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The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims is upon us in less than a week. Usually, the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor are not dissimilar from the regular menu of lunch and dinner.

However, in the month of Ramadan, there is a signature starter that is typically served side-by-side with the dishes for the breaking of fast and sahoor - dates!

Dates are synonymous with Ramadan. It’s not an overstatement to say that dates will assume the mantle of staple food in this holy month.

Furthermore, consumption of dates during the breaking of fast and sahoor is highly recommended since the practice is based on Sunnah. Dates are also known for their instant nutritional benefits after a day of fasting.

In conjunction with Ramadan that is coming soon, our hands are on deck to simplify your preparations for the fasting month. Beginning today, you’ll be able to place your order of dates and have them delivered to your location on a single platform with Lalamove!

Lalamove is offering Grade A Mazafati dates (550g) for this special delivery program. If you’ve used our delivery service before, you can place an order for these dates at RM13/box.

However, if you have yet to deliver with us, we’re offering a special price of RM5/box only for these dates!

How to place an order for these dates with us? It’s quite simple! Just follow these steps below after you've launched the Lalamove app on your phone:

motorbikeSelect "Motorcycle"

locationKey in the SAME ADDRESS for both pick-up and drop-off points

tick-boxSelect "Mazafati Dates" (only 1 box/delivery)

clockSelect delivery time frame

handChoose your payment method

warningApply the promo code “LALAKURMA” to get RM8 off from your purchase (for first-time Lalamove users only!)

hand-finger-pressing-a-circular-ring-buttonTap on "Place Order" to complete your order

Terms and Conditions
1. This special offer of RM5/box of dates is reserved for first-time Lalamove users only with the promo code “LALAKURMA”
2. Only 1 box of dates per order. Refund or return is not allowed.
3. Stocks are limited - first come, first served.
4. This exclusive feature may be temporarily disabled in the app for restocking. In such event, please bear with us before we reactivate the feature once we replenish our stocks.
5. Delivery of dates will run from 9:00am - 6:00pm and while stocks last.

Hurry, Get Your Dates While Stocks Last!



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