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A word from Shing:

Lalamove is not family

A lot of CEOs, when speaking to the new comers, will say "Welcome to our family"

I actually have quite a bit of issue with that saying. I dont think a company is meant to be a family.

First, a family does not usually share a common mission or a common goal. Perhaps you can go home today and ask your parents what your family's mission is and see how it goes. (hi Mum, what do you think our mission is and what is our goal this year?) But here at lalamove, we have a shared mission, and that is to make delivery fast and simple. and we have a shared goal, and that is to make lalamove replace the phrase “deliver quickly".  Every great company carries with it a stamp of the era. They are born in the time where there are big changes in a big industry. The Internet changes how people search for information, and that creates big changes in the advertising industry, and hence google was born. Mobile internet changes how people use mobile phones, and that creates big changes in the mobile phones industry, and hence Apple was resurrected.  I believe mobile internet will changes how logistics is done。 And with changes, comes opportunities. If we do it right, we have a good chance of building a truly great company. No one can simultaneously does SEA and China well. We are now the current leader in China, and we are also the leader in SEA. We have a chance of making history here. But our lead is still marginal. We need to conquer the mindshare of our users, to make lalamove synonymous with "deliver quickly".  Successful companies have all managed to do that.  If you think of coffee, you think of Starbucks. If you think of Fried chicken, you think of KFC. If you want to ask people to search online, you tell them to "google" We want the world to know that when they want to deliver something quickly, they can lalamove it.

The second way a company differs from family that is that you don't get to choose your family. Even if you are "tremendous" as a kid, no one is likely to actively headhunt you to become their kid. And even if you fail by all measures as a child, your parents will not say "kid, you look. I believe our family is not really where you belong. Why don't you look for another family that suit you better." In a company, you have choices. Companies also have choices over whom they want to hire.

So, if a company is not family, what is a better analogy? I believe "sports team“ is a much better representation.

A sports team shares a common goal, which is to win every game. A winning sports team also picks their starters carefully and makes sure the best ones represent their team. Every starter has to continue earn his rights to be on the starting team.

And so, at Lalamove, when you spot a newcomer, don't tell them we welcome them to our family. Instead, welcome them to our team so that together, we can make delivery simple and fast for business, and together we will replace the phrase "deliver quickly" with "Lalamove"

They have something to share

China (East)

East China Training

In February 2017, East China team launched "East China Training" - a cross-city learning activity that focused on strengthening the skills of inviting drivers, driver training, product/backend, and marketing promotion. A training session was held in each of the 4 cities, covering PPT briefing, role playing and Q&A to facilitate sharing of experiences and enhance role-specific professional skills.

Learning brings harvest, sharing promotes growth. This cross-city learning activity once again reiterated our core values of passion, humility, execution and grit, and allowed cities to learn and grow together. Keep iterating yourself to achieve our goal of 100,000 members and 100,000 orders in 2017, Lalamovers! 

China (South)

Marching Forward

Zhongshan is a small 3rd-tier city with a population of 3 million and an area of 1,800 km². Huolala officially launched in Zhongshan on 28th September 2015. Thanks to the team and their grit and perseverance, since launching in Zhongshan on 28th September 2015, the number of van stickers has grown steadily and the number of orders has continued to rise. As of 13th March 2017, we have achieved over 300 daily orders and 700 van stickers. In 2017, Huolala Zhongshan will continue to march forward, aiming to reach 1000 stickers and also to achieve profitability in July. Together let’s iterate ourselves and achieve 100,000 users and 100,000 orders.


China (Southwest)

Order Growth in Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair 

Chengdu Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair was held in March, gathering 2,965 exhibitors and approximately 420,000 visitors in total. We were very well prepared for this fair, from the production of roll up banner, leaflets printing, part time job recruitment, to setting up of online hotspot. As everything were ready, our Chengdu team put on the Huolala uniform to form a beautiful sweep of orange in the fair. In 6 days of promotion, we achieved a good result of 1,300+ orders directly from the fair.

We will continue to iterate ourselves, and believe we will get an even better result next time!

China (Central)

Zhengzhou Outdoor Advertising

Over 1,000 van stickers were installed in the 3 months after Zhengzhou was initially launched in November 2016. After some market research, we started bus-stop advertising to increase offline exposure. There are now 10 bus stop advertising boards set up in Zhengzhou city, of them 8 are located in different specialized markets, such as auto parts, construction materials, household appliance and clothing wholesale markets. The other 2 are also in high-traffic areas. We are hoping these ads will allow us to increase brand exposure and help our promoters win in the specialized markets.

China (Marketing)

Video-Shooting at 4am

We have started shooting the promotional video of Huolala in Mainland China, with a theme of "Unsung Heroes" composed of 3 short clips that covers the stories of our drivers, staffs and users.

On March 24, we headed to the shooting location - Shenzhen HiGreen Agricultural Products Wholesale Market at 4 a.m to film our driver loading goods in the fruit market. Luo Xiang Sheng is the Huolala staff member that acted as a driver in this clip, and he put a lot of efforts and did a marvelous job in playing this role.

With this video, we aspire to change the traditional perception of what being a driver means. Being a Huolala driver can be a very prosperity career that gives access to better income, respect and freedom.

Preparation for the staff and user clips are now in full swing, so stay tuned!

China (Product and Tech)

A Major Product Revamp

The most significant and complex product revamp in Huolala’s history was launched a few hours before this year’s International Women’s Day. To prepare for this important moment, the product and tech teams had repeatedly communicated, and also rehearsed the entire product launch process once. On March 7 at 9 pm, we suspended our services, and worked hard together until 6am the next morning, to ensure a successful launch.

