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A word from Shing

Every year, one of our investors always asks me how i would grade our last financial year.

In 2015, i gave ourselves a B-. We grew about 2.8X, but HK actually declined. We burnt significantly more money. We were in a default dead position: If were fail to raise another round of money in 2016, we would have been dead.

 In 2016, i gave ourselves a B+. We grew close to 5x, while only doubling our expenses. We have managed to become cash flow position on a monthly basis in China. Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dongguan have all become profitable. We raised 10M in May and then again 30M in Jan. 

However, we did not achieve profitability as a company, which was our target we said we will achieve at the beginning of the year.

But we are gritty people. We dont just give up and go home. We keep working on it until dreams become reality.

So, this year, we will continue to work on profitability. In China, our goal is to get 100K paying drivers each paying us US$70 a month, giving us 7M a month, which will definitely bring us into profitability. In SEA, we will first get one of our cities, either SG or BKK, to become profitable and then replicate that to other cities.

Why is profitability so important that we keep drilling everyone about it.

Profitability is actually not the only goal of an enterprise. It is not even the most important one. However, it is a necessary one. Profitability allows us to survive, allows us to treat our people better, allows better development opportunities for our people to grow.

And so, with that in mind, let's continue our march into profitability.

We wont stop until we get there.


They have something to share

China (East)

Thanksgiving Annual Dinner 2016

Family is always the motivation that gives support to all our Lalamovers to go further. During the Annual Dinner, all Lalamovers felt touched when we played the videos of encouragement from their respective families. We are moving forward with embracing all family’s expectations of us to create value in 2017.

China (North)

1000 stickers within 58 days in Qingdao

Our Qingdao office was finally settled on 18 October 2016 and we had achieved over 1000 active stickers on the streets after 58 days.  It became the first ever city to conquer over 1000 stickers within 2 months.

After the team had been set up, we worked over time and did not rest for the whole month due to the rapidly increasing sticker orders in Qingdao. The fast growth in the number of registered drivers enabled us to achieve our daily stickers target much faster. On 6 December 2016, Qingdao had already reached around 940 active stickers. To break the record within 2 months, drivers were invited to attend an outdoor training session and as a result, 130 drivers turned up to the training and 99 vehicles were stickered. Meanwhile, our indoor training session had 35 new stickers, thus, totalling 134 active stickers and we were able to beat the record.

Qingdao’s success story is to be continued... and we will keep moving forward to our new goal in 2017; 100,000 members, 100,000 transactions!

China (Southwest)

Clear Direction, Joyful in Southwest

SW region organised the 1st Annual meeting with other city’s heads. The meeting focused on monthly reports and discussion of analytical methods to help provide us with a clear direction for the next city expansion. There was delicious food and exciting activities filled with our happiness and excitement at the annual dinner after the meeting. Thank you to everyone for their hard work. Let us keep working together to become a better team and achieve our new goal in 2017; 100,000 members and 100,000 transactions! 

China (Central)

Thanksgiving Annual Star Drivers Reward Ceremony

The Annual Star Drivers Reward Ceremony was held in last January. The Wuhan Team was very concerned about the event so they prepared a feast and full decorated the office. They also organised some exciting activities for the star drivers and their families to interact with Lalamove staff. One star drivers mentioned that joining Lalamove has truly changed his life and he really appreciates how Lalamove has greatly impacted him.  
The well-prepared and warm-hearted activities at the ceremony earned a lot of support from the audience and thus, Wuhan Team became the champion among all the cities.

China (Product)

Past, Present and the Future of our Product Team

The Product team used to be an one-man team with Shing as the first-generation product leader.  Afterwards, Joel and Howard took the lead of the product team.  People come and go, last spring, the team was made up of Smile, Siren, Joel and Howard.  This spring, the team has expanded to 13 people with the formation of Product Design, Product Operation, Business Analyst and Quality Assurance teams. In 2017, the Product team will continue to work closely towards the goal of “One hundred thousand members, One hundred thousand orders”.  At the same time, the team will actively explore the opportunities and possibilities for inter-city logistics as well.  Looking forward to witnessing the success from the team! 

China (Human Resources Department)

“Having you in my life 2016” Annual Dinner

At the annual dinner, all the Lalamovers can gather together and share the night to have some fun. We work and grow together, and with the difficulties we encountered along the way, we have acquired the determination to continue moving forward.  

With Shing taking the lead as a primitive caveman, the product team dressed themselves up as princes, marketing team became The Axe Gang, finance team acted as the cartoon series - Dr Slump, operation team turned out to be animals from Crazy Zoo, HR team wore Cheongsam Qipao dress and South China put on Wigs. There were also amazing drama performances from the Tech team -“Non-sense” and product team - “A Chinese Odyssey”.

Both dramas were highly appreciated by the audience and all of us felt the passion and hard work from the teams!

During the Annual Dinner, Shing also took the opportunity to share the goals of Huolala in 2017, which is to “keep moving forward to the new goal in 2017, 100,000 members, 100,000 transactions!”. Best Lalamover of the Year was also announced to show the appreciation of the hard work of employees in 2016.  Everyone who exercises the Lalaqualities of passion, grit, execution and humility are the role models of Lalamovers. Let’s continue to work hard to achieve our goals in 2017! 

