovers’ team”, Passion and Humility. Each of the team was very united and marching forward till to the end. In particular, Grit Team performed very outstanding that they never gave up and worked very hard to move forward when they were the last team behind from others at the beginning and finally won the Champion at the end. We hoped that our Lalamovers can work as the same with full of passion, to keep looking for solutions when countering problems, to be humility when there are achievements and remain perseverance unwavering no matter in what difficult situations that they are facing.

China (Marketing)

New Approach of Attracting New Drivers

Lalamove had been speedily expanded in China. How to find the way of recruiting drivers in efficiency and low cost in a new city has been a challenge for us. However, on last September, marketing team attempted a new approach to create drivers recruitment advertisement on an apps called “Toutiao”. It produced very great and immediately responses that new driver’s registration rate rapidly grew within 20 days. For example, in Kunming, the average daily drivers’ registration rate increased more than 400%.

Now, you can see the Lalamove’s advertisement on “Toutiao” Apps in most of the new cities. “Lalamove = Huolala” is spreading around over the China and deeply linking to each of many people’s life.

China (City Expansion)

China City Expansion team

From Beijing to Wuhan on between February to November 2016, Lalamove had been already expanded in 22 cities in China. The City expansion team is mostly based in Shenzhen, therefore they communicated and delivered the services to drivers and users from the other cities via the telephone. The team helped Lalamove to grow very rapidly and leading the market, from expanding 2 cities in a month, to 3 cities and up to currently 4 cities within a month on the last November. 


Purchase Service was Launched

Last November month Lalamove Bangkok team launched Purchase Service.  It’s the service that had been requested for most by our users and now our users can request our driver to purchase anything at a single location up to THB 1,000 and have it delivered, for a small additional fee of THB 25.  Operationally, execution was rather smooth, as our LINEMAN drivers already carry THB 1,000 for food or grocery purchase.  So, it was just a matter of grouping and communicating to such drivers about the service.  We appreciate our tech team helping us create a new Additional Service and our HQ design team quickly drawing up with the service logo.  We completed a total of 361 Purchase Service orders in Nov month.  Although our focus has been and will continue to be acquiring business users, we wanted to utilize existing driver operations to generate additional orders and are sure that our business users also find this service useful.

Hong Kong

Optimize Operations and Streamline Processes

The Hong Kong Team will continue to optimize operations and streamline processes across all departments to mitigate inefficiencies and solidify the team’s overall competencies. We were enabled access to more capacity as we regain clarity in direction, tasks and responsibilities. A +10% MoM in completed orders, +5% MoM user growth, and verifying over 300 drivers reflects our efforts to reposition ourselves for success. The team is now building a strong momentum for aggressive initiatives and will be prepare for any challenges that may prevail.


99% fulfillment in Taiwan

Taiwan has been suffering in fulfillment for a long time, and the main reason is that drivers are making way less than the market standard. After we did the price increase in Taiwan on September 5th, our active driver and driver acquisition has been increased significantly. Fulfillment went from 83% in June to above 98.5% in both October and November. Median match time went from 88 seconds to 17 seconds in November. Credits to the driver team in Taiwan and Charles from global Ops team.


Sticker Marketing

For the past month, a large focus is placed on sticker marketing. The team (made up of Alex, Francis, Aaron, and Shiqing) has been effortlessly heading out to industrial areas to acquire more van stickers in Singapore, with help from Zoe, who narrows the zones down for them. To date, 41 stickers have been pasted in 9 working days. We are in the midst of building up a team of part timers whose core focus will be on sticker acquisition.


Lalamove Philippines' First Ever Event

It’s been 10 days since we started fully operating in Metro Manila, Philippines. The team just moved into our new co-working space and now have 6 full-time team members growing the business! In the meantime, we are all very busy growing both demand and supply. We also got featured in a few articles! Read TECH IN ASIA article HERE. Exciting things are coming up. We are all feeling the Christmas season coming so quickly and we need to make sure that we take this opportunity granted the small window that we have. On this note, Lalamove Philippines is participating in our first ever event – The Grand Holiday Bazaar Series! We all can’t wait to acquire merchants during the event!

The Tech Corner

2016 Review

It's Christmas again! Let's review what we have done this year.

In 2016, we have achieved major milestones including Line integration, admin panel, wallet, driver/ user mobile and web app continues improvement, build partner API foundation, portable and generic kiosk app, e-statement, etc. The goal is to improve UX/ internal work efficiency to achieve profitability together.

5 months ago, we have 5 summer interns joined and work with us everyday. This December, 4 new interns from Australia are joining us and work on some exciting brand new projects. Please stay tuned!

Recently we are working closely with Line to build a new food delivery system. One of our goals is to create a generic design, build this for all our partners in cities. Now we are almost done for phase 1. Expected launch date will be late Dec.

Staff interview

Hong Kong Managing Director - Mark Au

Q1: Please tell us about your background.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, an avid entrepreneur that believes an adventure is worthwhile in itself. I have diverse experience across an array of industries; primarily working as the main client interface for large and small businesses.

Q2: What is your first impression of Lalamove?

Underated, Collaborative, Driven, Humble.

Q3: Why do you choose to work for Lalamove?

Like I said in Q1, an adventure is worthwhile in itself.

Q4: What do you like the most about working in Lalamove?

To be around an energetic, smart and gritty team that makes no excuses. 

Q5: What are your future challenges?

I look forward to overcome all difficulties with the Hong Kong Team, for lalamove to reclaim the No.1 position in delivery services in Hong Kong.

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