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  • Building Bridges with Startups on Business Support Day


    In this era of globalization and digital connectivity, startups are expected to capitalize on every possible advantage if they were to make headway in market share and profits. Besides operations and marketing, logistics is another critical area that can maximize profits while ensuring an overall positive experience for the customers.

    As a third-party logistics (3PL) player, Lalamove strives to be a deliverer of these advantages, especially in the last mile delivery segment. By leveraging the power of mobile-app technology, we are poised to transform the delivery ecosystem in Malaysia with an interconnected system that brings businesses everything they need to achieve fast, fulfilled and scalable deliveries.

    With a status of unicorn startup, it is only fitting for us to contribute to Malaysia’s digital future by sharing our expertise with emerging startups.

    Our contribution is channelled through Malaysia Digital Hub, which is an initiative by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to provide startups and tech entrepreneurs the connections and dynamic workspaces to achieve rapid growth and help Malaysia establish itself as a digital and tech hub in the ASEAN region.

    Our aim of empowering Malaysian startups was translated into action through our participation as an exhibitor in the recently concluded Business Support Day. The event took place at Common Ground, a co-working space situated in the penthouse of a Grade A office building in Damansara Heights.

    Business Support Day was a platform to equip startups with the essentials of business by connecting them with Malaysia Digital Hub’s partners from the areas of human resources, finance, accounting, and legal.

    image[Caption] Entertaining enquiries and a quick walkthrough of the Lalamove app

    We were excited to mingle with talented entrepreneurs in this networking event as we look forward to supporting the growth of Malaysian startups with our on-demand delivery service. The chats and discussions that we had with our booth’s visitors throughout the day have brought a few logistics pain points into the light, such as:

    1. Lack of transparency in the delivery progress from the point of origin to destination

    2. Limited options in vehicle types to deliver goods

    3. Limited drivers and riders for deliveries

    4. Limited stops for multi-deliveries

    For every logistics complication, we have an answer for it. By crowdsourcing vehicles on the road, our clients have the freedom to select deliveries by car, motorcycle or lorry while bypassing the concern of limited deliverers. The integration of GPS into our app allows for real-time tracking of the movement of goods. With multi-stop deliveries of up to twenty different points of destinations, we transform multiple deliveries into an efficient arrangement for our clients.

    These sharings of logistics obstacles and our subsequent responses to them underscore our motivation to participate in networking events such as the Business Support Day - to reach out to startups and be their ultimate solution for logistics arrangement.

    No matter how much fun we had in meeting new people and networking with business prospects, our mission to make deliveries faster and simple for businesses, not to mention cost- effective, remain steadfast.

    Being a unicorn startup ourselves, we can relate to the struggles of creating the momentum for your business in its early stages, and how a slight overlook of logistics as a business element can eat away at your resources and profits.

    With Malaysia Digital Hub as the intermediary between Lalamove and startups, we are looking forward to more opportunities in the horizon to enrich the Malaysian startup ecosystem.

    Get in touch with us today to learn how we could make your startup journey a meaningful one!

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