Leading On-demand Logistics Startup Lalamove Enters Malaysia

The leading same-day delivery and logistics provider Lalamove has recently entered Kuala Lumpur to ramp up growth of its expansion plans in Southeast Asia.

Providing delivery for logistics, Lalamove leverages the power of mobile-app technology and is on a mission to transform the delivery ecosystem in Malaysia. Lalamove is currently available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and over 100 cities in China, serving 15 million users and supporting over 2 million drivers.

Lalamove expands into Kuala Lumpur where fast and reliable delivery services are already in high demand by general users and local SME businesses. Lalamove offers on-demand delivery services and is built in with additional functionality, including multi-stop delivery, purchase service features, door-to-door delivery, return trips and real-time GPS tracking. Users can also rate and favourite their most trusted drivers to ensure there are no security or quality concerns for deliveries.

In this new digital era, where ecommerce and online businesses are expected to capture exponential industry growth, Lalamove has developed an interconnected system that brings businesses everything they need to accomplish fast, fulfilled and scalability delivery. Lalamove will be first available to drivers with cars to cater for bulk deliveries and on-demand delivery for  time-sensitive goods. In short time, Lalamove aims to open up more vehicle types such like trucks, vans and motorcycles to serve different usersโ€™ needs.

Lalamove primarily supports local businesses but casual users who may need a vehicle to pickup and deliver goods as fast as possible within the city. Lalamove price starts at RM7 for same day delivery with car or RM 5 for delivery with motorcycles. Each delivery is charged by distance travelled and not by weight.


  1. Set a delivery route (Pick up, drop off points or multiple stops )
  2. Select additional services if needed (Purchase Service, Return Trip and Door to door delivery)
  3. Choose โ€œDeliver Nowโ€ or โ€œSchedule (>30 min), then click โ€œNextโ€
  4. Enter Promo Code (if any)
  5. Click โ€œPlace Orderโ€
  6. Driver will be assigned in seconds
  7. Start real-time GPS tracking for your delivery


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