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Lalamove trusted partner

“Lalamove offers instant delivery to our users. Reliable service and helpful drivers! Nice!”

— ecrent.com

“Our business requires immediate feedback. We have never seen an applications with such a fast feedback. The instant matching is completed within 20 seconds. We can find our designated driver each time! Amazing!”

— IBR-Asia

“Lalamove offers a sincere, punctual delivery service.”

— SunnyHills

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Lalamove partner, Merci Dandy

“Lalamove takes the hassle and costs out of managing our own drivers. They're instrumental in helping us keep our customers satisfied!” - Magali Portes, Co-Founder, Merci Dandy. 


Leave Your Business Deliveries To Us

Stop worrying about owning and managing a fleet.
One of our thousands of trained drivers are nearby ready for your request.


Lalamove Benefit Account servicing to assist your delivery needs

Instant and same day deliveries

Don't settle for slow, unreliable delivery, but instant and same day door-to-door delivery, delivery has never been faster.

Lalamove Benefit Cashless payments through your digital wallet

Reduce costs, improve your bottom line.

Cost effective delivery for your business needs and save up to 70%.

Lalamove Benefit Contact Lalamove corporate service hotline to learn more

Insured deliveries, with real-time tracking

Lalamove lets you track your deliveries in real time and orders can be insured.

Lalamove simplifies paperwork & contracts

 Simplify paperwork & contracts

Go cashless, simplify delivery and paperwork - instant delivery quotes and no long-term contract commitments.

Lalamove access your order info anytime, anywhere

Access your order info anytime, anywhere

Painless record keeping - access your orders and receipt histories instantly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Lalamove have dependable drivers and does professional delivery

Dependable drivers, professional delivery

Upset for driver cancellations? Lalamove’s fulfilment rate is 99.5%. Consider it delivered.