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A word from Shing:

What is culture?

When Brian Chesky, founder and CEO of Airbnb, asked Peter Theil for advice, Peter Thiel famously gave his advice in five words, "Dont fuck up the culture".

This is probably good advice, considering Airbnb is regarded as a great company (We soon will be too!), and Peter Theil is considered a great investor.

The question is, what exactly is "culture". If we are not to fuck up our "culture", we first have to know what "culture" really is.

I actually spend quite some time thinking about this question, and I have come to understand culture as the mission, vision and values of a group of people. If the mission, vision, and values are consistently shared by the group, the group will have a good culture, and vice versa.

The understanding, however, only kicks the can down the road. We can further ask ourselves, "what are mission, vision and values?"

Mission is how we, as a company, intend to add values to the world. Vision is how we define success, and Values are what kind of people do we want to execute the mission and achieve the vision with?


Let's take them one by one.


Mission: Every company exists to provide some values to the world. If a company stops adding value, it will soon die .Some companies exist to bring smiles to people ( Think Disney), some companies exist to provide the best computing experience (Apple), and some exist to organize world's information (Google). I also know of a charity, whose mission is to provide clean water, something we take for granted, to a village of about 1000 people in Ethiopia.  For us lalamove, we exist because we want to make delivery simple and fast. Internet has made information travel a lot faster. Whereas in the past, getting information delivered might take days in the form of letters, now, it takes seconds. But delivering actual "goods" has not been as transformative, and we are here to change that. We want delivery of goods to be measured in minutes, instead of days. And we are making progress. Our average order to delivery time is 46 minutes, and we can now proudly say that we are the fastest delivery company in the world.


Vision: If we keep working on our mission, at what stage do we know if we achieve success? Again, every company defines it every so differently. One company says if they can live for 102 years, it is a success (alibaba), yet another company says that if there is a PC on every table, then they are successful (Microsoft) and for the charity that i mentioned above, it is when every household has access to clean water. For lalamove, we define success when we get a piece of people's mind.  Every great company will occupy in people's mind a certain category of service or goods. If you think of coffee, you immediately think of Starbucks. If you want to search something on the internet, you tell people to "google" it. We will call ourselves a success only when people want to deliver something quickly, they will say "lalamove" it.  We want this not only in China and SEA. We want this to happen around the world.


Values: If we are to execute our mission and achieve our vision, we need a group of talent people. But here, we don't want a random group of people, we want a group of people who will make our vision a reality. What do these people look like? We believe they are passionate, gritty, humble people. That's the attitude part. We also believe they execute like superman. That's the result part. If we are to achieve something that we are collectively proud of, we need a group of people with the right attitude and a group of people who consistently deliver results.


If we as a group of people, shared this mission, vision and values collectively and consistently, we will be on the path to becoming a great company. It will be difficult and it will be long, but we will know that we are on the right path.

They have something to share

China (North)

1000 stickers, 35 days!

How long do you think it should take to achieve 1000 stickers? 3 months? 60 days or 40 days? Taiyuan and Yantai teams, with  passion and perseverance, proved to us that 35 days is entirely possible!

Huolala was established in Taiyuan and Yantai just this April. Although these are totally separate cities, we worked as a team sharing the same vision and goal, supporting each other through the many hurdles. 1000 stickers is just the tip of the iceberg and we still have a long way to go. But we’re most encouraged with the results and it’s going to be full steam ahead for us.

China (East)

Fast growing Shaoxing vehicle stickers

A Chinese proverb goes: Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses. Huolala also has its own saying: Grow the no. of vehicle stickers first when a new city launches. Yesterday was our first day of operation in Shaoxing. The weather was suffocating, but the results were impressive. 208 drivers registered and we got 202 stickers up - we had set a new record that day! The achievement not only reflects the enthusiasm of Shaoxing’s drivers, but also the recognition of Huolala as a brand and showed how our hard work was paying off. Not only that, we should also thank our five frontline colleagues who worked exceptionally hard to show these new drivers Hualala’s values. Let us applaud and learn from them!


China (Southwest)

Chongqing Foreign Trade Strategic Cooperation

1st May, 2017 marks the day for Huolala to commence our partnership with Easyhome and Huaxia Jiabo in Chongqing.  During our partnership, Huolala not only becomes the appointed delivery provider for Huaxia Jiabo in Chongqing area, the cooperation between Huolala and Huaxia Jiabo can  mutually benefit from the sharing of  resources in order to achieve a win- win situation. The partnership creates an online commerce supply chain cooperation. With our partners, we researched strategic development in order to fortify our business foundations to further our synergistic interaction.

China (City Expansion)

Breaking a new record - 16 cities launched in a month!

