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Discovering great trendy clothes have become far easier with online shops popping up here and there. And with delivery being an option available to most of them, getting these fashion items have also become a convenience. However, all these can get pretty overwhelming - but don’t worry because we’re here to help! Doll up and get ready, because we’re about to share with you some shopping tips so you can get your next great fashion shopping easily from the comfort of your sofa, without having to specifically schedule your time and drive to any shopping malls, save the hassle of finding parking spaces and stuck in KL traffic jam too!

Tip 1: Give yourself a backup plan and go with those that allow you to demand for an exchange or return policy

Although online shopping brings more conveniences to your life, you can’t eliminate all concerns especially the fitting of clothes, so make sure you are allowed a backup plan - validity for goods exchange or return. Pictures in the online catalogue are just served for illustration purpose only, don’t trust them 100%. So, before you make any purchase, pay additional attention on the return policy by the sellers - are the goods valid for exchange or return, how’s the return-delivery arrangement and charges like, etc. If you are one of the shoppers at Zalora, use it as a benchmark as any clothing items returned would not incur additional postage to you and it should come with convenient returning delivery option such as an easier access drop off point. 

Tip 2: Don’t guess your body size, keep a tailor measuring tape with you

You are excited while waiting for your clothes to arrive, but sometimes you break this excitement yourself when you realise you have chosen the wrong size and need for an exchange or return. Firstly, make sure the clothes come with a size chart in the catalogue. If you’re a newbie in online fashion shopping, don’t just rely on your knowledge on international sizes such as “L”, “M”, “S”, or UK sizes like 8, 10, 12, etc. Ask for actual measurement from the seller and measure it with your measuring tape to tally with your body size. Through the practice of measuring the clothes and understanding your own shoulder length, bust, waist, hip, inseam, leg length (good if you can memorise them) in your first few purchases, you will find it easier in your following purchases and definitely it will shorten your time in determining the right sizes and minimise the chances of exchange or return of goods due to wrong fitting.

Tip 3: Choose the seller who can give you faster and more flexible delivery options


Delivery duration that can guarantee you 3-day deliveries, it is still considered one of the fastest in the market. There are also better options out there which can provide the “next-day delivery”, as what Zalora has offered in their new express delivery package. However, we believe that in the near future, the new delivery app like us - Lalamove is going to further improve the online shopping ecosystem, by getting any delivery of shopping items completed within the next hour. We believe this makes no doubt to anyone that once the delivery duration is shortened, you will get more excited to shop online - who doesn’t want to receive and try on the goodies as soon as we buy it? If you are doing last-minute shopping for a dinner dress for the coming weekend while the delivery term by the seller can only promise you with 3 - 5 days delivery, let’s consider to spend a little bit more to arrange for an item getting picked up by our Lalamove driver. Your dinner dress will then arrive at your doorstep within the next few hours. So, there’s nothing to be concerned again even you want an urgent purchase.

If you’re a seller, please consider to add this in your delivery option to improve your uniqueness within this competitive market. This can help you to get more happy customers who will stay loyal and happier at your online shop!

Tip 4: Study the reviews about the seller. Don’t just depend on the star ratings, but total number of reviews that averaged the rating

If you choose the famous shopping platform like Zalora, we believe you won’t have to worry about the trustworthiness of the seller. In fact, if the reputable brands like Zara, Topshop, Adidas, Warehouse, Michael Kors (just to name a few) who can place their catalogues at Zalora, there should be nothing much for you to worry about.

If you’re shopping at other online boutiques, the easiest way to gauge the reliability of the seller is through reading the reviews. Don’t just depending on the reviews stated in the website, do further research on Google or visit their Facebook pages to get more feedback. Sometimes you may see sellers rated with 4-5 stars, take additional steps to see the total number of reviews that formed this rating - if the reviews were done by more than 20 peoples with average rating of 4-5 stars, it is rest assured that the seller is someone who has good reputation among the existing shoppers.

Tip 5: Search for promo code online to get better discount

Did you know, some online shops offer promo codes as their retention programme to their existing or new customers. Before you checkout the shopping cart, Google and search with keywords like “Zalora promo code”, to see if there are any promo codes that you can use for your purchase (sometimes it could be a surprising discount rate).  Take note of the promo code criteria as sometimes you may miss your privilege as a first time user (The promotion for first time usage may offer you the best discount because the sellers may want to entice you to have at least the first purchase at their shop, so make sure you don’t miss it!).

Shop smart, and look the best! Apply “LALAMOVE18” for your next purchase at Zalora, it will give you 18% discount (minimum spend RM 120) and you can use multiple times till 31 October 2018! Terms and conditions apply. 

If you want to experience the instant delivery to gauge how to optimise your next shopping experience, apply “LALAFIRST” to get RM 11 off your first instant delivery with Lalamove, only available for first time users and valid until 31 October 2018.

Stay tuned to receive more shopping promotions which are only for our Lalamove users!

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