Tips for Your Daily Food Hunt in KL

There are ample choices for restaurants, hawker food, street food, local specialty dishes sold across busy Kuala Lumpur. However, there are many challenges for local food hunters like to explore them all, mostly due to the congested traffic which may prolong travel to foodie destinations which are located in other parts of KL from the departure points. Imagine, spending more than 1-hour from Shah Alam to Seri Kembangan after 6pm just for a famous RM 3.00 Nasi Lemak. Itโ€™s not practical or cost-effective, especially when you also consider the petrol or toll charges that occur. By imagining all these possible circumstances, would you normally just give up your food hunting plan and decide to go with the same meal, same restaurant as located in your nearby area?

Nowadays, you probably know of many food delivery apps, itโ€™s probably given you some alternatives to execute your daily food hunts. You are given a menu listed in the food delivery app, you browse and find some food that looks tempting, then as a typical foodie, you probably may take one more step to google the restaurant and read about the reviews, then only you make a decision. Steps by step, itโ€™s still not the most friendly and faster way to do your daily food hunts.

A better alternative might be an on-demand delivery service like Lalamove, which can assist you on your food journey in KL. Simple google any shiok food / restaurant located in KL (as you always do), once you spot your favorite meals, you call Lalamove to help you to buy the food from the restaurants and deliver it to your doorstep. So now, you only require two steps to complete your food hunting - 1. Google search the nice food / restaurant in KL ; 2. Lalamove-ing the food to you!

As a trendy food hunter, get creative and bring deliciousness to your own doorstep!

Still mulling over how to get excited with more variety of daily meal choices, or need to get catering for a big event from your favorite restaurants?

Try Lalamove-ing now:

  1. Set up your pick-up and drop-off points
  2. Add โ€œAdditional Servicesโ€ > โ€œPurchase Serviceโ€
  3. Select โ€œScheduled (>30 min)โ€ or โ€œDeliver Nowโ€
  4. Add remarks to describe the food to buy
  5. Confirm pricing and delivery details
  6. Enter โ€œPromo Codeโ€ and click โ€œPlace Orderโ€


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