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A word from Shing:

100 cities in China

We just open another two cities in China, making it a total of 100 cities in Mainland China, and 106 cities worldwide.


3 years ago, when we started our operations in China, we didnt even have our app ready. Our frontline people at that time had to convince drivers to join a platform with a PROMISE of an app, not with an actual app. We were also the least funded players in China, and very few people believe we had a chance there.


3 years went by. We grow from 0 to 100 cities in Mainland. We grew from having no stickers on the road, to having 160K stickers. We grew from needing customer service to match every single order to our orders being picked up in 10s. We grew from having virtually no believers in our success, to many convinced believers both internally, and externally.


How did it happen?


Reality is often complex, and it is hard to pinpoint one reason, but if i were to venture one answer, mine would be "conviction"


Our business is not consumer centric, but rather business centric, and as such we will never see the explosion in growth we often see in consumer app, like uber, and airbnb. All we managed to do is 20%+ growth, and so in the beginning, our business seems small. We start maybe 100 orders a day. A month later, we are still at 120 orders a day, and then yet another went by, and we are still only around 150 orders.


You need a lot of conviction, especially at the beginning, when volume seems so small, to believe we will some day grow this into a sustainable and huge business.


But 20%+ MoM, if we do it consistently through a year, will be 10x. and if we do it consistently for 3 years, it will be 1000x. And so we went from 100 orders a day, to 100K orders a day.


If you on the right track, the power of grit will have astounding results, given time and patience.


But 100 cities is only a start. We will continue to be gritty in developing these cities, and i believe we can for a minimum grow our order another 10x to 1 million orders a day.


That will of course take a lot conviction and that would take a lot of grit, but then, these qualities are exactly what bring us here.

They have something to share

China (South)

I'm proud to be part of the Huolala Team!

Guang Zhou BD - Bryant Huang

Two years ago, I was pumped to be joining Huolala as a Marketing Executive. Within these two years, I became familiar with every street and every shop owner. What made me proud was gaining the recognition from customers. Almost all of them would tell me: “Huolala is such a great delivery platform which helps us deliver our goods at a lower cost and save our time. Thank you all of you!”

These brings me back to the good old days when us drivers would wake up as early as 6am to pick up and deliver goods for our customers, all in the name of providing them with a good experience. Day by day be it rain or shine, two years have passed and I would like to say a big thank you to all Huolala comrades, Cheers!

China (East)

Fearlessness of Difficulties; Persistence in Moving Forward

In January, Jiaxing was so cold that you could feel the cold breeze blowing against your face. Jay Lin was sitting in the car waiting for the next driver to call him. By then, he had already completed pasting 20 car stickers. The phone call came and the appointment is to meet the next driver at 10:30pm in his backyard.

Despite the heavy rain, Jay Lin managed to reach the driver’s house early and started pasting the stickers in the pouring rain. Just like that, he worked all the way till 12:37am. So what drove him to work so hard under such adverse weather?

It is all because of our four Huolala values that Jay Lin demonstrated fully through his actions; Passion, Grit, Humility and Execution.

China (Southwest)

The Huolala Army in Orange Achieved 1000 Stickers in Guiyang in just 20 days

From July 15 to August 3, the Huolala army reached the southwest of Guiyang. They divided into 6 to 7 small teams and each team with 3 - 4 people attacking various points one by one in Guiyan in order to reach the goal of completing 1000 car stickers in 20 days.

They did not let the storms nor the hot sun affect them and fought hard day and night!

On 3rd August, they finally conquered the Guiyang castle and won the battle, which was the day they set another new record.

The victory from the first battle is only the beginning as there will be more battles in the future. Only by not forgetting the passion and humility to keep moving forward will we be able to achieve the last victory. Huolala team, let’s push forward!

China (Central)

Hot Phrases - Poster On The Wall

In September, “Poster on the wall” became the popular phrase and sparked off the orange color trend in Marketing. Central China was one of the cities that was pasting orange posters of varying sizes faster than Wu Han. After two weeks of exploration, trial and error, we accumulated and achieved some valuable experiences for the next advertising posters from Central China.

