Get The Best Discount Rate to Shop at Zalora!

Discovering great trendy clothes have become far easier with online shops popping up here and there. And with delivery being an option available to most of them, getting these fashion items have also become a convenience. However, all these can get pretty overwhelming - but don’t worry because we’re here to help! Doll up and get ready, because we’re about to share with you some shopping tips so you can get your next great fashion shopping easily from the comfort of your sofa, without having to specifically schedule your time and drive to any shopping malls, save the hassle of finding parking spaces and stuck in KL traffic jam too!

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Increase Your Business by 200% by Picking The Right Delivery Partner!

The best thing about our fast growing tech and economic climate is that we no longer need to be succumbing to traditional methods of running a business. Long gone are the days where everything had to be done manually or in-house - there’s a platform out there for every business need you might have. One of the most prominent changes is the need to hire and manage your own drivers - be it for internal logistic needs or to provide efficient and reliable deliveries to your customers. Many businesses today have started partnering with third party delivery platforms to assist them with their logistic and delivery needs. This means we can say goodbye to hiring and managing an in-house fleet. This not only saves costs as a whole but assist businesses to focus more on their operations.

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How to Use Lalamove ?

We get to do everything easily from the palm of our hands these days - what a time to be alive! Even booking deliveries or running errands no longer needs to be done by making a extra trip down by yourself. With a delivery app like Lalamove, you can start spending more time on things that matter while also having the comfort of knowing that your tasks are being completed.

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Why Settle for Same-day Delivery? When You Can Get It in under An Hour?

The current last-mile delivery landscape in Malaysia is saturated with different companies and products. However, what we focus on offering is something unique, a value proposition that surpasses the current status quo to have on-demand delivery with a push of a button. After just 3 months of testing, we are now confident that we can achieve this.

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