Time to Stand Up, Shepreneurs!


8 March is a significant date for women around the globe. International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to championing women’s achievements and causes to accelerate gender balance. This year’s theme is #BalanceforBetter, a call to action for accelerating equality in business, politics, media coverage and wealth.

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Lalamove Successfully Secured $300 Million in Series D Funding


Lalamove, Asia’s leading on-demand delivery and logistics service provider closed  $300 million in its latest D1 round led by Hillhouse Capital and D2 round led by Sequoia China. This round of funding is another vote of trust from investors in the wake of Lalamove’s consistent growth.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Bring Couples Together


Valentine's Day is coming in less than a week! Have you decided on what gift are you going to bestow to your significant other on this 14th February?

There’s nothing wrong with showering your Valentine with the customary chocolates and roses. Tradition is hardly a concept that should be eschewed, especially if the charm is still there. But as the saying goes, fortune favors the bold. And this is what our entry is all about today!

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How To Save Money When Moving


Here’s a reality check when it comes to moving: it can be a pricey affair.

However, cost-savings favour the savvy ones! It is possible to keep your moving expenses under control, thanks to a few ingenuities that can cut corners on your budget.

Here, we’d like to share six moving tips that will not only save you heaps of cash but will also make things simpler and reduce the amount of work up front and on the unpacking side as well.

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Yusheng Delivery with Prosperous Promocode “LOHSANGLA”!


Huat ah! Can’t Chinese New Year come any sooner? We can’t wait to revel in the excitement of this festive season with its bountiful traditions!

Thunderous fireworks with such intensity that can trigger car alarms await the ones who are brave enough to lit up the fuses. Dining table with a feast fit for an emperor awaits the jovial and hungry family members who came back from places for the reunion dinner.

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Scalability with Third-Party Food Delivery


So, you’ve finally made it! The combination of your passion for food and entrepreneurial spirit has finally translated to reality with your very own café. You are now ready to open your doors for business. Congratulations!

No doubt you have all the nuts and bolts of running a café figured out since day one of your business planning. With the launching of your establishment, you have reached the next phase of the business journey - building your brand, promoting your business’ value through menu and services, and growing your customer base.

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Prices for Moving Services in Klang Valley


Have you ever tried looking for a lorry service for moving on Google and feel overwhelmed by the results on the first page?

While your search queries could take shape in various relevant keywords in English or Bahasa Malaysia, there are many options for you to choose from the listing on the first page alone.

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Things That You Shouldn't Overlook When Moving


The countdown to the big day is getting nearer, boxes of personal items are piling up, and the number of tasks in the to-do list is slowly shrinking. No matter how overwhelming the moving experience can be, given the right frame of mind and process, packing up your whole life for a new home can be enjoyable.

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Hot Meals Just The Way You Like It!


Convenience and accessibility to a broad range of menu; these are the commonly cited factors that lead to the growth of on-demand food delivery service. On the other hand, getting your delicacies delivered fresh and hot is a frequently overlooked appeal that also fulfils the appetite of the global USD94 billion food delivery market.

However, this won’t be a write up that examines the nuances of food delivery and how it is aging like a fine wine to become a billion-dollar industry. Instead, this piece explores a crucial, yet rarely mentioned ingredient in the success story of the food delivery industry - thermal bag.

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Paid For and Delivered: Enjoying Warehouse Sale Without Leaving the House


It’s a beautiful morning, and you wake up with a high spirit. Hopping into the shower while planning out your next 12-hours’ itinerary at the back of your mind, your motivation to take on the day seems unstoppable…. until your enthusiasm is curbed by an empty bottle of shower gel and barely-there shampoo leftover.

It is one of the inconveniences that doesn’t make your day go off the rails in a big way, but still, there’s bound to be a sense of shortcoming in your hygiene when you have to make do with tiny drops of toiletries.

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