Today, the "poster on the wall" ad campaign has been spreading across the whole of China. Wuhan and Cheung Sha branch also sent a teammate to South China and North China to share their skills and knowledge on how to launch the “Poster on the wall” Campaign.

Iterate ourselves, we're always ready.

China (Marketing)

City Invasion Mission - spreading the color of Huolala, orange, in Beijing!

From August 12, We kickstarted a special project: Beijing’s invasion. We invested a lot of funding for online and offline marketing initiatives and they will last till the end of September. Since August, Huolala’s advertisement have been on display in Beijing’s public transports, railways and even elevators in commercial buildings. Due to our strong initiatives, Beijing was filled with orange everywhere and it was just astonishing.

This special project greatly enhanced Huolala’s branding and reputation. More people came to know about our company and was willing to download our application, which was a significant achievement. After the project, the average number of orders increased to 1581 orders per day in September (till 24 September 2017)!

China (Product and Tech)

Business Enterprise Online

Business Enterprise officially came online and three business account were registered. Hopefully after this article is released, we will have more top ups and 100 times more orders.

For the new Business Enterprise Online, we would like to acknowledge the collective contribution of each department including market feasibility, product design, development and implementation, SOP and customer services for after-sales preparation such as non-stop user visits and marketing initiatives.

As this is only our first version, there is still a lot of room for improvement. We are looking forward to having more users join and guide us to provide a better Huolala experience for everyone.

Financial Knowledge Sharing:

Do you know the importance of invoices?

Lalamove is a general taxpayer. As a general taxpayer, it is important to know the principles of consumption tax.
All taxes from company's expenses, can be offset with the special invoices.

It not only saves the company’s costs, but can also provide VAT special invoices to customers, which develops the company's business.

In fact, we are able to become a qualified general taxpayer is directly due to the rapid development of the company’s financial performance.

It also requires the company's internal financial management to carry out a standardized initiatives, such as:

1. The items in receipts and payments with a company stamp, must be reasonable and legitimate;
2. The company is able to claim certain portions of their expenditure with a VAT “special invoice”.
3. If company has a warehouse, all procurement items need to have a delivery note.
4. All expenses that need to be reimbursed, will be required to provide official receipts.

To maintain standardization across the company’s finance initiatives, collaborative effort is required from everyone. We also believe that this will become a strong foundation for the company to reach its business goals.

Hong Kong

50K Completed Orders!

Hong Kong experienced remarkable growth this month, with completed orders breaking historical highs, completing over 50K orders. This culmination is the result of the team's hard work and collective efforts, so I would like to again extend my appreciation to the Hong Kong team, the regional team and everyone that has supported us along the way. Despite all accomplishments, it is important to remember we remain to be the underdog in the market, and whats ahead of us will only get tougher and even more uncompromising. As long as we continue to believe in what we do, persevere and work hard - victory will prevail.


We are breaking records week on week!

Singapore has been averaging 500 completed orders daily and we have broke our 700 mark on 30th September garnering over 755 orders that day!  This is a great milestone for us and credits to our hard working team.



Lalamove Thailand CSR & Outing

On the 27th Aug 2017, all 46 Lalamove's staffs did the first CSR activity for the purpose of returning something to nature.

We set up the activity with local people to develop the natural areas during the period by planting over 100 mangroves in the mangrove forest along the coast at Kui Buri beach in southern Thailand. We were so glad to have this kind of activity that can conserve the coast and beach.

Other than that we also did many activities with our staffs so they enjoyed and had fun together during this company outing. We also used that chance to encourage, refresh and motivate them to work as the team so we hoped this can make the strong unity in the organization.



