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  • Building Sustainable Businesses
    Reduce Costs To Rise Above Challenging Times

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of challenges for many businesses. Even with the greater leniency that comes with the recovery movement control order (RMCO), fear and uncertainties have caused foot traffic to retail outlets to drop significantly.
    Businesses have to rethink the way they operate and innovate, or get left behind.

    Lalamove is here to support businesses with a solution to bring them through these challenging times and beyond.

    How Can Lalamove Help You?

    Reduce Fixed Cost

    Reduce Fixed Cost

    Avoid costs surrounding vehicle fleets and driver salaries during an economic downturn. Only pay for what you need. Save during slow periods and scale-up deliveries during peak seasons.

    Flexible Capacity Pricing

    Flexible Capacity Pricing

    Only pay for deliveries that meet your budget and inventory size. Enjoy the freedom to deliver with our fleet of motorcycles, cars, vans, 4 x 4 or lorries.

    Spread Your Cost

    Spread Your Cost

    With our multi-stop delivery option, you can stack up to 20 orders in one trip. Just pay a small additional fare for each stop on top of a single base fare to reduce the delivery cost significantly.

    Capture More Customers

    Capture More Customers

    Go beyond your current customer base. Extend your business' reach by providing on-demand delivery.

    Hear, hear!

    With Lalamove, we reduced our delivery cost by 50% even after an increase in delivery demand during the MCO.

    John-Hans Oei, CEO of Cultiveat

    40% of our monthly sales volume is generated from deliveries. Lalamove is an essential partner for Warung Soho to meet this target.

    Bakri bin Shafiee, Founder of Warung Soho

    Lalamove used to fulfil 75% of our daily deliveries. But that figure has risen to 90% since we're happy with their punctuality for 1-hour delivery!

    Wendy Wong, Director of Operations and Marketing, Salad Atelier

    Building Sustainable Businesses, One Delivery At A Time

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    Any Vehicle To Meet Your Needs

    From small yet important documents to larger and heavier items, Lalamove has the vehicle to meet your delivery needs

    How much does it cost?

    MY Bike


    MY Car


    MY 4x4

    4 x 4

    MY Van


    MY 1-Ton Lorry

    1-Ton Lorry

    MY 3-Ton Lorry

    3-Ton Lorry

    How It Works

    The fastest way to deliver anything, anytime within Klang Valley


    Pick a Vehicle

    Select a delivery vehicle according to your delivery needs, be it a motorcycle, car, 4 x 4 truck, van or lorry.


    Set Delivery Route

    Enter your pick up point and delivery destination. You can fix up to 20 destinations in a single delivery.


    Confirm your Delivery

    Schedule your deliveries right away or up to 30 days in advance.


    Track Orders in Real-Time

    Enjoy peace of mind with GPS tracking of your deliveries in real-time.


    Share Delivery Details

    Manage recipient expectations by sharing real-time delivery updates with them.

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