Jetspree x Lalamove: Disrupting Cross-Border Shopping

Internet-driven disruptors have been transforming our lives for the last two decades. Visits to the library, workplace meetings in person and enjoying music through CDs have evolved into ‘just Google it’, video conferencing and music streaming. 

Logistics has its share of changes that are brought about by the internet. Lalamove is one of the agents of disruption in the delivery scene. Almost anything that entails moving something from point A to point B can be achieved through Lalamove’s intuitive app.

Having a comprehensive app is just one half of the equation for fast and simple delivery. Lalamove’s crowdsourced drivers play an equally important role to provide amazing delivery experiences for Lalamove users.

Besides disrupting the traditional logistics scene, Lalamove also takes pride in its role as the delivery partner for Jetspree, a disruptive counterpart in cross-border shopping.


Why the Wanderlust?

People leave their homes and voyage all over the globe for different reasons.

Some do it out of necessity as their career requires their professional footprint in foreign places. Some people need to rekindle the bond with their family members who are staying halfway around the globe.

And who hasn’t been bitten by the travel bug every now and then? Traveling to new places can open our eyes to breathtaking sceneries, experience foreign cultures, and fulfil our appetite with exotic dishes. 


Travelling expands our view of the world, Jetspree expands our wallet!


Whatever our motivations are, we all can agree that traveling can leave a dent in our bank account, more so when we travel on a tight budget!


Earn While Traveling with Jetspree

Jetspree provides travelers with a means to cushion the financial impact of traveling by being a personal shopper abroad.

If you have plans to travel, you can sign up as a Jetspree traveler and reap monetary rewards by accepting shopping requests from buyers. Once you accepted the requests, all that’s left to do is to shop for the goods, bring it back home, and get reimbursed and paid for the rewards once Jetspree received the goods.

The best part of Jetspree? Everybody wins! Buyers can get anything from anywhere without the exorbitant charges of international shipping. For travelers, they have the opportunity to generate extra income by cashing in on the rewards that come with the buyers’ requests.

This whole cross-border shopping experience is possible through two factors that are similar to the business model of Lalamove:

  1. 1. Peer-to-peer platform to facilitate dealings between buyers and travelers (Jetspree’s homepage)
  2. 2. Crowdsourced travelers 

Sift through buyers' requests on Jetspree's website

Jetspree travelers can accept any requests that match their destination and itinerary


A Speedy Touch to Jetspree’s Logistics

When a Jetspree traveler has touched down on Malaysian soil, how do the purchased goods from overseas reach the buyers’ hands? 

Just Lalamove it!

Jetspree relies on Lalamove to connect the dots between the traveler and Jetspree. As long as the traveler has returned to her home within Klang Valley, Jetspree will commission Lalamove to pick up the purchased goods from the traveler and have it sent to Jetpsree. With Lalamove, Jetspree can work around the traveler’s schedule to arrange a pick-up.

Motorcycle delivery for Jetspree

This on-demand delivery scheme certainly beats requesting the traveler to drop the goods at Jetspree’s office or sending it to Jetspree through postal service. Once Jetspree has received the goods from Lalamove, they’ll package the goods and send them to the buyer’s location.


Hand-In-Hand in Shopping and Delivery Disruptions

Digital revolution and crowdsourcing scheme have hardly reached their apex. But for now, we have easier access to exclusive goods beyond our borders. On-demand delivery services add a nice final touch in getting our hands on the coveted oversea goods. We’re proud to be a part of Jetspree’s cross-border shopping experience.

Since Jetspree relies on Lalamove for faster deliveries, why shouldn't you? 

Install The Lalamove App!

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