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A word from Shing:

We almost needed to change our name

Manila is our fastest growing city across the entire company, hitting a record of 2600 orders within a year of launching. I want to say a big thank you to Team Manila. Great job!

One thing that you might not know, however, is that we almost lose our brand name in Phillippines. Some other company already trademarked our logo and name even before we went to Phillippines.

That was obviously a big problem. We love the name lalamove, and we dont want to have to call ourselves a different name in every country we go to. We wanted to reclaim our logo and our name. And this difficult task went to Yurina in our finance team.

It was impossible, we were told. Many trademarks agents and lawyers we contacted told us that it cannot be done. Some already GOT that logo and name, and so we were told to give up and think of another name.

In that difficult moment, Yurina could have given up and just told us that it could not be done, and no one would have blamed her. Afterall, she has tried hard.

But it was often the difficult moments that define who you are as a person. Yurina persisted in trying even though no one asked her and even though most people believe the effort was doomed to be a failure.

She contacted dozens of lawyers and finally found one lawyer that could represent us. She then spent quite some time gathering supporting materials. Six months after we handed her our problem, she reclaimed our trademark and logo back.

So, a big thank you to our Manila team for the explosive we had so far, and also a big thank you to Yurina for the grittiness that she showed in reclaiming our name back.

From our CEO letter in the last Lalanews, Shing asked a question: what is your biggest mistake that you have ever made at work?

We appreciate those of you who have taken part, and sent your stories to us. After a long and careful selection process, we have nominated a winner and are happy to announce Edison Liu as the winner! He will receive an Amazon reading gift voucher worth HK$600 and his story is the first to be published. We will be selecting a story every month so please keep submitting these to us!

Congratulations to

Edison Liu (China - Tianjin)

who wins the awards this month for sharing the best story!

Prize: Amazon Reading Gift Voucher

RMB¥500 (HK$600)

My Biggest Mistake:

Trust Replaced Supervision

My story: I had just assumed a supervisor level role and was expected to manage a team. It was a transition for me in terms of moving from an execution role to managing others.
At that time, I had three subordinates, who are ‘rabbits’. To maintain the stability of the team, I started to train my three “rabbits” who possessed the qualities of our values but lacked execution skills to complete the tasks. Therefore I demonstrated some actions as follows:
1. Showed that I care about them
2. Took the lead and be their role model
3. Provided a relevant training to improve each of their skills and to close the knowledge gap that they had
4. Sacrificed my personal time sometimes to help them complete the work they are not able to complete.

From the past one month, I thought that I contributed a lot and I also believed that my team surely had improved their abilities. Moreover, the three rabbits had very good learning attitude and were very hardworking. However, by the end of the month, the result was very unsatisfactory. The tasks were only 50% complete. I was very confused at that time and I was doubting my suitability to be in a management role.

I consulted my leader to get his advice. He suggested that I should audit the process of how the three white rabbits normally work by interviewing our customers and doing face-to-face SOP steps testing etc., and I discovered certain serious problems:

1. Under the process without my supervising, I realised their report that they had submitted before was incorrect. They mentioned that carrying out interviews of three customers took them 5 hours to complete, but in fact, it was only required 1 hour to interview one customer.
2. They were not familiar with the SOP

The finding really shocked me since the “rabbits” all seemed to be very honest and hardworking with good execution; in reality, they were dishonest and were doing the exact opposite of what I asked of them when I wasn’t watching.

Upon reflection, this were my findings:

1. I did not know how to choose and hire the right people

2. Lack of supervision will result in cheating and fraud

3. I did not have the courage to restructure the team even when they weren’t performing

After that, I decisively dismissed the three “rabbits” immediately and recruited a new team. I also established strong supervision of the working process for the new team. The Team’s performance had been greatly improved in a short period of time and continued to grow.

This incident make me think of a documentary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection called "anti-corruption storm". And there was a dialogue impressed me very much: Trust cannot replace supervision.

Therefore, I also would like to tell other managements from my sharing that one of responsibility of all managers is to be responsible for the end results and they should ask themselves these questions when doing self-reflection:

1. Are you able to choose the right people for your team or you just judge the person whether right or not by your instinct?
2. Did you replace supervision with trust because of your instinct?
3. Did you want to just build and maintain the team stability hence keeping the “rabbits”?