China city expansion team achieved a new record again! The team of four, sets a new record every month and this time, launched 16 cities in a month in May! Behind every new record, we take the opportunity to learn from the experience and continually improve ourselves. A fast growing company in fact requires hard work from every single one of us in the team. Let us work together to create a record of our own!

China (Customer Services)

Starting from scratch, re-iterate, non-stopped.

As of May 2017, there are 70 Huolala people joining in Customer Service team. More than 5000 inbound calls answered daily on average and the call pick-up rate is consistently over 95%.

In Q2, the Customer Service team will soon be connected and accessible in other cities in China, in which it will be responsible for the driver’s Q&A, customers’ enquires and handling their complaints. Up to now, it has connected to Southern China and Eastern China. In addition, the customer service hotline in China has also been updated with the new line number: 1010-3636. We truly believe that only keeping providing superb services to our customers and drivers can help operation of cities grow much quicker. 

China (Product and Tech)

Welcome to the new world

A colleague sent me a photo and said, "A first driver registered via the new system." continued again, "All data is present and complete". At that very moment, it felt as though after many hours of waiting outside the delivery room for my child to come into this world, the doctor informs me that all is well with the baby and the mother!

The new registration system is designed to ensure  it can accommodate a large pool of driver data, with support for different communication channels with the drivers. The achievement not only attributes to the Product team, but we are also very grateful to the Operations, Marketing, Finance and all city teams to that have helped launch our new registration system.  The atmosphere takes a turn for the sombre every time I think about how it influences thousands of colleagues and the millions of the drivers' livelihood.  So hearing the good news felt like Christmas!"

Once in a while I stop and wonder how they’re all doing - our very first drivers, those who accepted their first orders, those completing their first orders.

Knowledge Sharing: Legal Common Sense

Case - Refrain from rash decisions

The defendant in a traffic accident case is a senior manager of his company (hereinafter referred to as the defendant). He was dissatisfied with how the traffic police had held him responsible and felt that the plaintiff should have bore more of the responsibility.  The disgruntled defendant thought up ways to avenge this and instructed his subordinate “A” to secretly spray paint the plaintiff's car in the middle of the night as a warning. The police were able to identify “A” via surveillance footage and detained him for questioning. The recommendation was for them to settle the issues in private. Taking this opportunity, the plaintiff threatened A to a large compensation for his actions. The defendant, fearing betrayal, was forced to accept the plaintiff’s unreasonable terms.

In this particular case, the defendant instigated subordinate A deliberately to vandalise the plaintiff’s property means that he can be held responsible as an accomplice.

The matter tells us that in dealing with trouble, we must keep a clear mind and especially not violate the law in order to prevent legal consequences.

In Shezhen, the general amount of property vandalised for a case to become criminal is 5,000 yuan

The definition of intentional destruction of public or private property, where the amount of damage is large in monetary terms or involving other serious circumstances of the act. According to Article 275 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, the intentional destruction of public or private property, punishment is up to 3 years imprisonment, criminal detention or a fine. Deliberately destroying public or private property, where the amount is significant or there are other particularly serious circumstances, carries a sentence of 3 to 7 years imprisonment.

Knowledge Sharing: Finance

Reasons of rejecting invoices

Reason 1: Running out of invoices.

Initially this sounds reasonable, but is in fact irrelevant, because if the merchant cannot issue an invoice on the spot, you can let him/her specify the date of the purchase and the reasons for the failure to produce the invoice and the time to collect the invoice with the company stamp. After receiving the written receipt, you can come to collect the invoice from the merchants/sellers within the agreed time period.

Reason 2: Group buy or coupon users cannot be issued with invoices.

Group Buying, using coupons or voucher discount are a type of business promotion only. In accordance with the provisions, as long as the merchants have sold goods or services, there is no reason not to issue an invoice. Therefore, if this happens again, please be sure to ask for an invoice as it is obligatory for the merchants to provide this.

Reason 3: Discount, if no invoice is required.

Many buyers often fall into this trap. A lot of buyers do not request for invoices due to various reasons. But when buyers encounter after-sales issues and there is a dispute such as requests for exchange or warranties, they are no longer guaranteed and will not be able to exercise their rights as a consumer.

Hong Kong

Highest ever - User Retention and Activation

Hong Kong Team has delivered a solid performance this month, with notable growth in both active users and drivers; an extremely strong start of the second quarter of the year. Particularly distinctive are the values displayed and results delivered by the sales team, day in day out they have displayed the utmost perseverance and passion towards their work, a quality that has become indispensable for the team. As we continue to create headway for our demand - we have grown our corporate credit orders to 1000+ this month driving a growth of +120% QoQ, drastically improving our user retention and activation metrics. It has been an absolute delight to work with a team who works not just to survive, but to thrive. 


