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China (North)

Huolala Stays Strong Against Obstacles

There are gangsters maliciously claiming over RMB 55,000 from our company recently. All sorts of brutal and unreasonable acts including blocking of doors, driving away drivers to disturb us from operating normally and even threatening the safety of our workers. We are worried, not about the gangsters, but the users and drivers that dialed to the customer service hotline. We operated as usual, carrying outdoor trainings and putting on stickers even on the days when the conflict was the most intense, since we understand that there are always customers and drivers waiting for our Huolala’s services. No obstacles can deter us and our steps towards our goals! 

China (East)

1000 Orders in Suzhou

There is a saying ‘In heaven, we have paradise; on earth, we have Suzhou and Hangzhou’. Huolala officially landed on Suzhou, the 4th city in East China, on July 2016. From there, we had broken through all china city’s records but also reached to the bottleneck, yet we still kept going forward! 

After we put through our continuous efforts in the past 11 months, Suzhou ending up had completed their 1000th orders on 9 June 2017! We have successfully entered into a new milestone and keep iterating ourselves and heading towards our ‘Orange China’ goal.

China (Southwest)

Easyhome - Huolala

The 40 degrees temperature is heating up Chongqing, but as the temperature continues to rise up, so is the passion in Chongqing Huolala. The boiling weather however did not stop us from being the Chinese market leader in the south-west. 

In May, our first line-up with Easyhome in Chongqing has actually achieved great strategic cooperation success and built a solid foundation in the fierce market competition. 

We then started a new round of collaboration with them on 29 July - a trade-in event estimated with over 5000 participants. Being appointed as the official logistic supplier, we strive to be the best part of the event. When there are customers who need logistic supports, our staffs in the venue will assist them and make the order via our platforms, to get their goods delivered as soon as possible. To ensure 100% user satisfaction, our team has done our best to spread the message and guided our drivers on how to take up the orders. Our special pick-up service in Chongqing is also available which is the competitive advantage of our Huolala as it perfectly describes ‘available, fast, accurate, excellent’ to our users.

If its co-operation is successful this time, we will expand our partnerships and work jointly across the whole of Chongqing and let Huolala continue to flourish in an explosive market.

China (Central)

Perseverance Standards

Because of the starting of “Maritime Silk Road”, Quanzhou has a long history and culture. Huolala happened to have entered the land of Quanzhou on the 22nd of May. Ever since we landed in Quanzhou, our colleagues shouldered the difficult responsibility of vehicle stickers tasks. Initially, the goal was to get 1000 stickers in 30 days but other cities has constantly been setting a new record, from 30 days to 25 days to now, 24 days. The team in Quanzhou has not given up and they continued to hold activities of pushing stickers. From once every half a month to 3 times in 4 days, and finally we achieved our goal of getting 1000 stickers in 24 days!

If you put your heart and work towards your goal, people will come to help you. These 1000 stickers will not be the end of Quanzhou but the passion and momentum of the team will continue to increase and spread all over the streets of Quanzhou.

China (Marketing)

The release of 3 promotions

After several cycles of "shooting, modifying, editing and communication", the market team has completed three of Huolala’s brand promotional videos. The theme of the video is "I am by your side, I am striving". It depicts the stories of three people who are striving hard in Huolala, our Huolala driver, Mr. Chen Quan, our Huolala user, Mr. LI Cai and our Huolala staff, Mr. Fan Zhuangwei.

The purpose of filming our driver is to show the impact and benefits of Huolala has brought to the driver’s life; filming the user is to show how Huolala has been involved in the process of the growing up of the users, and our  2016 Huolala star, FAN, is a role model of how to become a great Huolala staff who explore from learning to iterating himself.

We  have sent out the promotional video to all local offices in China. Welcome to watch and share it around to let more people know about our "deliver faster = Huolala".

Watch the videos here:

Huolala Driver Sharing
Huolala User Sharing
Huolala Staff Sharing

China (Product and Tech)

Huolala Enterprise Edition

This year, Huolala’s business has expanded and it is looking for more business opportunities. At the beginning, there was no clear understanding of how the operations work. When Shing clearly described that Huolala was providing immediate, intracity, and full truckload delivery service to small business enterprises, everyone became aligned with the vision and strive together for two and a half years. And we have been marching forward on the right track.

Shing’s words are not only able to tell us what we are doing but also guide us to what we can do in the future, which is to expand our services according to the aforementioned four dimensions. The first thing we have to do is to provide our services to the business users.

To serve our business users, we not only have to satisfy their demand for a vehicle but also for managing their deliveries that come with it.

The interesting thing about working in the delivery services is not just fulfilling the user’s need for a vehicle but also being able to discover and create new opportunities to grow the business.

I hope that the Huolala enterprise edition will just as we used to be: finding the right track and marching forward courageously.