New Column!

We now add a new column in Lalanews for staffs’ sharing

Starting from the next issue, we will select the best story for the column in each issue. The topics: Mission, vision and values of the company OR Inspiring stories from our daily work. Let's share your story now with 100 words and an accompanying photo for chance to win a big prize!

(The best story will be shared in the next Lalanews)

For submission, please send to ceo.office@lalamove.com

They have something to share

China (South)

Benefits of Full body Vehicle Wrap for Drivers in Dongguan

The eye-catching full orange body wrap we introduced makes Huolala look more professional and and is intended to earn more confidence and trust from the users. One of Huolala’s driver after getting his vehicle wrapped said with glee,“I am very glad that Huolala gave me such a big subsidy. I believe there will be more orders! "

Between November 24 to December 25, Dongguan had already sprayed a total of 59 vehicles, and we will go all out to accomplish the small targets which is to get 200 vehicles painted in February 2018.

China (Northeast)

The cold weather is keeping us on our toes

There are six months from a year that are winter in the ice-laden city of Harbin and half of the time it’s snowing. It’s -20 degrees celsius, under such condition, a Huolala team is outside working diligently on a vehicle sticker.

The stickers lost viscosity due to it being under such low temperature. The time spent on installing car stickers on a van in winter is three times as in summer. A person can normally install car stickers for 27 vehicles in a day, now it is required for 3 people to complete the task by helping in pulling cables, heating up the vehicle, and using heat guns to ensure that the car stickers maintain normal viscosity in order to install it on the vehicle successfully.

Although they already put on large thick coats, they were still freezing and hands and their face were red from the harsh winds. With the weather getting worse, the Huolala team carried on, fully demonstrating Huolala’s core values - passion, grit, humility and execution

China (Southwest)

A newly launched city in the Southwest: Xianyang

On November 11, we launched a new city - Xianyang. In the early stage, there were only 5 staffs in Xianyang. Although the preliminary work was painstaking, everyone was full of passion. As the team continues to grow, the number of staff rose to 11 by the end of December! The first goal of the month was to recruit drivers and install vehicle stickers as many as they can. The team who worked continuously for nearly a month without asking leave and worked very hard towards to that goal. We appreciate the team’s efforts to allow the operations get on track as quickly as possible. There are more challenges and goals waiting for us to complete, we mustn’t give up and have to keep moving forward!

China (Central)

New Poster Advertisements

We have been advertising with posters for six months. From the initial trial and error to officially advertising in everywhere in all cities in China, Central China not only improve the way of posting but also the content of posters.

In order to enhance the efficiency of "on the wall" ads and improve retention, we added "Fortuna", a favorite of merchants, in poster design.
We had to implement a serial number matching system in order to reduce poster fraud. In order to allow merchants to understand more about the campaign, we designed our "concessions" to be a more prominent message.

To cope with the those with malicious intent, especially those who look to sabotage the campaign by covering our QR code, we have upgraded various elements on our posters.

We believe that there is no easy way to get things done but only with continuous improvement and perseverance, only then would we know we are on the right path.

China (Marketing)

Huolala won the "2017 The Best APP Gold Award"

On December 19, 2017, the "3rd Mobile Online Marketing Summit" hosted by the well-known online marketing platform "Niaogebiji" was held in Shanghai. Huolala won "The Best APP for 2017 Gold Award " which is a highly recognised achievement in the online marketing industry in China. The award is held annually 10 of the best mobile apps companies. Huolala stood on the same podium as NetEase Cloud Music, Youku (online video platform), Dianping.com (online and on-demand delivery platform), Lagou (recruitment platform).

China (Finance)

Interesting taxes around the world

Let's bring up an interesting topic this month. There are some strange taxes around the world. Some of these are plain hilarious, some are astounding, others are awkward and even ridiculous.

View Tax: Looking at the view in a small town in California, USA, the town states that all residents whose homes with a seaview must pay taxes ranging from $66 to $184 a year.