New Deals Exclusively for Drivers

Drivers on our platform now have access to sweet deals when they join us as a partner! Our team curated a list of partners who are offering discounts from 10%-20% across different service types (F&B/Car/Mobile Services etc). New/existing drivers who are looking for a van can also get preferential rates with our van leasing partner, Horizon Automotive. With this van leasing partnership, drivers must display the Lalamove sticker for a min. period of 6 months.



Profitable Celebration Party

After Bangkok team has worked so hard for 2 and a half years, finally Bangkok had become profitable for the first time on March and it was the first profitable city for SEA as well. So we organized the celebration party for the team on May. During the celebration, we congratulated for the passion and excellent execution of all of the team including the support from HQ and Dev team that this became possible. As Blake said our work is not done as we there is still a large market for us to continue to grow in Bangkok and it’s a great time to motivate them that nothing is impossible if we have passion and keep doing in the right way!



We achieved 1000 completed orders milestone!

Taipei has been averaging 750-800 completed orders on Fridays since end of April, and on May 12th, the day before Mother’s day our demand went up by 26% and have completed over 1000 orders. 2 weeks later on May 26th we also achieved 975 completed orders because of dragon boat festival. This is a great milestone for us and credits to our hard working team.


Featured in Manila Bulletin 

Last May 10, 2017, Albert was featured in one of the leading broadsheets in the Philippines, Manila Bulletin. The article talked about Lalamove’s entry in the Philippine market. It also talks about how Lalamove works and the benefits that the customer gets.

Havaianas Partnership

This month we had a partnership with Havaianas for their event last May 11-14, where they used us exclusively for their deliveries. The event was part of their Annual “Make Your Own Havaianas” event wherein customers come to make their customized pair.

Mother’s day sales All time high

Mother’s day week marked a milestone for MNL team as we surpassed our previous demand record since December. Our Transaction Value hit a high P312,465 and we have reached a total number 916 for Matched orders.

The Tech Corner

Latest and greatest: mobile app, web app, API!

We’ve recently launched the new user app revamp! We have fully launched the revamp for Android and are now currently awaiting approval from Apple to launch the updated iOS version. With this new revamp, we have officially moved to the bird as our logo and app icon! Good job to BG, the mobile app team (Gary, Milan, Samson, Dennis), and the QA team (Kat, Shella, Fon) for getting this out. Next up - the web app revamp! We are in the final stages of the web app revamp, which is slated to launch in early June. Terence and the web team (Jessie, Jim) have been working hard to get this revamp out in production. Stay tuned for more updates! In addition, one of the feature teams is working on building our full vehicle API. We are also in the final stages of this, and will be planning to go live starting in Singapore shortly. Many businesses have expressed interest in using the API, so the team is very excited to roll this out. This is only the beginning of what will be a big quarter for the tech and product team.

Staff interview

City Manager - Wang Yingnuo

Q1: How did you join the Huolala, why choose Huolala?

I was looking for a job after graduating and saw that there is a job opportunity in Huolala’s website so I submitted my resume.

The reason of joining Huolala is because of the impressive interview. I was interviewed in a classy office and you’d expect everyone to be in suits. Yet, all the staff were wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts, and Matthew, my interviewer, was bare foot during my interview. At that moment, I knew that the company is full of opportunity, innovation and challenge.

Q2: How has the company changed since you started working here?

(1) An influx of hard working colleagues all around me.  

(2) The company's short-term goal is becoming more transparent

(3)  The number of cities is rapidly increasing.

Q3: What about yourself? Have you changed?

I became more goal-oriented. And my execution skills and sensibility of data has improved.

Q4: What influenced your growth within the company?

External Factor: As the fast development of information technology, the company expands very quickly and offered me more opportunities. The 90s kids are also capable to manage several cities and such opportunities and challenges is extremely difficult to achieve in traditional companies. During the process, we may encounter more unknown challenges but it will build up our experience as we solve the problems and challenges.

Internal causes: Turn pressure into motive, see the challenge as an opportunity. At first, from managing one city into two cities, cross-city management is a first time for me. Although the KPI correspondingly increased and more and more challenges were encountered, I’m treating it as a learning opportunity.

Q5: What is your advice for new joiners?

Improve yourself, actively discovering problems and solving them makes you stronger.

Initially when the company stopped promoting vehicles’ stickers I felt so discouraged, so it was a slow start for me. From taking three months to get 1000 vehicle stickers, then 40 days, then 35. Every process in fact is a constant trial and error. But the experience accumulates and allows us to find a better solution and constantly improved ourselves.

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