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  • How To Save Delivery Cost And Time With Lalamove Multi-stop Feature

    Last-mile delivery has become a make-or-break tool for businesses to gain a competitive edge. While it is an effective tool, one must know how to optimise it to reap its benefits of cost and time-saving.

    News flash:

    Lalamove’s multi-stop feature can help your business delivery achieve just that!

    It is one of the most underrated features in the Lalamove app, and yet it can help you save a bunch on your money and time! 

    In simple words, multi-stop allows you to deliver to up to 19 locations in a SINGLE trip. Instead of placing individual orders one by one, you can assign all your deliveries in a single order.

    And the best part of this feature? The cost per delivery drop is cheaper when compared to performing individual deliveries!

    How cheaper can it be? Let’s take a look in this breakdown:

    3 orders placed individually without Multi-stop

    Individual orders in the Lalamove app   


    All 3 deliveries in ONE Multi-stop order

    Multistop order allows you to enjoy greater savings



    That's RM9 cheaper with Multi-stop!

    Here's a Multi-stop tip for you!

    If you have multiple urgent deliveries, split them into a few Multi-stop orders. For example, if you have 5 urgent deliveries that need to be delivered ASAP,  simply divide the deliveries into 2 multi-stop deliveries (one order has 2 stops, while the other has 3 stops).

    This is the trick to enjoy faster deliveries at a lower cost!

    How to place a Multi-stop order? Just follow these simple steps!

    Steps to place a multistop order in the Lalamove app

    Empower your deliveries by making it faster, simpler and cheaper. Use the Multi-stop feature to place your deliveries now.

    Place Multi-stop delivery now!

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