Name change tax: Amendment of personal name in Belgium requires a tax of 200 Belgian francs.

Divorce Tax: In California, United States, a couple who have been married for less than two years and who are unincorporated and have no valuable property to apply for a divorce must pay the government a divorce tax of $30.

Artworks tax: Artists in Mexico are the most fortunate, if they do not want to pay cash, they are allowed to use their own paintings, sculptures or other pieces of artwork as pay their taxes.

Beard tax: You will be taxed in Russia if you want to keep your beard. If you do not want to pay, the beard will be forcibly shaved off.

Beggar Taxes: The Champs-Elysees in Paris, France, has been hailed as a paradise for beggars. In order to control the number of beggars, the government must grant a fee of 15,000 francs to those qualified for begging.

Urination duty: In order to prevent companies from making use of urine in the gutter to make ammonia water, Rome has levied on urination in the past.

Bachelor tax (Being single): It is not easy to be a single in the former Soviet Union. All men who are 20-50 years old are required to pay a Singles tax.

Wig tax: In some parts of Europe and the United States in New York, wigs are not allowed to be worn, or else, pay up.

Riding Taxes: In the UK, some horse-riders ride on cattle because they will be taxed if they rode horses on the road

Dog Taxes: Hungarian citizen in their own country like to keep dogs as pet, and dog owners have had to pay taxes since the 18th century.

Hong Kong

HKD11million in Transaction Value

Hong Kong wrapped up the last month 2017 with HKD11million in transaction value, almost fourfold year-over-year. Annualized growth seen from both demand and supply was significantly anomalous to previous years; stronger and more prominent - reflecting a resolute traction that we will work relentlessly to sustain and further accelerate in 2018. Moreover, we look forward to a another challenging year ahead - and Happy New Years!


Hit over 1,000 orders!

December was filled with double the fun and double the records for the Singapore team! We broke our daily completed order count and hit 1,000 for the first-time ever and to top that off we broke the record once again 1 week later hitting 1,211 completed orders in a day! This can only be attributed to our team’s unstoppable effort, hard work, and focus for the growth of Lalamove.

The excitement didn’t stop there! To celebrate the season of giving and thank our top clients for using and trusting Lalamove, we gifted them with a box of customised cupcakes with a one-of-a-kind personalised holiday card by our very own graphic designer!


Our first advertising video on Youtube channel reached to 4M views

BKK has launched the TVC on youtube channel since the beginning of December. It’s the first advertising video which is created and produced by BKK team and local production house. It’s a funny story of the old business owner who wants to deliver goods to her retailers but all in-house drivers are not available so the old woman uses Lalamove to fulfill her deliveries because it’s fast and easy even the old people can use. So we got 1.2m views in the first week after launched and 4m at the end of the month and also helped to increase the number of installs and 6% of FTUs came from this video on Dec.


Our First Media Luncheon

Lalamove Taiwan held its first Media Luncheon on the 19th of December. Gary flew over to give a talk on Lalamove and meet the journalist who attended the event; which was very successful. 30 coverage on tier 1 media including Central News Agency Business Next, Liberty Times, SETN.com, Smart M, and TechNews, were generated in the immediate following 3 days of the Luncheon.

The coverages were all positive on Lalamove's establishment in the market and its future development in Taiwan as a solution for e-commerce. Lalamove co-hosted a Sales PR Event with Sony on the 30th of November. Prospect clients and companies representatives were invited to participate. The team used this occasion to present existing and future business opportunities in the Taiwan market - how to further develop the F&B market, how to better target Taiwanese consumers and domestic delivery trends were some of the topics discussed. More than 30 merchants and individuals attended the event, which brought us over 15 direct leads. We are expecting this event to generate more interest in the coming couple of weeks.


Lalamove Philippines exponential growth in our 1st year of operations

December took Manila team by surprise, with overall demand growing 82% MoM from November 2017. We ended the year breaking multiple records, having record highs in demand metrics, and record lows in supply metrics. We had our Christmas party on the same day we broke 2600 orders a day and ended the year with a bang.