China (Human Resource)

We Are Hiring!

Recruitment is our main focus in Q1 of 2017. We had increased our staff count from 387 in February to 530 by the end of March. In March, we officially launched the "Internal Referral Reward Scheme". Bonus will be given to the successful referring employees, which will be the 15% of the referred candidate’s monthly salary after passing probation. Please keep referring (For more details, please contact the headquarter or other regions in China of Human Resources Department.) And a warm welcome to all our new Huolala buddies!

China (Finance)

Governing Your Business

What is the best way to manage and control your business?

Corporate governance is the system by which business enterprises are directed and controlled. All companies, whether they are owned and operated by a single entrepreneur or a board, are managed and directed - but some are governed better than others.

In today's fast-paced business world more and more customers, stakeholders and employees are calling for businesses to practice good corporate governance.

Corruption / Code of ethics / Accountability and stakeholder relationship

A good corporate governance framework has the potential for these benefits:

Enhancing overall company performance.

Preparing a small enterprise for growth, and so helping to secure new business opportunities when they arise.
Increasing attractiveness to investors and lenders, which enables faster growth. 

Increasing the company's ability to identify and mitigate risks, manage crises and respond to changing market trends.
Increasing market confidence as a whole. All companies suffer from corporate scandals, which scare potential investors away from the market.

Hong Kong

Hit A Record High

This month we surpassed 800 in total sticker installations and hit a record high of 400 new on-boarded drivers; a result we once thought was impossible has become a reality. Hence I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the team for their passion and commitment throughout the last quarter; weathering storms and navigating through many challenging moments, we have grown stronger than ever, with our promise to deliver an elevated performance unwavered. We are moving forward and we will continue to move forward. We will not take this achievement as an entitlement, but only as a beginning.


IT Showcase with Suntec City

Singapore recently did an offline campaign  for the largest IT Showcase in Singapore. Banners for same day delivery were placed all over strategic locations (entry points to the exhibition hall, MRT station, along the mall) so shoppers are aware that delivery service is available. Another exciting campaign with Uniqlo and Suntec City will take place from 1 April to 30 April, where the Uniqlo staff will sell same day delivery to their shoppers, most of whom are tourists. Our marketing interns also led a series of #HumansOfNewYork posts for International Women's Day and more recently, drivers on our platform. Check out our Facebook page for more details!


Purchase Service

Since we launched the purchase service in Bangkok in Nov 2016, the purchase orders keep growing +33% MoM in the past 4 months and 82% of the purchase orders came from consumers. Perhaps customers want the convenience of quick and easy food and supermarket purchases with Lalamove. They also focused on ordering office supplies, household goods, flowers and there is no end to retail requests either with some rather unusual purchases including a delivery of gas for a car, men’s white underwear, animal food, fertilizer and even a pestle and mortar! So we can assume that the purchase service is very popular here!


Taipei Team Moving to the New Office

As we grow more and more in Taipei, we will need to on board a lot more drivers each day. Our old office can only fit around 25-30 drivers, and when there are more than 25 drivers come in for the training, some of them will have to stand by the door to listen to the training which is a really bad experience and hard for them to concentrate. We have moved into the new office on March 27th, and this new office allow us to have a much bigger room for the driver training which can fit around 45 drivers for the training session.


Newest Home

Lalamove Philippines Team has found its newest home! 

We are moving to 3rd floor, Palet Express, Molave Building, Chino Rocess, Makati City. Now we have a lot of parking to get more drivers!

The Tech Corner

The Performance and Stability of System

It's now close to the end of stability sprint. We have redesigned and updated our driver app and backend API to improve the performance and stability of the system. We have deployed the backend system and released an updated Android/iOS driver app on April 7th. As you can see on the graph below, the server loading of the peak hour has decreased by half, even though the order volume has increased. We are working hard on system stability and capacity and looking forward to getting back to working on new product features. Alpha testing on the new mobile user app revamp has begun. This period will last around 2 weeks, and after that we will have it tested by loyal external users (beta period). We are aiming to launch the revamp fully around May 18th. Product development will start again on Apr 18th, with items such as API, FTU, and statements being our biggest priorities. Helping the company growth to achieve profitability is our first priority!

Staff interview

Design Lead - Jun Cheung

Q1: Why do you choose to work for Lalamove?

I don’t know why there is always a norm that either 5 or 10 yrs needs to do something special. And yes I am one of the follower. After staying 5 yrs with my previous company, it is time to take the next step - equip focus on UI/UX.

At that time, I had a quite extreme thought of either working for a giant company or local start-up. Long story short, after several interviews from different scale companies, I found the Lalamove working atmosphere is what I feel comfortable with and has plenty of room to grow together along with my skill sets, and most importantly is it would be fun - doing what I love.

Q2: What are your main job duties?

1. Interpret the product requirements into a user-friendly and visual appealing interface across different platforms with the same sense of visual language. 

2. Make sure the look and feel of marketing materials is coherent with the products. 

Q3: What is the most challenging part of your role?

Balance between art and science as most of the time we need to understand and tackle different constraints of technical team and timeline.

Q4: What do you like the most about working in Lalamove?

Although I am known for my mean and sarcasm ability, I still like and welcome being criticised in order to explore different insights.

Q5: If there is one thing in Lalamove you want to change right now, what is it?

I hope there will be more plants in office.

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