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  • Beat Late Deliveries on this 11.11 Shopping Festival!

    11 November will be a grand event that is sure to be highlighted in the calendars of online shoppers. 

    With the impending Shopping Festival on this fateful date, as a business, it’s a good bet to assume that you’re preparing to shift your operations to a higher gear. After all, it will be a day to look forward to with all the surge in website traffic, transactions, and profits that will go through the ceiling! However, an unavoidable aspect that might cause an unwanted headache with shopping festivals is the demand for prompt and efficient delivery of goods.

    High volume deliveries to customers can turn out to be a complex arrangement because a lot of things can go wrong, especially during this peak period of shopping activities and all-time high customer order, such as:

    1. Insufficient drivers to cover the deliveries
    2. Fixed time frame to deliver the goods to customers
    3. Delivery cost ballooning out of control
    4. Damaged goods during delivery
    5. Absence of reliable customer services for inquiries and troubleshooting

    These problems are prevalent when deliveries are managed internally or through traditional logistics solutions. When combined, these points can transpire into one of the most common dilemmas in the retail sector – customer complaints.

    Thankfully, the proliferation of digital transformation for every possible process has created more opportunities than ever for businesses. Logistic service is one of those aspects. As one of the key players in the on-demand delivery service, we’re always on our toes to provide a fast and simple delivery service for businesses.

    In anticipation of high-volume orders for the 11.11 Shopping Festival, now is as a good time as any to establish a delivery partnership with us as we have an array of solutions for your logistical needs:

    Trained on-the-road professionals

    Access to thousands of trained couriers and drivers who are prepared to receive businesses’ delivery requests. Fun fact: our app can match your request with a driver within 30 seconds!

    Instant delivery around the clock

    We operate on the premise of fast and simple delivery. Delivery can be conducted from business to customer within an hour or as per schedule.

    Service at a reduced cost

    With our cost-effective delivery service, savings of up to 70% of daily delivery expenses are within reach.

    Customer service

    Expert help is just one call away to aid your high volume deliveries.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Professional support from our dedicated account managers who address businesses’ delivery needs.

    Tailor-made logistics service

    Whether it’s going to be fragile items, time-sensitive items or bulk order, we have an answer for every delivery requirement.

    Our same-day or an hour delivery is a key factor in maintaining a good rapport with your customers. After all, a happy customer is a loyal customer!

    Let us handle your deliveries for this coming 11.11 Shopping Festival. Get in touch with us today!


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