HCMC: Our Lala Claus delivered gifts across the street

We had our first Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City, partnering up with BiboMart, the largest children store chain in Vietnam to deliver happiness during the holiday. Beside daily activities, Operations team worked diligently to not just to recruit 60 drivers specifically committed to the campaign but also prepared Santa Claus suits and delivered training to ensure a smooth-running campaign. We had our own Lala Claus across the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, bringing gifts to hundreds of kids. While other cities might be enjoying Christmas, City Ops and CS took turns to ensure smiles stayed on users’ faces all the time during the busiest period in our holiday record, with average completed orders reaching 400 a day.

The Tech Corner

China (Product and Tech)

Product review meeting

For many product technicians, it’s probably impossible to list out every single product revamp completed over the year. In times of hardship, besides wanting to go on holiday, you may wonder more about what changes we bring.

The product reviews start after we release the product, to see the effect of the functions after its launch, identify legacy issues and look at the results, to think about how we can do better next time. As with every product, there is demand, there are those who design, those who develop its, those who use it, those who do quality assurance, that is how we bring about improvements. We are going to apply this same methodology to other projects

SEA (Product and Tech)

New product features: POD and IM have officially launched

The tech and product team has been very busy balancing between hiring, optimizing, and building. We have 6 new people joining us in January, so please don’t be afraid to say hi to our newcomers! In addition, referrals are always welcome, so if anyone has anyone whom they would like to refer for our open tech and product positions, please reach out to our HR team.

In December, we have officially launched in-app chat for Android drivers in Thailand. We will be rolling this feature out to other markets soon, so stay tuned! Similarly, we have officially launched the proof of delivery (POD) function to select users in some of the markets. The full release, which will allow users to toggle whether they want to have POD or not, is also coming soon.

Staff interview

Moon Huang

IOS Engineer

Q1: Could you introduce yourself?

I am from Guangxi, Beihai. I was working for a O2O company in Beihai as an Android Engineer. To advance my skills and knowledge, I left the company and joined Huolala in Shenzhen on April 2015. Apart from my work, I love playing online games i.e. League of Legends (LOL) and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).Besides, I also sometimes play basketball and sing karaoke.

Q2: Why did you join Huolala and what are your job duties?

I started working with Huolala on April 2015. The O2O industry is very popular, with platforms such as Uber and Didi. However, while Huolala was not popular at that time, I believed that it is a company with huge potential. Lo and behold, it’s now become a well-known company with a great working environment, flat structure and all general and management staffs are very humble. I also learnt a lot from the fast-paced expansion at Huolala. My main duties is to work on developing the iOS backend and managing the tech team. Our team is responsible for the filing system, project management system, developer platform (automation, data search and daily search) and API automation testing etc.

Q3: You have worked in different roles in tech team and you have done great jobs in each of them. How did you do it?

When I first came to the company, I was an Android engineer and then switched to being an iOS engineer. Now I'm working as a backend developer. To sum up my points, I am very interested in Internet technologies, and learning something new is never a chore for me. The benefit is I’m constantly upgrading myself at the same time.

Q4: What is the biggest challenge at work? How do you overcome them?

When I switched from Android to IOS engineer and then to backend, it was one of the biggest change in my personal career and the hardest decision I had to make. As the roles had a fast transition rate, I was unsure with my future development and direction. Therefore, I firstly communicated with each team lead to understand the market demand so that I could adjust my career planning. Second, I wanted to improve myself by changing the job roles and learning different skill-sets to meet the business needs required by the fast expansion.

Q5: What is your expectation of your job and Huolala?

I looked forward to gain more managerial experience in the company to enhance my leadership skills, usually I try to communicate as much as possible with experienced colleagues in order to learn from them, as well as learn through the company's knowledge channel. At the same time, I also hope to improve my skills at a technical level.

I hope that Huolala in the future can be the leader of the logistics industry, develop a well-known reputation in the world in order to have more brand recognition and acquire more users for our drivers to drive a self-sustainable cycle.

They talk about us

Lalamove highlighted
by Taiwan Post

Lalamove Taiwan can provide fast delivery on rushed orders from electricity providers and restaurants etc. They want more business users to join them.

Check out the complete news HERE.

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