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  • Salad Atelier - Tried and Tested On-Demand Deliveries with Lalamove

    The growing trend for health and wellness, especially through healthier eating options, has seen the demand for premium, tasty and healthy offerings that can fit into the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s consumers. As a growing chain of healthy eating outlets, Salad Atelier is meeting this demand head-on with their menu of fresh salads and sandwiches.

    With a humble beginning as a family-owned enterprise in 2014, Salad Atelier has been growing from strength to strength with the expansion of eight outlets in Klang Valley. They take pride in their mastery to customize healthy salads with more than a hundred toppings to satisfy the wide variety of their customers’ taste buds.

    The Challenges

    Besides their outlets’ chic ambience for walk-in customers, Salad Atelier also fulfils the salad cravings of their busy customers by offering delivery service. This service is especially crucial during lunch hours on the weekdays when time is of the essence, yet an affordable balanced diet still commands priority. Furthermore, Salad Atelier provides after-working hours delivery for customers who wish to end their day on a healthy note with a serving of low-calorie salad.




    2016 saw the debut of Salad Atelier's delivery service with third-party platforms. However, their early experiences with various delivery services were riddled with complications that affected their business.

    Due to the limited number of riders on third-party delivery platforms, the fulfilment of orders, particularly during the busy lunch service, where a large volume of orders could not be met on schedule. Late deliveries had to be compensated with discounts or free purchases for the customers’ subsequent orders.

    The situation soon got to the point where even the owners had to put on a delivery hat and send the salads to their customers! The lack of transparency with transactions also put additional strains on the accounts book since there were inconsistencies in the cost incurred for deliveries.  

    The Solution

    Salad Atelier discovered Lalamove through a Facebook Ad during one of the sittings to search for an alternative delivery partner. The phrase “On-Demand” caught the attention of Wendy, the Director of Operation & Marketing of Salad Atelier.




    “Lalamove’s promise of on-demand delivery in under an hour is what attracted me to them in the first place, as we want our customers to enjoy high-quality salads during their break even if they placed a last-minute order."

    It didn’t take long for Salad Atelier to enjoy the returns from investing their trust in Lalamove. The issue of limited number of riders was quickly no longer a problem due to the greater supply of drivers that picked up orders through the Lalamove app.


    The Results

    One of the first benefits was reflected in the increase in the average number of delivery orders fulfilled per day. As a result, Lalamove's coverage of Salad Atelier's daily delivery orders grew quickly from 75% at the beginning of the partnership to its current standing of over 90%.

    Their list of favourite Lalamove riders has also been growing thanks to the majority of the riders having a good grasp of English, something that was important when communicating with many customers around Klang Valley.

    The shorter time spent on the road by Lalamove riders coupled with the temporary storage of the salads in the Lalabag ensured that they remained fresh and in optimal condition before they reach the customer. 


    Technology and People Coming Together

    Besides a steady stream of riders, Wendy also credited her delivery success to Lalamove’s user-friendly app. Being able to track a rider’s delivery progress in real-time and arranging for multi-stop deliveries on her mobile gives Wendy the freedom to focus on other aspects of the business. The in-built e-Wallet which also enables her to keep track of delivery costs for added transparency.

    Last but not least, Wendy has nothing but praise for Lalamove’s Customer Service representatives as they are instrumental in communicating unforeseen delivery issues with her customers in a professional manner.


    Image from iOS


    Wendy sums up Salad Atelier’s experience in integrating Lalamove’s on-demand delivery in the following sentence:

    “Besides ensuring that the customers leave our outlets with a happy tummy and big smile, we also strive to reward the same after-meal experience to our customers who prefer to enjoy our salads in their homes and offices. Lalamove’s fast and simple delivery plays a big part in this equation.”

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