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  • How to Enhance Your Customer Experience Using Lalamove API Integration

    The road to a Sustainable business begins with cultivating a positive relationship with your customers. To ensure repeat business, a stellar rapport with your customers is a must! This is especially true for those operating in the retail or e-commerce sphere. Providing a last-mile delivery service could be a game-changer in fostering a lasting relationship with your customers.

    In this short article, we’ll show you how Lalamove’s API integration can facilitate a smooth buying experience for your customers as well as your internal operations. Let’s dive in…


    Too busy to read them all? Here are the key takeaway points:-

    1. The shift in Customer's Purchase Journey

    2. Offer Positive Delivery Experience

    3. Introducing Lalamove API Integration

    4. How to integrate Lalamove API?


    When the ominous Covid-19 started to make headlines around the world, retailers were among the casualties that suffered substantial losses. While the migration to the e-commerce sphere is a smart and timely move, there’s still one factor to consider, which is the customers’ delivery experience.


    The tech-savvy entrepreneurs that migrated from brick and mortar-based business to e-commerce

    So, what exactly is the experience really all about?

    The Shift in Customer’s Purchase Journey


    When the pandemic hits, the government had to roll out the movement control order (MCO) to counteract the rapidly-climbing Covid-19 cases. This causes the shift in purchasing trend from over the counter to clicks on mobile devices is fueled by the restrictions of mass movement and gatherings that came with the MCO. As a result?

    With consumers suddenly finding themselves on the waiting end instead of receiving their goods instantaneously, the race for faster delivery has become a contention point for businesses. And why not? 38% of customers say they’ll never buy from an online seller again following a negative delivery experience.

    Which brings us to the million-dollar question: how do you get on the faster delivery bandwagon for your business?


    Offer Positive Delivery Experience


    In order to deliver a positive delivery experience, the process has to be fast and user friendly. After a customer place an order, a delivery should be arranged for the item right away. However, if you are dealing with many orders, it’s not easy to arrange for all of the delivery without delay. The solution?  Have the delivery management automated.

    This brings us to the million-dollar question: how do you get on the faster delivery bandwagon for your business?


    Introducing Lalamove API Integration

    Simply put, Lalamove API Integration allows you to integrate our delivery services into your business workflow.

    All it takes is for your developer to integrate our delivery services on your business platforms, apps or webpages. It’s straightforward and normally only a week or two to complete the integration and you’re seamless customer experience mechanism ready to go!

    Besides smooth purchasing journey, the API integration also gives you the advantage of Seamless Delivery Tracking.

    Customers don’t like to be kept in the dark. Keep them informed with real-time delivery tracking. Track all your deliveries in one simple platform. This way you are able to know your delivery’s exact progress. Customer will be at ease as they wait for their items to arrive.



    How to integrate Lalamove API?


    Last-mile delivery is the closest contact you can have with your customers. That’s why Last-mile customer experience is e-commerce and online merchant’s competitive edge. A good last-mile delivery experience will create loyal customers while a bad experience will drive customers away and sometimes even tarnish your brand.

    Take control of your last-mile delivery customer experience. Sign up for Lalamove’s Free Business account now and get your platform API integrated with our app.


    Sign up now!


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