China (Operation)

Huolala Star Drivers Campaign

In 2016, the Huolala Star Drivers campaign was successfully held for the past 7 months as it gained full support from our drivers and friends. We then held “The Best Huolala Star Driver award ceremony” across 16 cities on 11 Jan 2017. In the event, we organized and prepared lots of prizes, programmes and awards for our drivers to celebrate with our cities’ co-workers. It allowed us to acknowledge each driver’s contribution through the past year and also made the drivers more trusting of Huolala’s commitment to the values of “Money, Respect and Freedom”

Hong Kong

Implement the most Efficient and Effective Processes

Hong Kong Team has been focused and dedicated, striving to deliver results which have never been achieved before. By understanding the"why" behind every decision, we were able to conceive and implement the most efficient and effective processes possible - our resilient team were able to accomplish record highs in number of drivers recruited, stickers installed, users activated, and new users acquired. We’re excited about our upcoming endeavors, and will continue to produce results to reflect our determination to succeed.


Partnership with Decathlon

In December, we launched a self-service kiosk in joint partnership with Decathlon. This allows customers to bring home bulky items like bicycles and gym equipment almost immediately. Response has been promising so far, and we plan to increase marketing efforts in stores to increase overall order count. The team also saw a 20% increase in transaction value over the festive season, with an increase in demand from many of our partners. 


Lalabag Advertising

Right now, Lalamove Bangkok has 1,500 motorcycle drivers with Lalabag installed on the street and 900 of them using the latest version of Lalabag which has the advertising spaces on both left & right side. We plan to sell this advertising space to our users to get extra revenue. We start this project by giving one month free trial to our top 10 prepaid users who have a potential to buy it, they only pay for the production cost. The first 2 prepaid users start the trail on February 1st, and the rest of them will start on March. We expect that we can convince at least one of them to buy our advertising space by March and double it within Q1. Imagine that if we can sell 900 units of Lalabag advertising, we will get USD 12,000 per month! 


Taipei is ready to take on 100% growth in orders

December and January are the two busiest months for deliveries in Taiwan. In December we also had 2 partnerships which brought as additional 100-150 orders a day and plus the seasonal demand growth our orders grew from 400 a day to 700 a day while keeping fulfillment at 98%. Also, for January our orders grew from 500 to 900+ orders a day and our fulfillment was at 96%. This is a huge accomplishment from the driver ops team for being able to take on almost 100% order growth in one day so now we’re really ready to grow our demand without worrying about fulfillment and match time. 


Growth in Philippines

December took the Manila Team by surprise with insane demand. We focused on growing the team this January and now we have grown to 12 people already (and 3 more starting in the next weeks). We just moved in our new (larger) office in the 5th floor of the same co-working space, and we now have our own private room to train drivers too so we can have more training schedules for drivers. 

The Tech Corner

Two Goals

Happy new year! We have a strong growth before CNY in all our cities. To achieve profitability, we have 2 goals in 2017 Q1 to support all of you in the company

1. Revamp our mobile and web products to align with branding images and improve usability.
2. Improve internal efficiency by building productivity tools, e.g. enhancing admin panel, automated e-statement, data warehouse, payment gateway, etc.
Thanks interns from Australia and New Zealand contributed to Proof of Delivery project and enhancing admin panel features! The target launch date will be Q2/Q3 2017 by phases.

Staff interview

Lalamover of the Year - Fan Fan

Q1: Can you briefly describe your working experience in Lalamove?

I first joined Lalamove as an online sales specialist and was an Operations Associate in the Shenzhen office and then I was sent to China East for city expansion. Right now I am responsible for managing our Wechat official account. My change in positions over these two years has allowed me to improve myself, and I now enjoy this challenging job a lot!   

Q2: Why do you want to join our company in the beginning?

Do you believe in fate? Even if you don’t, I do! 

Q3: What is your biggest reward at Lalamove?

Being the best Lalamover of the Year in 2016 is my greatest reward at Lalamove. While gaining the recognition from everyone in the company, my analytical and problem solving skills have also been constantly improving.  Last but not least, Lalamove helps me to improve my appearance as a more handsome guy as well! 

Q4: Are there any difficult moments you have faced at Lalamove?

There aren’t any particularly difficult times for me at Lalamove, however, I can share an important memory.

On the 13th of December, we decided to launch the Huolala online store on the 16th.  This meant that our team needed to prepare all the product copywriting, pricing, decoration and purchase within 4 days. If any of the steps were wrong, the online store project could not have been launched on time.  After 4 full days of hard work, our team successfully launched the online store. Any line of work will have difficult times, and these difficult problems represents the devil.  I believe once you successfully deal with all these devils, you will finally meet with the ANGELS in the end.   

Q5: Do you have any advice to other colleagues as The Best Lalamover of 2016?

In order to become a good Lalamover, you have to treat Lalamove as your own company and get your job done from the perspective of the founder.  When you start to get your job done from this founder's mentality, not only will your work be improved, but you can also enjoy the feeling of being the boss! This is just awesome!

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