Partnership with 天天口罩

Lalamove Taiwan drivers are hard working to make an honest living for themselves. Being on the road all day is admirable and can get pretty busy. We recently partnered with 天天口罩, a local face mask company, to offer our drivers free air purifying mask. A few of our top drivers will feature in their upcoming promotional video - expected to be released in October. Moving forward, we are going to be more driver focused in our marketing efforts. 


Lalanews – Star Driver Night

On August 11, we celebrated the accomplishments of our MC and UV drivers. This night of recognition is done with the hope of inspiring our drivers and show them that no hard work will be left unrewarded. We also gave out Lalamove helmets to our top drivers (c/o HK team).

The Tech Corner

The Launch of Vietnam and Fast Growing of API

The past month has been primarily dedicated to supporting the launch of Vietnam and growing our API. For Vietnam, we have officially launched October 3rd! Great work to the developers and expansion team for making this happen! In addition, our API order volume has been growing WoW (week on week), breaking records every week. Draco and Stanley have partnered together to come up with a plan to grow orders further via API. We are very excited and hopeful to see more volume! 

Staff interview

Product Operations Specialist - Jen TANG

Q1: Please introduce yourself. Can you tell us why you will chose to join Huolala what is the current duties are for your role?

Hello, my name is Jens Tang, from Guang'an, Sichuan, is also the home of Deng Xiaoping. I am still single and am a shy person, so you will often see me typing instead of using voice message.

The reason I joined Huolala because I truly believed that the innovative O2O logistic model can change the traditional logistics for an on-demand world. Therefore, I wanted to challenge myself to try to make it happen.

My responsibility for the role is product operations. It includes THREE main areas: 1, Assessing the requests of changing the app’s parameter setting, if a city requests for changing the setting, I will assist in assessing and evaluating the requests; 2, Addressing the products’ bugs that have been identified by the cities; 3, During product revamping, I am responsible for updating the new features and synchronizing to the other cities, mainly through by e-mail, documentation or video conferencing.

Q2: I know that your current role requires you to be on 24/7standby to solve the tech problems for all cities, what makes you keep up with that?

Since I have been working on the product operations for almost two years, I think passion is very important because if there is no passion, you will not try your best. As I have chosen Huolala, or I should say when the company and my supervisor appointed me to work on this role, I should do the best in my job as it is my responsibility. Also, I want to be ensured that there will be no serious operations problems within the app, as it could be affected the user and driver experience.

Q3: Since all the city's questions for product operations go to you first, some cities might keep asking the same basic questions, does this annoy you? 

Sometimes, I do really have these situations, however, I certainly wouldn’t ignore their questions, as they would be unable to complete their work, which that would harm the interest of the company at the end. Therefore, instead, I use an alternative way to manage these kinds of situations but it all depends on the context.

First, if the city will have new joiners, it is common that the new starters will ask the same basic questions. At that point, I will tell him what they can do and where they can find additional information. Second, we sometimes have the same person asking the same questions.In this situation, I will guide them to find the solution and answers on their own instead of answering them directly. You should teach a man to fish but not to feed him a fish.

In fact, as a product operation specialist, it is part of my job responsibility and I understand that sometimes we encountered difficulties in our lives, so I do try to help them as much as I can.

Q4: What is the biggest challenge at work? How did you tackle the challenge? Please give an example.

The main challenge is the flow of information. When new product features get passed to the front line, there is usually loss of information and it impacts the operation of the product. Therefore, we optimize the flow of information channels. When a new feature is released, we will first pass it to the city managers or supervisors, and then, they will spread the new features to other cities, under proper supervision, this executes far more efficiently.

Q5: Please share your expectations for the job and your expectations for Huolala.

I hope that I can be more valuable and resourceful that can help to grow the company as well as my skills. So I have to improve my knowledge from all different aspects.

For my expectation of Huolala, I look forward to the day the company gets listed, enabling it to achieve its mission and vision, improving the efficiency of logistics, and be the No. 1 in the logistics industry.

They talk about us

Lalamove highlighted
by South China Morning Post

Lalamove on track to become next start-up unicorn from Hong Kong!

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