China (Finance)

Finance Team: Company’s OA

Our company is expanding rapidly and we realized that there are some inconveniences. For example, slow reimbursement, the hassle of applying leave, complicated approval processes and difficult to find colleagues from other departments. We are expanding so quickly and it is hard to find representatives in different cities.

Have you heard about OA?

Do you know any new colleagues joining us?

Let OA to help you!

The basic concept of OA: 

OA stands for Office Automation. It aims to help the daily operations and management of an organization. Its main purpose is to implement a paperless office concept to ensure that employees can use the OA to increase the work efficiency of sending and receiving messages and notices, taking attendance, leave application and documentation via mobile devices.

Hong Kong

200 Banners

The past month we have been strenuously planning, preparing and executing on various marketing initiatives. With an objective to capture attention, increase awareness and recognition - a noteworthy achievement was the team’s commitment to undertake and swiftly actualize our stratagem to install 200 large banner ads across the busiest districts around Hong Kong. Although these banners were only installed for a short period of time, several new users have expressed they learned of us from such exposure. We intend to continue to roll out this initiative with a target to sustain a total of 500 installations.


Newly launched sustainability project

Singapore recently partnered IKEA on their newly launched sustainability project, aimed at giving old furniture a new lease of life. Banners and leaflets were given out in-stores to let customers know how they can bring back their old furniture using Lalamove. We were also mentioned in the media as the dedicated delivery partner for this initiative. To date, the campaign is running successfully and the number of take backs to IKEA has exceeded their expectations.

IKEA Coverage:

Media Coverage:


Star Drivers Party #9

Lalamove Star Drivers program was a successful program for the past 2 years as it built the loyalty with our top drivers and high service quality of this group of driver as well. We organized "The Star Drivers Party" every quarters and the latest one was on 26 Jul 2017. In the event, we celebrated them to become the ninth generation of Star Drivers and prepared some activities to play together with our drivers. It allowed us to motivate drivers to maintain the good service quality and acted like Lalamove's brand ambassador as well.


Taipei now has logistic license!

Taipei has finally obtained our logistic license. Because of the issue that the government has raised the logistic fine from NTD $50,000 to NTD $25,000,000 per case starting this year as they intend to kick Uber out of the country, right now the logistic license becomes a requirement to do deliveries legally in Taiwan. After getting the logistic license, now we have quite a few large clients lining up to work with us including 7-11 who has paused the partnership because of logistic license issue a year ago.


Broke 300 orders per day

LalamovePH's Albert Go and Mark Singson appeared in 2 radio guestings this July. We also sponsored Sparkfest and Techtonic, both of these events catering to start ups and SME’s in Manila. Also, Manila team broke 300 orders per day, hitting 391 completed orders last July 27.

The Tech Corner

Lalamove API

Our new product, Lalamove API(application programming interface) launched in July. API allows two systems to connect and communicate. In this case, Lalamove API used to receive order and send order information to our clients' system. As a result, manual input/ update on web/ mobile app is no longer needed. Speed of delivery definitely improved for the recipient.

3 companies integrated in Bangkok and placed 177 orders in July! More clients from more cities are coming in Q3! (Thanks Draco and Team Dolphin)

In July, we also launched new order allocation system which helps all users in different cities to decrease match time and improved scalability of the system, now we can send more pushes!(Thanks Leviero for 4 months hard work on this project)

Let's try to guess, how many push notifications for driver and users we processed daily?

The answer is: over 50M!

By the end of the year, we will send at least 350,000,000 pushes per day!

Staff interview

Regional Operations Lead - Charlie Chen

Q1: Could you introduce yourself?

I'm a Chinese born Canadian who's been living abroad for several years. Although I have a background in economics, I've been in Tech companies all my life, and I love it! There is nothing greater than working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by inspiring people who are building awesome things, and it's an amazing process that I feel lucky to participate in.

When I'm not working, I like to be mildly active: go for long walks, get lost in the streets of HK and discover new places. I'm very much a kid at heart, love to pretend I can cook, run Netflix marathons, swim in the sea, and travel whenever I can. I love meeting new people and lattes so feel free to say hi and grab me for a coffee break :)

Q2: Why did you join Lalamove?

Carmen told me we have happy Fridays!

Honestly I'm thrilled and blessed to have been given the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment with smart, motivated people daily to shape the logistics industry in Asia, plus there's good food! Where do I sign?

Q3: What is the biggest challenge that you have experienced in Lalamove?

I think we face different challenges everyday. I don't like to quantify them, because this means I mentally prepare for the solutions to be equally challenging before I've even started tackling them.

Q4: How did you overcome it?

Something I learned recently, is that I want to do everything and do it immediately, but this is simply not possible. Prioritising is everything, and consistency in execution is crucial. Some days are more difficult than others, but I have to evaluate decisions based on long-term growth (this is what keeps me going), work hard and have a little faith! :)

Q5: From the experience, what influenced your growth within the company?

I've grown a lot at Lalamove (both personally and professionally), and what got me here is by taking on all challenges, staying focused and constantly pushing my limits.

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